How to Remove eCommerce Purchase Barriers across Digital Channels?

June 23, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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When it comes to eCommerce purchase, customer has plenty of choices. That may be why sometimes competitors are grabbing the attention of your audience. It means maybe your customer found something good in your competitors, and that’s why they choose them over you. If you think that problem lies within what you are offering, you are wrong because it is always how you are offering it.

The ability to find the impact barriers of purchase have on your conversions and customer loyalty relies on the journey your business delivers to customers. If we look into the market, brands and retailers struggle to convert as there are plenty of barriers to the search experience that need to be demolished.

We often see how technology evolves, and the way people purchase continues to change; more and more eCommerce stores are taking both their B2C and B2B business channels online. With business and consumer’s constant shift in behavior, overnight brands launching, and convenience being key succeeding in eCommerce demands businesses to conflict their new realities.

While we also have often heard the phrase that customer is king, it is true in today’s time more than ever. With brands competing to win larger consumer shares, consumers can choose from plenty of brands for similar products.

It is simple as a crystal ball; don’t let customers confuse and think about what’s on the other side to buy from you. There are a plethora of purchase barriers to break through, but we will see some of the important and most ones.

What are the Purchase Barriers across Digital Channels?

It is essential to understand the factors that make the customer not buying from you. Here, we will discuss some ways to break through purchases or remove purchase barriers across digital channels. Here we go!

Your audience chooses a competitor over you because of the tendency to buy something cool other than your products or services. And that may be the reason you might have seen some of your old customers switch to competitors.

  • Too many choices

Humans tend to “one more,” and it is a common misconception that more choices mean more conversion. But when we see in reality, then it is nothing but indecision and abandoned shopping carts. And when there are plenty of choices, customers feel overwhelmed, and customers may abandon your website because of a lack of options or the right product.

You know that consumers don’t want to search for products; they wish products to search for them. If they search for any particular product, there should be a list of similar products they want to get. Understanding this, Amazon is the great example of it as they have a product library of almost 12 million items, wanted to integrate a solution to help customers cut through choice and get the perfect products based on their individual needs. By incorporating conversational search assistants in over 120 product categories, Amazon can help customers to choose what they are looking for across categories from everything.

  • Lack of Convenience and Knowledge

You may want to write an attentive description to your product, but have you ever think that it is convenient for your customers or not. One of the most significant barriers that brands and retailers often overlook is simplicity in their product details.

You may feel awesome for the unique product description you wrote, but between technical jargon, industry-friendly language, and product specs and similarities, the way to purchase creates more questions than answers. If consumers can’t understand how your product will add value to their lives or how it fits into their lives, they will not even look or buy.

Consider any industry with its dozens of legacy brands and D2C brands creating oversaturated and overwhelming marketplace. Many eCommerce brands are not providing try to their products, but they are still on top of the most-liked brands. They are a favorite to everybody because they provide versatility, benefits, and value that anyone can relate to.

  • Lack of Elation

It is always about the excitement that makes your customer ready to make a purchase. Because when a customer clicks away with the, maybe they buy it later attitude, that’s yet another conversion lost. However, if you want your customer to not click away, you need to create excitement around your products because it is one way to do it. You can list your new products to the website with the label “new arrival” or new to grab customer’s eyes and stop them from clicking away.

For example, if we wear any favorite brand’s clothes or shoes, and when we shop with feeling like hope it won’t sell out, then it is a sign that we are obsessed with product and excitement or joy. The same thrill you have to build in your customers if you want them to buy from you only.

When your searchers aren’t becoming your buyers, it is important to look at your customer’s overall search experience and breakthrough any barriers that may be keeping consumers from buying. Meanwhile, if you understand your consumers, the leads will follow.

  • Lack of Visibility

In the internet era, if your user doesn’t found you, you are not selected. The tendency of today’s searchers is that they want you to be on their searching lists because that’s the reason most visible company wins. It is nothing like all companies that visible are better, but they are atleast discovered.

There’s nothing like rocket science in this; it is that simple. All you need to do is content marketing and SEO work to ensure you are highly visible in your chosen marketplace. This is why you need to as visible as possible.

  • Lack of complete information 

When it comes to shopping, consumers conduct online research before connecting with a salesperson or company. As a barrier-removing marketer, you can bring whatever the prospect needs to keep them moving along the purchase path.

If you wish consumers not to abandon a shopping cart, you need to guide them about a product by providing educational content and high chances they will be ready to buy. After that, provide whatever detail is needed to validate the choice and complete the cart.

All details should be presented conveniently without unwanted burdens, like filling out or filling out contact details. And the last thing you want is for a prospect to have a one-to-one call to find an answer that should have been available online or, worse, search online and stumble upon your competitors.

  • Lack of rich website design 

In eCommerce, first impressions are like going on a date with your girl first time, which means you need to be tiptop and as good as possible. This means you need to keep the design of your website uncluttered, professional and easy to navigate.

Your customers will notice everything you have on your website, from font size to theme, making sure all of your design choices are deliberate and reflect what your brand is all about.

Time to get started 

As you can see, most of the problems stopping your browsers to becoming prospects can be redressed within a matter of time. With these barriers and obstacles fully solved and overcome, we hope you will have more sales and a higher customer satisfaction rate than ever.

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