Holiday and Summer Sales Strategy For Your Online Store

April 22, 2016 Written By Yogesh Trivedi

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Summers Sales Strategy For Your Online Store

Summer season in on and it is the time when you cannot sell overcoats and make your sales! Now you need to come up with new sales strategy with new products as well that are compatible with the sun shines of summer. You need to plan, what you should sell these summers, what customers you should target.

In the summer season, your sales figures can touch all your targets of the whole year within a span of a few months of this season. Moreover, to catalyze your sales there stands a big list of holidays that are also coming. People are all set to shop, travel, get accessorized and enjoy. All this brings a big scope for sales for your online store. But how you should prepare your eCommerce Store for this summers that can make you delighted with mass checkouts and vice versa, your shoppers can be delighted as well with the stuff that they are going to checking out with.

Today in this blog, I will guide on the products and services, where you should give extra focus and promotions to capitalize bigger sales volumes. These products and services are observed as the popular ones that are searched and bought by the customers in the season of summer and in summer holiday. Adding these products and services in your online store can drive in a good number of customers that are ready to buy your stuff. For skyrocketing figures of your website you can strategist and focus on following products,

Holiday Packages

It is quite an obvious thing. In holidays, people go for vacation and travel to new places and attractive locations to enjoy their quality time. Keeping this requirement in mind, you should compose best possible holiday packages and drive your customers through the fairy places. A word of advice would be that you should customize you holiday packages and mix different experience to prepare a taste of fusion. These customized holiday packages will give a good holiday experience to your customers and it can also become a USP for your business. You should also consider to customize your plans according to your customer’s requests.

Tickets And Booking

Apart from holiday packages, tickets and booking can also add stars for your online business in the season of holidays. People go to different places, to their friends, to their relatives and they need transportation, hotel bookings, and many such things. These requirements can satisfy your need of business and can help you in generating good revenue out of it. Tickets for amusements parks and theme parks can also boost your business.

Eye Gears

It is one of the necessity for the summer season. Whether it is relaxing on the beach areas or shopping in the town in day time, sunglasses are the most required item. Sunglasses adds a style and status in someone’s personality. Looking after the fashion industry, this brand should not just be taken as a product category. Its wide range, utility and specification make it big. This product should be considered differently as it is not just an accessory that makes personality loud, it is an eye health safety element as well. In holiday time, its utility increases and people buy it more to safeguard their eyes from direct interaction with sun light.

Beach Products

Beach is one of the favorite place for millions of people and this. People wait for months to come out winters and enjoy their sunbaths on the beaches. To pamper their experiences, you should come up with the product that has utility on the beach. These products are generally dominated by beach activity that have its own requirement. Beach products include tents, diggers, chairs, coolers, tubes, balls, sports products like and many other else.

Hiking Products

Hiking on the mountains is also a preferred way for adrenaline rush for a good amount of people to enjoy their valuable time. Hiking on mountains at beach side with the warmth of sunlight stays very much in ‘To do list’ of your shoppers in the summer holidays. This create a good scope for you to sell hiking product to them so they can fulfill their part of enjoyment.

Summer Wear

It is among the top selling category! Summer fashion creates a good selling volume for eCommerce industry. Summer bring a demand for apparels that are easy to carry, something looks cool and stays cool. Though you might be having a good section of clothing range, nevertheless considering a special focus on this will get you huge profit. You can also go for some special deals or promotional offers to your online shoppers.

Health And Cosmetics For Summer

Summer is a festival of sunshine and it gives a direct interaction with sunlight which can cause harm to the skin like sunburn, irritation, rashes and etc. To deal with this, proving a good range of cosmetic product can drive a good sales for you from your online store. Sun protection and UV saving creams come very much in demand in this season. Hot season also make a lot of changes to our body and bring in a lot of effects to it. To save your shoppers form this, you should also provide products that keeps them healthy and fine. You can add food products as well for better health of your shoppers.

So these are the major product and services that can help you in this summer holiday season to boost your sales, all you need to do is to focus on them and take out some good ideas and strategics. There are a lot of other product as well which are difficult to cover in blog but stay tunes to us to know more and get more.

If you want to learn more online selling strategies and know more tactics, keep reading out future blogs, there is a lot to come. If you have any question about his post, you can have a word with our eCommerce consultants who will be very happy to help you.

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  1. It is the beginning of winter here. But I think we should always be ahead of time when it is about our business.  I have an online retail store. Currently I am focussing on winter gears and clothing but after reading your blog, I will beforehand prepare my summer sale plan because it may happen that I need to make some changes in them and at that time it will not be any burden for me. Thanks!

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