Guidelines For Customer Protection On E-Commerce

April 15, 2016 Written By Hemant Parmar

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The Council on Consumer Protection recently resealed their recommendation on eCommerce to provide a guidelines to eCommerce businesses in order to create a protected, safe, user friendly eCommerce environment over the internet. It speaks about making the system more secure with all the existing legal terms. This report is divided into 3 different parts and segregates the major parts of a sales process.

This report is published by OECD and have complete guide lines and recommendations for your eCommerce business. It regards to all the previous recommendations of previous revisions of their report. It is completely customer centered and legitimate them with full security. It looks after the benefits of consumers and advocate their security while using gadgets of all kinds and providing important, confidential and private information about them.

These guidelines also assert on proper conveying of information from the sellers end about the products and their services. With the complete information about the product, it guides the industry about the payment procedures, transactions and dispute handling. E-Commerce is a dynamic and innovative character in itself and it is bringing in a lot of other new models as well, so it become necessary to bring in a a constitution and a guidelines to make it up to safeguard its consumers and define it peripheries where it can effect a number of people.

Let us have a general view of the major guidelines.

Part 1 General Principles:

1 Transparent and Effective Protection

It recommend that all the process of an eCommerce website must be transparent and and must deliver effective protection. Governments and stakeholders should combine together and work to deliver full protection and to maintain the liberty of users.

2 Fair Business, Advertising and Marketing Practices

These guidelines talks and suggest a fair business without any fake or ill advertising and marketing tactics. There are a lot of frauds going in the market and people get scammed everyday with unfair marketing and advertising methods so it is important to look after this one as well.

3 Online Disclosure

Online disclosure address all the business principles and the information of the business. It talks about the general guidelines about the business principles and advises on conveying it to the users over the internet. As per the guidelines of the council, consumer must be open up to have all the necessary information about the business that they deserve to put their precious faith on them.

Full information on the businesses and its offerings whether it be any products or services. A customer deserve to know complete information about any service or about any product before buying that stuff. And even after providing the information about the product or service, businesses must provide complete information about the transaction. So business must provide complete information throughout, from describing products to describing transaction.

4 Confirmation process

After providing all the information, it is very necessary to confirm the process. It is crucial to take the consent of your consumers before placing their orders. Confirmation process make you user conscious and ask them to pay close attention before making any purchase. So this make it necessary to confirm before processing any purchase from your end.

5 Payment

It is a very crucial and important factor of the business, as consumer pays their valuable money with their cards and this information is one of the most sensitive one. So you must make it sure that your payment process is easy to use and more importantly secured with all possible safety norms.

6 Dispute Resolution And Redress

Whenever your business face any differences with any customer, it is a big responsibility of yours to handle it with care of your customers. Your systematic constitution of resolving the domestic and cross border disputes should be fair, consumer friendly, and hassle free. At no point it should become a hurdle for your user. These guidelines also talk about internal complaint handling, alternative dispute resolution and redresses.

7 Privacy And Security

Business should protect the privacy of your customers and should secure all the critical, private and confidential information of the consumers. It security and protection should be subject to your concerned.

8 Education, Awareness, And Digital Competency

These guideline also emphasize on educating your users and spreading awareness about your services and about the utilities of your business as well as the internet also. It recommend that digital competency should be conveyed to your users when they are dealing with you.

Apart from these recommendations and guideline, these guidelines also draw its attention towards its implementation and the kind of global co-operation that is required to bring these into action and to receive a widespread acceptance from all. These further guidelines are delivers in two different parts and give us the idea about how to collaborate with each other and work towards its implementation and to bring it into a worldwide utility. Apart from this, special encouragement is given to bodies to collide together and to build a safe, healthy and safe environment for Internet users to feel safe to deal with the businesses over the internet.

If you have any doubt or further queries about these instructions and consumer policies, than you can contact our eCommerce Business Consultant who can support you in best possible way ans can help you to get better understandings. You can feel free to contact us about your other queries in concern with the eCommerce business as well.

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  1. I agree with your point that there are still many people who don’t the take the risk of shopping online due to the safety and security reasons. And to assure them, it is really important that we as a shop owners take the initiative to make our stores secure for them. So, that they don’t worry while they are providing their personal information. Thanks for reminding this to us.

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