An Ultimate Guide to Headless Magento Features, and Benefits

September 20, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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An Ultimate Guide to Headless Magento Features, and Benefits

Magento owners rarely don’t know about headless commerce since it has become a buzzword in the market. Headless Magento is essentially a site architecture that separates the front end and back end. It is no secret that online retailers are highly interested in such a change.

What is the reason for this? The main objective is to improve the customer experience in their stores. It is possible to develop and plug in many user interfaces for different devices that use a headless approach. Merchants can now leverage this capability to improve the speed and user experience on smartphones. Eventually, eCommerce players will add a variety of frontends on these touchpoints and increase conversions from them.

This is a Headless application that runs in the backend. It does not use monolithic design patterns to achieve scalability. Most likely, your store is monolithic. Then what’s the problem? As long as you sold exclusively via desktop, there was nothing wrong. Only one channel was supported. Then the usage of mobile devices began to grow. The experience of shopping on a monolithic website varies from that on a desktop to that on a smartphone. Eventually, we would have to upgrade.

In this article, you will learn how to make Magento 2 headless, as well as how you can utilize it. Next, we will describe the choices currently available to you as well as the future prospects of this approach. To conclude, we are going to talk about the challenges and costs associated with Magento 2 headless development.

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What is Headless Magento 2?

Imagine that your Magento store has been around for many years. It is possible to have a responsive mobile interface that “grew up” with the desktop interface. You may optimize the site from time to time, but the performance may not be as good as it should be.

Do you offer mobile shopping in your store as well as desktop shopping? What are your best practices for increasing mobile conversion rate? There are several pain points that Magento store owners commonly experience. In part, these problems can be attributed to monolithic architecture.

Furthermore, headless commerce is based on three independent pillars: a frontend (or a few frontends), a backend, and an API that acts as a point of communication between those three elements. An API is used to sew the “head” back on after it has been literally cut off.

Unlike when you work on a software platform, you don’t support the front-end on the back-end. Selling platforms include both of these components simultaneously, making them more flexible and powerful. In light of this, eCommerce solutions based on Magento 2 are becoming more popular.

What Does Headless eCommerce mean?

Essentially, a headless website is one where your store frontend and backend are separate, and data exchange is done via API requests and retrievals. Frontends of websites are either generated through e-commerce solutions, content management systems, or by combining both.

  • Adaptability.

The ability to keep the business infrastructure separate from the website’s front-end and back-end ensures that the website’s content and function remain unchanged. By responding to changing customer demands, your organization can remain competitive.

  • A speedy response.

Because changes on the frontend do not require alterations on the backend, headless websites tend to be faster than usual.

  • UI/UX becomes highly adaptable

According to Headless, corresponding interfaces are created for each particular device. A store that has been (re)built in this way has both desktop and mobile “heads”. As a result, your customer experience improves significantly, and your conversion rate increases as well.

The following principles apply to your online store on smartphones, for instance

  • Utilization of the screen space in a minimalistic and rational manner;
  • It’s convenient to operate with one hand due to the location of the buttons;
  • Fonts and sizing of elements should be appropriate;
  • Personalization.

If the website is headless, both pieces of the site can be experimented with independently without fear of making any negative changes to the other.

How to Make Your Magento 2 Headless?

What is the current state of Magento headless? Indeed. GraphQL has been implemented in Magento since version 2.3. The only option before was to use custom API solutions for splitting the front and back. Magento headless commerce has now entered its golden epoch.

There is no doubt that eCommerce will become headless in the near future. In this instance, we must consider the matter from both today’s and tomorrow’s perspective.

How will the switch to headless architecture benefit you in the short-term, and how do you get started? To make your store headless, we’ll need to at least decouple the frontend and backend.

If your Magento is older than 2.3, you’ll need to update it. A Magento 2 migration is a core step if you’re still using Magento 1.

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Our recommendation is that you build a progressive web app if you’re already using Magento 2. Magento online store owners strive to achieve the same level of performance, UX/UI, and speed on desktop and mobile devices. All of these requirements can be met by a PWA, which is the most sought-after form of headless Magento.

Three advantages of this advanced solution come to merchants on the market:

  • For your store, you have a front-end and a back-end. Magento gains a performance boost as a result.
  • The store has two front ends, one designed for desktop users and one designed for mobile users. Because of the improved usability, conversions increase.
  • In the store’s mobile version, you get an experience that is similar to using a native app. In order to increase mobile conversions, PWAs integrate many features from mobile applications.

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Several weeks ago, we compiled examples of Magento PWAs for mobile users, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. This article describes how to design a store interface that provides an unparalleled customer experience.

In Summary

With others in the eCommerce community, Adobe believes headless commerce will be the next significant advance for online businesses. Despite the trend of this architecture and the technology behind it, if you have concerns about its stability, you are not alone. Would a little more time be helpful? A headless operation is perfectly possible as long as the digital infrastructure is well-prepared. The size of a store does not matter.

Do you need help making Magento 2 headless? M-Connect Media can help you. Our team of certified Magento developers and Magento support team can help you make your store headless. You can also count on us to assist you with a Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration. For more information, please contact us.

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