What would you Sell to People who never Buy anything?

September 20, 2021 Written By Darshit Parmar

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What would you sell to people who never buy anything

We have never had such transparency, choice, or convenience as we do now, thanks to digital technologies. The next decade will be far more significant than what has occurred thus far. If it were possible, imagine a future where humans would mostly not buy anything; instead, they would use artificial intelligence to make their purchases or pool their resources with agents that would provide whatever their tribe or community required. Could that be true? In such a future, what business concepts could succeed?

In our simulation, we assumed the population shared all of its data for the benefit of society while treating privacy as selfish; in other words, a world in which people live for the moment yet understand their actions have wider impact all the time. We live in a changing world, in which people tend to limit what they own by accessing services that offer a flexible, “on-demand” lifestyle.

Global instability, doubt, complexity, and ambiguity have never been as prevalent as they are today. Therefore, most organizations are trying to become more agile. While that is a great vision, we need to do more to be able to thrive in this new environment on a human level.

As business leaders and individuals, we need to practice the possibilities of tomorrow today. Our actions can help shape the future that we want by learning about the change factors, preparing ourselves and our organizations for what may come, and defining what kind of future we want.

Here are some insights from the future worlds that we created:

  • Get to know how to impress a bot. The majority of purchases will be made by them.
  • The price of a product will be determined by the outcomes that consumers can objectively measure.
  • It will be necessary to have virtual products for people living in virtual realities.
  • Consumers who purchase goods before-demand will find on-demand services too slow.
  • Empower consumers by engaging them. They will become the strongest influencers.

The data revolution is already underway. We are seeing an increase in people who use wearable technology to track their health and wellbeing.

How You Can Make People Buy Anything?

Many times, we assume people will be moved by our message; however, how we create a certain mental state is what matters most. For instance, when we offer coffee to our audience, we make them more generous. In addition, social scientists have also been able to apply the rule of reciprocity.

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In one study, free chocolate made shoppers 42 percent more likely to buy something in a candy store. The processes that shape our mental frameworks are often so primitive and automatic that they are beyond the realm of deliberation. Take advantage of these insights to sway your instincts.

1. Look for commonalities

Dealing with someone they like is preferable not only because it’s pleasant to work with them, but also because they want to work with someone who understands and is like them.

In general, you can trust those you like to guide you in the right direction. In a sales floor environment, visual cues can be helpful in finding commonalities. For upcoming meetings with your key customers, however, you should use social media and LinkedIn if you want to dig deeper.

2. Know what your opening strategy will be

To gather email addresses, researchers offered new soda bottles in exchange for people’s email addresses. Three-thirds of the participants took part. Initially, researchers wanted to know if you were adventurous. The majority of the respondents provided their email addresses.

Why? When you ask this single-chute question, you significantly increase the percentage of people who identify themselves as adventurous, making them highly susceptible to aligned offers such as yours.

Could you explain the reason for your invitation? During this time, they’ll begin telling you about all the reasons they find your offers favorable and persuasive. So now you know which strengths you possess, and you should focus on strengthening them.

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3. Make the most of what you have to offer

It is possible to influence how much attention you will pay to quality, speed, service, and other features using visual cues. It’s been shown that consumers who are shown fluffy clouds or shiny pennies as part of an online furniture store’s landing page are more likely to place a high priority on comfort over coin images.

Furthermore, cloud watchers were also more likely to research comfort features and purchase more expensive furniture. But when asked afterwards, most participants denied that the clouds or coins influenced their shopping behavior. In other words: It might be time to rethink your website’s landing page. Bringing attention to the favored feature is effective not only in getting audiences to realize its importance, but also in getting them to give it extra significance.

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 4. Do not allow your competitors to contaminate your pitch

Your knowledge of your competitors is impressive. Let’s not bring up their names anymore. Consumers’ attention can be positively influenced when focusing on a single brand instead of its competitors. As a matter of fact, when people contemplate a particular product, their intention to buy it increases. Customers are less likely to purchase your product after discovering what is available from your competitors.

5. Scarcity drives markets

The fact that resources are scarce makes monkeys panic and buy, which increases their likelihood of purchasing. A real fear of missing out exists. A marketing campaign that uses emojis to evoke a sense of urgency and spur the purchase impulse employs a ticking clock for maximum effect.

While the worlds we have created are intriguing and provocative, you have to see them in person to grasp their full potential. We are therefore creating a series of virtual experiences to provide leaders with the opportunity to test alternative futures through design thinking and rapid prototyping exercises.

Corporate culture can be transformed, new capabilities can be built and motivation must be built. The ability to take bold action in a constantly changing environment is never easy. Ignoring the problem is the easiest thing to do, but it will always lead to the wrong outcome.


With consumers becoming increasingly disengaged from the shopping process, companies are reevaluating what products and services they are offering. There are many ways to persuade people who never purchase anything.

Do you need help selling to people who never buy anything? M-Connect Media can assist you. We have eCommerce experts who know how to market to people who have never purchased anything before. For more information, please contact us.

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