Everything You Need to Know about Headless Commerce and its Benefits

April 6, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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For the last few years, eCommerce experts are trying hard to building fast performing sites, boosting sales, and engaging with customers on a personal level. The reason was simple and that’s because of traditional eCommerce platforms. In today’s time, to support modern business requirements, we need a platform that can meet demanding and challenging needs and also access core platform services. This is when headless commerce comes into the picture.

You’ve probably heard about headless commerce. It’s one of the most renowned and discussed buzzwords in eCommerce.  To help you understand, in this post we will discover what the headless commerce system is. Also, you’ll see the benefits and how they can impact customers.

What is Headless Commerce and How it Works?

In its simplest form, headless commerce means commerce without heads. However, to understand readily, it is essential to learn what is head and body of commerce.

So, a commerce head is its front end and the body is its back end. This means headless commerce is a separation of the front end and back end of an eCommerce application. In ado, the front end is what we see in laptop/mobile and the back end is responsible for getting orders, PCI compliance.

In a nutshell, we can create the front-end design using any technology like Drupal (content management and product display) and platforms like WordPress and Magento 2, Shopify, and BigCommerce for the back-end layer (Payment processing).

Let’s look at a few of the biggest benefits of headless commerce and how its different architecture allows you to bring the best-personalized customer experience.



Front-end development
  1. Design Limitation

2. Time consuming – To edit database and Code

  1. No Design Limitation

2. Need to build front-end from scratch

Personalization Pre-built experience for users and admins Create your own experience
Flexibility & Adaptability Little room for customization
  1. Endless customization

2. Changes can be possible in the front-end

What are the Benefits of Headless Commerce

  • Support site performance:

First, let’s see how headless commerce affects the site of your customer experiences (website performance). Headless commerce supports easy, fast experiences for all users across any device.

With the help of headless, your content management system is separated from the backend and business logic layer. It’s just not only a new way of selling opportunities but also architecture that supports quick connections between services and APIs. As a result, page load time will be reduced and that’s how customer experience will be improved.

We know that slow loading times can ruin the bottom line. We’ve all heard the data on how page performance affects the customer experience.  When this sluggish performance hits customers during their purchase process, it can be highly detrimental to selling goals. But with headless, your site architecture stays lean and mean, providing an easy web architecture that’s fast, reliable, and perfectly suited to your selling goals.

  • Omnichannel Marketing:

As we know, in today’s time, you need to meet every need of customers no matter where they are. We know how the shopping method has changed as we can see that customers shop through a variety of channels nowadays, often using websites, mobile, social media, and on-site applications to see their goals met.

Reaching them on their preferred channels can pay profits. Companies with omnichannel customer engagement strategies can benefit compared to those without. Well, this is the best source for businesses that don’t have enough resources and plans. Companies that want to stay alive and productive need easy ways to reach potential customers across each of these channels.

This is when headless comes. The architecture delivers functionalities to each of your sales environments, whether they are on-site, on mobile, or offline. All data created from these channels are managed and maintained in single platforms with your information management systems.

On another side, headless allows you to build any type of eCommerce experience across each online sales channel without worrying about frontend platform restrictions. Hence, this is the most effective and customizable way to deliver easy, personalized experiences to all customers on their preferred channels.

  • Speed:

The next and most important benefit of headless is how it helps you bring in additional functionalities and features to respond to new marketing opportunities, even when you have a small team of developers and resources. Still, you no need to worry about exploring new integration solutions without considerable investments.

Personalization means you have an easy way to utilize your plan to capitalize on those small moments of eCommerce shopping. We have access to personalization whenever you identify a new chance to contact customers with offers, promotions, or deals, it’s easy to set up and perform through your headless commerce platform.

With the help of API that underlies a headless commerce service, the front-end experience can request and make the use of data structure when needed to build customer experience. For example, customer data points, buying history, and recently ordered items are available through this API request. Front-end developers can build anything without blinding customer data.

This is essential when it comes to market success. The headless strategy makes it simple to respond to emerging opportunities when they’re new. And that’s how it helps to speed up the way of new marketing opportunities.

  • Better User Experience:

What should be the consistent ingredient for your brand? Well, the answer is clear and that’s customer experience. No matter how users engage with your brand, or at what stage of the buying journey. Headless commerce allows you to have more freedom to personalize the right user experience.

The key to success in retail is to meet customer expectations and providing a timeless shopping experience. With many brands ruling the online retail space and shoppers having a choice of choosing multiple marketplaces, customer experience is the most significant strategy to entice more visits to your website and gain loyal customers.  By delivering exceptional and immersive experiences across channels, you can connect with your potential customers and give them a reason to buy from you only.

Is Headless Commerce Right for your Business?

In today’s time, we can see that more and more brands are creating new approaches to sell and deliver their products, from purchasing via Alexa (voice search) or Google home to buying directly via Instagram. Since these channels emerging, a business needs to stay up-to-date with the latest solution and competitive with the market.

Headless commerce brings businesses to more freedom through comfortably support. Headless commerce allows businesses to easily adapt and integrate into any system with ease and enabling them to meet customers when and where they want to buy.

Moreover, if your business is heavily focused on content and site performance is important to your brand. If the benefits that we’ve already outlined, site performance, Omnichannel marketing, speed, and better user experience are key to your business, then you may want to seriously consider a headless commerce solution.

Which Popular Brands Are using Headless Commerce?

  1. Nike – The world’s famous retailer of footwear (Headless).
  2. Venus – The leading retailer is known for providing women’s apparel.
  3. Amazon – The largest online marketplace.

Closing thoughts!

According to mentioned benefits, headless commerce is new to take online businesses to new heights. We’ve seen many benefits that brands can get by going headless. With headless commerce, the most challenging and troubling part can be getting started. It is a fast-growing strategy in eCommerce. You can make it easy to provide exceptional, customized experiences to all customers across every channel they use.

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