What Is Wireframe Design? Why It Is Important In Website Design?

April 2, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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A website without wireframe design is something like a home building without an architectural blueprint. Have you ever think what it can cost you to avoid wireframe design while building or redesigning a website? Most of the clients want to dive right into the aesthetic design and implementation. They are eager to see the live site and don’t want to take the time in the initial process to create a wireframe.

However, the initial design should be looked at and checked before building a website. A wireframe is a quick and effective way to identify usability issues early on in your design process.

It is okay to have excitement for your newly built website but skipping wireframing can cost you a lot. It is an essential process of the initial development of the website that not to be overlooked.

The goal of wireframe design is to establish a schematic for how the information will be displayed and prioritized to the visitor, where and how elements that relate to the website’s functionality will be integrated, as well as the desired and expected behavior flow of the website’s visitors.

In this guide, we will learn about wireframe and why it’s so important in the web design process. Also, why should you eye on wireframe over anything!

What is Wireframe?

In simple terms, a wireframe is like a blueprint of web pages. Basically, it is like a sketch that outlines the whole interface with the spacing of elements on the page, how content and images will be displayed, what features are available, and how users will engage with the site.  Ultimately, it is the core of any website.

As we said, wireframes are the alike blueprint for a house. Blueprints define the areas like bedroom, bathroom, a kitchen of your house, but do not define the color of the walls or the décor inside your new home. Similarly, in wireframes, we define the pages and features forms, images, videos required to achieve the goals of your website.

So wireframe plays a vital role in connecting information architecture to the visual aspects of the design by directing the road between the various pages.

Key reasons Why Wire-framing is Important in Web Design

  • Wireframes display site architecture:

The first and foremost reason wireframe important in web design is to display site architecture. We know that any renowned company will have a plan set in place regarding features and content when developing a website. However, wireframes help the designer to determine which elements should be included on each page. Ultimately, it navigates the site structure and makes it simple for the designer to design a website.

Wireframes are a great tool to get your clients to concentrate on what you want them to think about early in the design process.  Meanwhile, if you want your client to understand how their site will look without distracting them by colors and images, it is the best idea to avail.

  • Wireframes Map out the functionality of the pages:

The second and most important reason is that it maps out the functionality of the pages, catches problems early, and saves time on revision later. We know how painful it is to make changes to mockup design means it consume time in changing design elements. While having design changed during wireframe can help you save time. This means you need to spend much time and that’s how you can map out the functionality of the pages in the meantime.

Therefore, if you invest the time in thinking through the functionality of the pages through wireframing early on in the web design process, you will be so relaxed. It is time-savvy and efficient.  In other words, mapping out the functionality early ensure that you do need to phase problems that often come with the development.  It is always a wise idea to rewrite the function in a wireframe than a web application.

  • Wireframes allow you to understand your client better:

This is one of the common problems every company has to face while discussing a project with the clients, which means you need to get to know your client better. Thankfully, wireframes allow this and help you acknowledge your clients. The more discussion you do with clients, the more queries, patterns in behaviors, and knowledge you gain from their feedback.

And this is what plays a vital role in doing the best work for them and how to make your time most productive. Wireframing is the best way to get your clients to focus.

  • Wireframes allow for clarification of features:

The next and best reason to consider wireframe before anything is for clarification of the website features. There comes a time when your clients may not understand what you mean when you say google map integration and product filtering and other types of features. This means features may be new or technical for them. At that time, wireframing can help you to specify what project features are and where does it place on a website. Also, provide clear communication to the client about how these features will function, where they will live on the specific page and how helpful they may be.

Meanwhile, it can be very easy to use jargon when discussing web design, and forget that not everyone is aware of such technicalities. However, this gives the client a chance to change their mind about certain features once it is wireframed.

  • Wireframes save time:

A website wireframe will save time. Although it takes time during the initial steps, it will be worth it. Giving time to produce wireframes will save time throughout the entire project. However, if you are a designer with a team of people, you no longer have to spend time ensuring that each page has a flow and a purpose.

Here are reasons how you can save time

  1. Your designs are more precise.
  2. Your development team is knowledgeable.
  3. Content creation becomes much easier and clearer.
  4. You can prevent hacks.
  • Wireframes prioritize content:

Wireframes are a great way to prioritize content by which content is required on each page. Having the opportunity early on to visualize what the final product will be, you can work on creating content that not only physically fits on the page, but works with the design in mind. Wireframes remove congestion, as the content creator can get on with their work in sequence with designers, rather than having to wait for something needy.


For the above-mentioned reasons, it is important for both the Design Company and the client should understand the importance of the wireframe and the process behind it. Whether you’re looking to build a new website from scratch or redesign your existing one.

Apart from outlining the interface and feature elements of the site, it sparks the communication between client and designer during the initial stages of the web design. For us, this communication is what encourages the development of a website that seamlessly integrates custom functionalities with an appealing design.

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