Excellent Tips to Ensure Safety of your Magento Web Store

February 22, 2014 Written By Jiten Rajput

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Magento Store Safety

With cyber crime on a rise, you don’t want your e-store to provide any loopholes that may allow them to creep in. Once they enter your store, they can damage your site and with that the whole database of customers you have so splendidly built. They can cause spamming, extract secure keys, passwords etc.

Magento being the most loved and followed e-store platform, it is necessary that you know how to keep your Magento designed store secure, in case you are planning to build one. In case, you are on the way to developing an eCommerce website, keep these things in mind. It will ensure safety and security from the likes of cyber criminals.

  • Secure Hosting
    Shared hosting may seem like a good idea initially but, once your store has set up quite a bit indulge in something that’s more secure and stable. Cloud hosting will provide you not only stability but also save you from being redundant. Also, the data is always secure with cloud hosting. Think about it!
  • Avoid cPanels
    cPanels, though they serve well in managing your FTPs, Emails and monitor resources. But, are they truly secure? When someone misuses the cPanel you will find a threat to your data from hackers. In case you are using cPanel, then just add cloud hosting to access power dashboards and admin panels on your custom Magento website.
  • Secure Password
    Make sure you have chosen a secure password for your site. Why secure password? Well, in some cases, like configuration and permission related ends, the password might give access to customer data like their personal information and credit card information. You won’t want that. So make sure your password is long, a mix of small and caps alphabets and includes some numbers as well.Also, make sure you don’t use the Magento store password for any other account. Chances of getting hacked become higher in such cases. Also, you should avoid saving passwords on your computer. Chances of your cyber criminals attacking your PC to steal the secure code gets higher in this case.
  • Make HTTPS/SSL Pages for Login
    When you are sending data over some encrypted connection, you don’t want the information to fall into the wrong hands. This is how you should treat your login pages. Always send the login credentials over secure pages so that they don’t land in unwanted hands. For Magento, make sure you select secure URL for both frontend and admin.
  • Secure FTP
    FTP passwords are probably the one in a million ways to get your site hacked. If you want to avoid such a scenario you can use secure password and SFTP which means SSH file transfer protocol to send your files over FTP. With public key authentication, you can increase the security of your e-store. In case you can’t avoid unsecure FTPs in some cases; you can limit their access by narrowing the directories. Use .htaccess and httpd.conf files to ensure scripts don’t run on these directories that should not be accessible over unsecured accounts.
  • Anti Virus Solution
    Virus attacks are pretty common especially in the world filled with cyber criminals. You have known Trojan and other viruses affecting major websites and pulling them down. It is always good to invest in a good anti-virus that can protect the website that you are spending so much money behind. So, always get one that scans at all times and makes your site stay virus free.
  • Keep your PC Updated
    If you are part of the Magento community, you would receive updates and new patches at regular intervals. These updates are required to ensure your PC and store are secure at all times. New patches that come in the community site will make your store secure.
  • Custom Path for Admin Panel
    Normally, whenever you wish to access the admin panel, you will login to your site and go to admin. It’s very easy for smart cyber criminals to login to your admin page and guess your password. You need to avoid such a situation. Use a customized term for admin to prevent criminals. They won’t be able to guess the path to admin with the term you used and you can save your website.
  • Backup Plan is Must
    What’s your backup plan, in case your website is hacked? Most stores tend to comply with security settings but forget to have a backup plan. Get your online provider to backup the data for you or get some way to back it up. This way you can prevent loss of important data. You can even disable the directory indexing to ensure safety for your e-store. You hide paths leading to your domain by disabling the indexing. This is a smart way to keep your data secure.

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