Prevention is Better than Cure: Protect Your Magento Store From Ransomware Attacks

May 11, 2016 Written By Yogesh Trivedi

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Prevention is Better than Cure:  Safeguard Your Magento eCommerce Store from Numerous Ransomware Attacks

Ensuring the safety of the websites is of prime importance for any retailer on the World Wide Web.  Online ransom attacks and cyber extortion have become the latest attack mechanisms wherein the hackers are tampering the application data of numerous sites.  The moment hackers gain access to the web files, they are stealthily encrypted and hidden on secret servers.  In proper filmy style we have the hackers holding the website owners for ransom…in the form of Bitcoins, the latest and extremely popular digital currency in exchange and then retrieve all the data of the website.

A scene taken straight out of a movie, isn’t it?  To put it in simple words, the data in a site is kidnapped and the website owner is pressurized to pay a ransom amount to save his digital data!!  Loss of data would push the eCommerce store owners into a tight spot:  Whether to pay the ransom or no?  Profitable online ventures are found to be the most vulnerable ones for such kind of attacks.

Before we go on to understanding the various ways and means in which we could prevent these Ransomware attacks, it is essential that we understand what ransomware is all about.

What is Ransomware? Ransomware is a kind of attack on the Magento eCommerce stores, exploiting their vulnerabilities or exploiting the vulnerability of the server software and installing malware that can encrypt all the data on to the server.  Read our previous post on KimcilWare Ransomware Attacks Magento Store. The hacker then presents the eCommerce store owner with a demand to pay the ransom.  When the owner pays, the hacker will hand over the key so as to facilitate decryption of the data.  When the ransom is not paid, there is every chance that the ransom amount be increased.

The attackers make use of cryptographic technology which is equivalent in strength to the technology that the ecommerce site owners use in the protection of their data.  Entertaining the thought of decryption without key is an out of question scenario.  Getting the key is possible only by paying the ransom.  Ideal way would be to avert this kind of malware getting on the server.

Magento has recently removed one of its extensions as a precautionary measure that will help in fending off the CMS malware.  This action hopes that there would be fewer incidents now of bitcoin ransoms and locked files.  It has reported that four eCommerce websites have been affected by ransomware.  It had eliminated a specific computer code extension which was thought of as the prime source of the malware attack.

Are all Magento Stores Facing Such Kind of a Threat?

Magento has definitely gone on to become an extremely popular framework for eCommerce for numerous online businesses.  It has been found that majority of these stores are garnering millions and billions of dollars day in and day out and have become the soft spot for hackers.

So, what are the necessary steps that one has to take to prevent Ransomware attacks against flourishing Magento stores?

  • Regular update of Magento version:  It definitely pays off to keep an updated version of the framework.  This act of yours will ensure that the hackers will not be able to break through your store.  If you a constant user of Magento, it will definitely help you to keep abreast with all the updates that are provided in the Magento Security Center which will help you learn as to when it is just the right time to patch up vulnerable issues related to security.
  • Take a backup:  It is in such occasions that you will understand how important and essential it is to take a backup.  Taking frequent backups of the application data is just an easy task.  You could also get the automated backup when you set the frequency.  Ransomware generally works on a premise that if the data is fully encrypted on to the server, the person ceases to have any access to it.  It therefore becomes imperative to have another robust backup strategy that will help face any kind of a disaster, Ransomware inclusive.
  • Have stronger passwords:  Ensure that you are using strong passwords that will be difficult for the hackers to crack through.

Having an eye on any kind of a development which looks dubious would help in avoiding such attacks.  A close monitoring of security situations of the server would also help in warding off the attacks.

Ensure that you are fully aware of all the Magento security tips so that you can enjoy uninterrupted selling through your Magento stores! If you need any help, talk to our Magento support who address all technical security issues and observe the cybercriminals activities to prevent your business loss.

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  1. Great post, thanks for sharing very useful information on right time. Security of an online store is a major importance factor to protect our business from loss.

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