Why Third Party Magento Support is Must for eCommerce Stores?

May 25, 2015 Written By Jiten Rajput

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Magento is one of the best Open Source tool to build an eCommerce store and there are n number of benefits. Magento could be a cost-free option for you if you have PHP and MySQL knowledge. But if you do not have technical knowledge, you must need third party Magento support to enable your desired features and functionality.

Let’s Check Why You Really Need Magento support

Magento is widely used platform for online store due to its extra ordinary features and flexible scope of development. This is the reason many big brands like Nike, Ford, Samsung, Lenovo, Olympus use Magento to boost their web stores. So, it proves that Magento is number one in eCommerce industry across the world.

None of other eCommerce software offers wide range of feature and customization as Magento provides. Some of the features are fast loading, cross selling and up selling, advance reporting tool, multiple store option, advance security, affiliate marketing, custom tax and shipping options and many more. Things you require to utilize this platform is technical expertise and sufficient budget.

Let’s Check Which Tasks Required Magento Support

1. Magento Hosting and Security

To boost your eCommerce store performance, your site should take less loading time, hassle free purchase process and bug free platform. To resolve all these, you need best hosting and security plan and to do that you need separate security measures and dedicate hosting server.

As your store will have visitors in big numbers, shared hosting will not handle the traffic so you need dedicated hosting server. Also, to secure sensitive data, your site should be PCI compliance and that is not in-build so you need to secure your site and that will be time consuming and complex so at this stage, you need third party Magento support for setup.

2. Magento Store Design

There are many paid and free Magento themes available to download and install in your Magento store but all those themes are used by many stores so you need to make it unique and eye-catching. So, you need to customize the theme. At this time again, you need Magento third party help.

3. Magento Extensions and Add-Ons

Magento has many extensions and add-ons. Some of are free, some of are subscription base, some of are one time pay while some of are very expensive. So, you can buy, install and setup at your own choice. If any features that are not available as extension, you can also hire Magento developer to create custom extension for your site. At initial stage, online store buys many extensions and made big mistake and spent much but we advise you to buy extension which are really necessary and useful. Also, to setup extension you need Magento Support so don’t waste time in installing and setting up by yourself. Hire a developer and save time.

4. Magento Store Customization

Once you install Magento and its theme, initial customization is required such as product import, functionality setup & integration such as payment gateway, shipping calculation, banner setup, coupon code or any discount offer setup, email and SMS notification setup. So, to be able to do this you need to have technical knowledge or a person who can enable your required functions. This time you need third party Magento support to configure all the things.

5. Magento Store Performance Enhancement

Once your Magento store is ready to use, it is very easy to maintain but problem arises while using Magento store custom features such as reporting, on page SEO setup, website speed, email newsletter setup, shopping cart and shipping issues.

There are many reasons for these problems, one of might be your developer. Yes, your developer may have not done the work correctly. So, develop your store with a company which is reputed, well-known, experienced, professional, certified and also ask them to give demo of your store on how to use every feature. Moreover, test all the features before your store development work finishes. If all good, still some times you need a support to add extra features, add-ons or for store enhancement.

All in one Magento is best eCommere platform to develop your web store but to develop and manage is not easy. It requires technical person for setup and maintenance. So, do not jump in because best Magento Community Edition is free. You will always need a Magento support from hosting to setup and from maintenance to enhancement.

You can relay on us, not only for a store development but also for continues support. We are award winning Magento Development Company which can develop a Magento store as per your requirement and also offer you various options for Magento support as per your budget. Contact us now and be a part of our successful store clientèle.

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  1. Yes, Magento support is must for eCommerce store. I personally facing lot of problems in handling my store and lastly I hire a Magento guy who can do my work on my behalf.

    Good read!!

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