PCI Compliance for Magento Website

September 16, 2015 Written By Jiten Rajput

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Do you own eCommerce store that accepts credit cards? When online payments are involved, you should ensure that your website complies with the standards that have been laid out by the Payment Card Industry which is PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards.

Why merchants must be PCI compliance?  How do eCommerce websites maintain compliance to the PCI standards for Magento websites?  Let us just take a sneak peek.

PCI standards are must for merchants who are processing credit cards and who keeps cardholder information. This PCI refers to a set of standards which meant to securely handle this information at all times and it is meant to prevent credit card frauds in the industry. Failure to do that, a merchant can expect large fines, which can also result in stopping their ability to process online payments.

So, therefore major credit card companies have created the PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to make sure merchants adopt critical security measures. Requirements for meeting the PCI DSS are as under:

Secure network: This should be your primary concern. This means that you need to have a firewall that will be configured to an extent that it protects all the data of the customer that is there in the card. There are quite a number of security parameters and passwords generated by the vendor supplied systems that you need to consider.

Protecting cardholder data: The information of the cardholder should be stored securely. The same should be encrypted while transmitting across various open networks.

Updated Antivirus Software: You should ensure that the software for antivirus is updated at regular intervals.  Care has to be taken that only secure applications are used in all systems.

Strong Access Control: Restricted access to data of the cardholder.  First of all, you need to restrict physical access to the data of the cardholder. When you provide unique IDs for each and every user, then the problem is solved to a great extent.

Regularly Monitor and Test Networks: Testing the security systems, and regular monitoring of the cardholder data accessibility as well as network resources form an integral part of protection and compliance.

If you are unsure of all the process that can give you such security and guidance in network monitoring, you can ask for Magento help from developer who is well versed with all the nuances that are a part of a Magento store.

A reputed and reliable Magento development company like us will be fully familiar with all the PCI security standards and will give you a product that is not only user friendly but also in compliance with the standards laid out.

You could cross check with the PCI security standards official source and also with the PCI compliance guide wherein you can find whole lot of information related to compliance for more security.

When your Magento Programmers adhere to the standards while developing your eCommerce, your website becomes the most secure place to shop. When you are assuring such kind of security, there will be more traffic, more leads and more conversions which will bring in more ROI.

PCI Compliance for Magento Editions

As we all know, Magento is available in two editions which are Enterprise Edition and Community Edition. Each edition comes in with its own set of unique requirements for compliance and also implementation in the first place.

PCI Compliance for Magento Enterprise Edition

One easiest way to get your Magento site PCI compliant is with the help of Magento Secure Payment Bridge. This is a solution that is completely different from Magento Enterprise platform. For this, it is not necessary for the complete website to be in compliance. Updating the eCommerce store will be possible without having any hindrance to compliance.

A token is sent to Magento instance and it makes the system secure for, the credentials of payment bridge are not adequate to gain access to data of the customers. If you encounter any threats to the payment bridge, you will have to get a new instance with new credentials. By doing so, all the information related to your credit card will be kept secure. However, this Secure Payment Bridge is not a complete solution to keep the Magento site secure as the application also has to be installed in an environment that is compliant of PCI DSS.

PCI Compliance for Magento Community Edition

The Secure Payment Bridge is unfortunately not compatible with this Community Edition of Magento. Even then there are many ways in which one can get their Magento Community Edition website comply with PCI standards.

As long as one does not store data related to credit card, Magento Community Edition is fully compliant with the PCI standards, for, other information calls for no encryption. So, in order to make your Magento Community Edition compliant with PCI standards, you have to cut out using all kinds of information that is sensitive in the website.  How can you do this?  You can do this by redirecting your esteemed customers to another third party platform.

Another method calls for making use of third party payment gateways that comply with PCI standards. These gateways could be Authorize.net, Stripe or PayPal or any well-known gateways. There are quite a number of payment gateways that comply with the standards laid out by the PCI. Go through them and get the right solution for your eCommerce store. When you hire the services of a reliable Magento development agency, the developer can take care of all these nuances for your Magento eCommerce website. Contact us now!

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