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June 27, 2017 Written By Jiten Rajput

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A Magento store is as good as the hosting solution that powers it. It is the hosting that determines the performance of the store during crunch time(s). In many cases, hosting has a direct role in determining the fate of stores.

Given this importance, it is essential that the store owners and administrators should make informed decisions about the hosting partner and the parameters of the hosting solution. This is a very crucial set of decisions because of the direct impact on the performance of the store. Once these parameters have been set, any changes prove to be very cost inefficient.

Hosting for Magento stores comes in many flavors from shared server space to dedicated servers. However, there is a growing trend in the industry of managed Magento hosting. This trend is the direct result of the change in the Magento user base. In addition to the developers, Magento users now include laypersons who just want to use the power of Magento for their eCommerce business.

Server Management Woes

One good thing about the Magento community is that it includes people of all experience levels. You will find hardcore developers and novice users in this vibrant community. One downside of this all-inclusive community is that many users are not familiar with the underlying server level management issues. This is one reason why many people who initially opt for Magento soon switch to other eCommerce platforms because of the complexities of the server setup and management.

A new trend in the Magento world is the managed hosting solutions that take care of all server level issues so that you could focus on your Magento store without worrying about underlying issues. Cloudways offers you a chance to try out managed Magento hosting for your store. The signup process is simple and your store is ready for action within a few clicks.

Cloudways ThunderStack

The strength of the Cloudways is the ThunderStack, a unique mix of server and cache technologies that ensure the continued high performance of your store. Cloudways Thunderstick is powered by Nginx and Apache that are backed by Memcached/Redis and Full Page Cache. This combination results in optimized performance for Magento stores. In fact, the Full Page Cache allows for a significant increase in the store’s performance.

Magento First Features

The best feature of Cloudways is the 1-click implementation of major actions. The process starts right from the moment you launch the server. It takes a few clicks to launch both Magento 1 and Magento 2 stores. Once the store is up, you could easily install FREE SSL, access SSH, and CLI and take the backup, all in a few clicks.

If you add or edit a feature at your Magento store, Cloudways offers staging domains where you could test without compromising the main store.

Page Load speed is one of the essential factors that determine whether the visitor would convert into a paying customer. Cloudways offer Full PageCache, a dedicated extension for Magento 1 that ensures fast website speed for all visitors. This extension is enabled by default on all new Magento 1 stores launched on Cloudways. And did I mentioned that it is completely FREE for Cloudways users!! For Magento 2 stores, Cloudways offer Varnish as the optimum cache option.

Cloudways has an integrated server monitoring system that offers in-depth information about your server and the application. Known as CloudwaysBot, this system communicates realtime insights into the health of your server through pre-selected channels including Slack and email. This way, you do not have to constantly check the server dashboard for issues.

Security Above All

Unlike several hosting solution providers, security forms the basis of the Cloudways Platform. Almost all aspects of the platform focus on the security of the Magento stores. The various security features include free SSL certificates to secure the pages of the store. In addition, Cloudways engineers apply security patches as soon as they are released by the original vendors. This way all vulnerabilities are patched and your store remain protected at all times.

Another important way of averting disaster is to maintain backup of the Magento store. This way even if the unexpected happens, you have a copy of the store settings and configurations that could be restored within minutes, resulting in minimum downtime for the visitors. Cloudways has an automated backup system in place that takes regular backups of your Magento store at least once a day. This backup is stored at an offsite location to enhance security and availability of the backups.

Support by Magento Experts

For many store owners, Magento support is a crucial aspect that many hosting service providers fall well short of. In many cases, support is provided by call center agents who know next to nothing about the product and Magento. This is why almost all interactions with customer support end in frustration.

Cloudways long realized that customer support is one area that has a significant meaning for the almost every user. Whether they are the complete novice or seasoned professionals, every customer has to deal with customer service at least once. Cloudways customer supports provided by agents who are well versed in both the operations of Cloudways Platform and how Magento works with the Platform. This way, they are able to guide the customers in setting up and troubleshooting common and rare issues.

Final Words

Cloudways is the ideal hosting platform for your Magento store. In addition to providing a safe hosting solution for your store, Cloudways offers a host of features that are designed to be perfectly compatible with Magento.

The signup process is easy and you could easily set important server parameters during the signup process. After that, you only have to worry about the day-to-day operations of your Magento store, while the Cloudways takes care of all server and hosting related issues.

Also, we have an exclusive offer for our readers – A $15 credit coupon that is applicable for all Magento hosting options.

Visit the Cloudways Signup page and enter the coupon code HOSTMAGENTO. This is a great way of trying out the Magento hosting solutions offered by Cloudways.

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