Excellent Tips to Improve the Performance of your Magento Store

February 10, 2014 Written By Yogesh Trivedi

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Improve Magento Store Performance

If you are planning to developing a web store using Magento platform, you need to worry about its performance, security and also check on the speed of the site. Remember to ensure that the Magento site works perfectly with your end users; you need to make sure you have incorporated a few things in your Magento site.

Here’s a list of all the important speed and security related parameters that you need to consider. Remember you avoid any one, you would not really be able to cash in on good speed and secure website.

  • The Latest Version

    This may sound very lame point to you but, most of you fail to adapt this point while maintaining your estore. Yes, when you are developing, you surely plunge into the latest version, latest patch etc. But, what you should ideally do is update every latest patch, version, release even if it means you have to upgrade your whole site. Remember updating is important to maintaining your store.

  • Default CRON Schedules

    How about grabbing on some real amazing features like catalogue based pricing, alerts and pricing systems? Whenever some item is back in stock, your Magento store would send out alerts. Well, if you like the sound of it and want to have this feature in your estore, you need to run the cron schedules with your Magento webshop.

  • Plugin Compatibility

    Magento comes with a great variety of plugins which you can easily install to your estore. Remember, while installing you also checks the plugin with various versions of Magento and with the variety of browsers. This is just to know if the custom Magento plugins really works or has some bug hidden somewhere.

  • Secure Password

    You don’t want people to break into your store and crash it? So, when choosing that admin password remember to choose something that can’t be easily cracked. You need to use a good mix of capital and small alphabets along with some numbers to make that strong password.

  • Update Scripts

    An open source platform that develops newer versions every-time makes sites with older scripts vulnerable. If you don’t want hackers to surround you, get updated scripts for your site.

  • Check out Testing

    You should test your check out page by adding as many products as possible to it. Make sure you test it on multiple platforms as well. Sometimes what runs on one browser may not run as successfully on another browser. You need to consider this as well while performing the testing. Bugs such as these can also run security issues.

  • Disable the Unused

    You will find that the security and speed of your Magento site is compromised when a lot of features are running alongside. Yes, you don’t want to harm your site. In such cases, you need to disable whatever features are added to your site but are not being used by you currently. This will enhance the performance and speed of your site.

  • Security with Emails

    This is one of the most important security steps that you should ideally consider. In case you tend to forget your store’s admin password, you can reset it. For that the reset link would be sent to your Email id that is connected to your admin account. Make sure that the email connected is not known publicly and don’t share the password to the account with anyone either. A security question is compulsory whenever you plan on resetting the password. Also, never save the passwords to any of your id on your computer. Hacking becomes easy through this

  • FTP & Limit Access

    Secure Magento stores need a lot of features that you need to keep in mind. Your site gets hacked when the FTP password is cracked. Yes this is by far the easiest way to get to your store. Make sure when you set your FTP password, it is strong and cannot be cracked easily. Make the necessary changes in the .htaccess area to limit the access to those people who try to enter the admin area from unknown IP. Also, change the name of admin to any custom name. This way the hacker won’t be able to get near the admin page and hack the site.

  • Anti Virus

    For all possible security measures, you should always keep your antivirus updated. These way hackers can be prevented from spreading virus to your site and hacking it.

  • Caching

    It is the easiest way to cash in on the speed of your website. With the various caching features available on these websites, you will never find your feature ridden Magento site going slow. Make sure you have the Google page speed plug-in installed to your website. It will help the page load with the necessary speed.

  • Default Logging

    The logging tool is amazing feature for the developers. It will give you a good record of the site visits and logs. It adds a definite overhead to the page. Remember to remove this feature once you are happy with the site.

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