Dedicated Server is Best for Magento eCommerce Store! Learn why!

November 3, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Dedicated Server is Best for Magento eCommerce Store

When operating an eCommerce business, you must have a strong website and checkout system where your customers can come, make purchases, and scroll through your items. This requires you to host your site on either a dedicated or shared server.

Hosting an eCommerce website used to be a thing, but with the rapid boom in technical breakthroughs, hosting an eCommerce website has become as simple as pie. Magento stands out among the several firms that provide hosting services.

Magento is without a doubt a game-changer in the eCommerce hosting business. The most major advantage Magento provides is an open-source platform that allows for customization. You can easily design a website of your thoughts and wishes, and Magento will help you do just that.

While hosting an eCommerce website is simple, you must pick whether to put it on a shared or dedicated server. A shared server is often shared with many other website owners, but a dedicated server dedicates all of its resources to your website.

Sharing your resources may be both beneficial and detrimental. And every coin has two sides to it. In this section, we will go through why a dedicated server is a superior option for your Magento-hosted server.

Difference Between A Shared Sever & A Dedicated Server

Many individuals are perplexed by the similarities between a shared server and a dedicated server. But that is not the whole picture, because a shared server is an internet platform where you share your host with a lot of other people.

This may be the most cost-effective and economical option for most expanding enterprises. Still, there will come a moment when you will be exposed to significant dangers, such as security flaws, privacy concerns, or delayed accessibility.

On the other hand, because no one will access or utilize your storage, a dedicated server may satisfy all of your demands right away. When no one is around, you may enjoy the highest level of protection, particularly for transactions and payment methods.

Now, why is a dedicated server the best option for your eCommerce store? So, to answer your question, choosing a Magento hosting server for your eCommerce website may provide you with greater control, privacy, and, most significantly, performance that you will not find elsewhere.

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Let me wrap this up for you. The first thing you should do is get a dedicated server. Whether you are a small business or a corporation, acquiring a dedicated server should be your top priority from the start. Here’s why a dedicated server is the greatest option for ensuring the success of your eCommerce website.

Top Reasons why a Dedicated Server is the Best Choice for your E-store

When it comes to selecting hosting services, organizations have a number of alternatives. And one of the options you should consider is a dedicated server. There are several causes for this, which we shall discuss later in the text.

A dedicated server, as the name implies, is a platform that is completely committed to the customer by a hosting provider such as Magento. We may state that with today’s evolving company requirements, Magento hosting is the finest option. One of the hosting services allows you total control over resources and improves the performance and security of your website.

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Finally, dedicated hosting is the best option for meeting your business’s needs, and you will not have to switch to other hosting plans as your company expands. The following are some of the benefits of using a dedicated server for your eCommerce shop.

1. Reduce page load time & Increase Customers

Having a dedicated server for your Magento site can minimize page load times, and you will be surprised at how big of an impact it can have on your sales. Customers do not appreciate it when a website takes a long time to load as they enter their credit card information.

Furthermore, having a longer loading time makes your buyer reconsider picking someone else’s over you. This may be an issue for any eCommerce shop, as losing clients means losing sales.

What you can do is select a dedicated server for your website and offer no excuse for people to dislike or quit it. You can Hire Magento Developer for your website to reduce the page loading time and make better usability.

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2. Better SEO

SEO should always be at the heart of every website because if your SEO performance is poor, you will be dropped by Google. SEO will rank your website based on page loading time, which might be for computer devices or mobile devices.

We all know that Google used to collect millions of search results in a matter of seconds, which is why you must have a website that Google can capture and crawl for ranking purposes. As a consequence, you must have a dedicated server that gives users with better search results and, as a result, enhances search rank.

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3. Secure website

It is no longer a secret that any virus or malware may destroy your eCommerce website in a matter of seconds or minutes. While business owners are concerned about security, customers are likewise concerned about being looted by such con artists.

Many people wonder how a shared server would work in this situation. So, when it comes to security, it is better if you do not trust in shared servers because they lead to security concerns that might either attack your website or steal credit card information from clients. You have numerous alternatives with a dedicated server to protect yourself and your customers from such internet breaches or frauds.

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Winding Up

To summarize, a dedicated server is without a doubt the finest option for your eCommerce website. You will see the benefit after you begin utilizing the server. We have already discussed why a dedicated server is the ideal option for your E-commerce site.

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