How Call to Action (CTA) can benefit your eCommerce business?

March 25, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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In this competitive business era, it’s become difficult for businesses to come up with a new and unique idea every time. The one who has a unique and impactful plan will rule the market, which is nothing but effective marketing.

And when it comes to marketing, how can we forget CTA (call to action)? We often see online ads with ending or bottom lines like dial now, subscribe us, click here, and download. Well, this is what CTA is. In marketing, those are called call to action and the buttons are the CTA buttons.

You know that marketers are working towards generating and convert leads. It’s become tough for them to reach potential customers or clients as many content strategies and technologies are emerging every day. So, the concern of all marketers is how to attract potential clients and keep them engaged to convert into actual leads?

The answer is a CTA (call to action). With the help of this, you can enhance the chance of generating and converting potential customers.

If you ask us what CTA is and how it beneficial, then CTA is the opportunity to encourage your audience to take final steps toward becoming a customer or client. It can also be the defining factor between a lead and a conversion.

In this post, we will share what is CTA, types of CTA and why it is important for your eCommerce business.

What is a CTA (Call to Action)?

A CTA is a form of text, an image, or online ads that prompts your visitors, leads, and your customers to take action. The action can be anything. You can either contact, download a newsletter, sign up for an event or get a coupon.

A call-to-action is all about attracting your audience and making them click on the button, to generate a lead for your website or business. A CTA can be placed anywhere in your marketing message, on your blog, on your website, in a press release, in an email, or on flyers.

A CTA aims to convert visitors into your well-wishers. In short, make them do something profitable to your business such as promoting you and your company, making a purchase, or registering for a selling event you host. A well-drafted CTA will grab the attention of customers and motivate them to click on your website. Without CTAs, they might be just visitors rather than potential clients.

Call to action is important to be visible everywhere on your eCommerce website whether it’s the homepage, product page, landing pages, pricing pages, or service page.

One of the best ways to get people’s attention right away is to add a feeling of urgency and fear of missing an opportunity. There are many other types of CTA too which we’ll discuss here.

What are the Types of CTA?

One thing you need to keep in mind that CTA has various types and formats. What you can do is draft CTA that communicates and convert for your brand and encourage visitors to engage with your business. With that in mind, you just need to make sure that which serves your target.

How to choose the right CTA for your eCommerce business? So, one of the best things you do is decide who is going to be your visitors because you have so many types of visitors, and that’s why you need different types of CTAs to attract your audience. Let’s eye on each and see how it benefits your business.

  • Lead Generation:

The aim of any business is one and that’s to generate leads. While marketers are finding new techniques and ways to attract clients. This is when lead generation CTA comes. Because with the help of lead generation CTA, you can convert visitors into leads. All you have to is place them on your website or ad copy.

The most popular place where you can put these types of CTAs is on the blog, article, homepage, About Us page, pricing page, and in the sidebar. To get the result, these CTAs should be attractive and effective to get clicked by visitors. So, this is what you can expect from the lead generation CTAs for your eCommerce business.

  • Form Submission:

This is the second and most formal type of CTA. In this, visitors who come to your website have to do two things before they can be registered as a lead; fill out a form and click on a button to submit their information to your database.

As your visitors will become the lead, you don’t want them to click away through the boring and uninspired submit button.  Therefore, what you can do is provide them a form submission CTAs with the right message to get them convinced to give their information.

  • Read More Button:

Well, you post daily content on your websites like a blog post, news, and case study page. While doing this, you are not displaying the whole content on your home page where visitors come the most. At that time, you can entice homepage viewers to click on every content by featuring the first few lines of your every content followed by a read more CTAs.

This is how you can make sure that your engaging posts receive the views they deserve. In this way, visitors will click through reading any post instead of scrolling down on the homepage, which makes sure that your posts get credited with huge traffic.

  • Sales focused CTA:

This is what every business needs and if you want to turn leads into customers. This type of CTA will be a perfect fit for your sales funnel.  In this, you can entice your customers to take action to buy your product or service right away.  If you have well-drafted CTAs, you can use them at the end of your marketing copies or at on product pages.

  • Social Media Sharing CTA:

Social sharing CTA is one of the finest things your website needs the most. We are living in the modern era and in today’s time, it is essential to have a social media presence. Because we know how effective social media is. It can help you grow your business.

So make sure to be active on social media platforms and have a CTA of it on your website. You can also use this to promote your company’s mission, vision, and culture.

Why CTA is Important for your eCommerce Business?

Your call-to-action is the opportunity to encourage your audience to take action toward becoming a client. There’s the reason behind the CTA button has become an important part of on-site content, blog, and ad copy. Let’s look at some of the facts why?

  1. CTA encourages your sales process.
  2. CTA is what your customers want.
  3. It helps you boost the success of your online ad.

Over to You!

If you’re running a business website, blog post, ad copy, or newsletter and not using CTAs, you are missing out on a chance on potential sales.

In the end, a CTA can attract readers to take that final step or help turn visitors into leads, leads into customers, and customers into sales. In this post, we have tried our best to put all types of CTAs that actually communicate and convert.

For more detail on how you can make CTAs a part of your eCommerce website, contact our eCommerce web design today. Mconnect Media can help you with an outstanding design that communicates and contribute to boosting conversions.

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