The A - Z Of Technical SEO For Ecommerce Website To Rank Better

March 25, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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You might have heard someone say that their business or brand is on the top of Google. But what does it mean? How do they do it? Well, questions are many but the answer is one and that’s technical SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Technical SEO is very much important for online store’s to improve their searchability.

In the last few decades, the market has changed in keen ways. What is worse than 2020, it has been a nightmare for businesses due to the economic downturn and global trade slowdown. We’ve seen plenty of problems and challenges that entrepreneurs and marketers were facing such as low budget, changing customer behavior, change in marketing trends, and unexpected algorithm updates.

Did you notice a vary in your search engine rankings or a reduced number of visitors to your website? If so, you might be lacking somewhere in technical SEO efforts. Technical search engine optimization is often overlooked by people as they give all their attention to designing, On-page activity, and off-page optimization. You must know the important role that SEO technical practices play in making a smooth running website and bringing the best possible user experience.

Does your website have a strong technical search engine optimization base? This technical SEO checklist will help you rank your eCommerce website on top of the search engine and drive your tremendous digital success in 2021!

To help you learn how to optimize eCommerce websites and avail the benefits, we created this A-Z guide and technical eCommerce SEO checklist. But before that let’s understand what Technical SEO is?

What is Technical SEO?

In simple terms, technical SEO refers to enhancing the technical aspects of a website to increase the ranking of its pages in the search engines. Technical SEO is the method of optimizing the crawling, indexing, and rendering phase of your website to get higher search rankings. It is a part of On-page SEO which focuses on enhancing elements on your website to get a better rank.

The A-Z Technical SEO Checklist for eCommerce Website

  • Optimize Site Speed:

If you want to improve your search engine rankings, you must need a website that loads fast and works smoothly. In this case, you need your site to be optimized with SEO & Optimization Extensions as it is important. The longer your website takes to load, the larger your bounce rate and the more potential clients you lose. According to Google, a 1 second delay in mobile page loading time can decrease your conversion rate by 20 percent.

Therefore, site speed plays a vital role in your online engagement and site performance. It affects many factors, such as visibility, conversion, bounce rate, page visits, and so on. This is why you need a website that loads fast when your target audience clicks through your link on SERPs.

To enhance the speed of your site, you need optimized content and images and also have to use a content distribution network along with a mobile-friendly website.

  • Check the error in Search Console:

As a part of website SEO, it is essential to track the errors because this is what makes your impression down. Google has developed a Google Search console to help those website owners to track online performance and activates.

Hence, check for errors in Google Search Console timely and fix them instantly as these are the serious technical issues that may be affecting the performance of your website and lead you to the bottom of search engine ranks.

  • Ensure that site is Mobile Responsive:

There are plenty of mobile users in the world and so mobile searches. And that’s why to address the increasing number of mobile users, Google released a mobile-friendly update called mobilegeddon. The names of the updates are mobile-first indexing and mobile optimization.

This means that Google will use your website’s mobile version for indexing and ranking. Without a mobile-friendly website, search bots will get problems in accessing and crawling your content.

Hence, responsive web design is essential to improve site usability, better page speed, and improving search rankings.

  • Keyword and Content:

Keywords are the best source for online users to find your content on search engines. Optimizing your website with relevant, targeted keywords is important to help search engines connect online users to your website.

Keyword research and content development are considered as the On-page activity or optimization. However, this doesn’t mean you should neglect them in your technical SEO practices. You need to make sure that your website is optimized with relevant keywords to avoid Google penalties. Moreover, add original, quality, and best content on your site to generate more leads and traffic.

  • Improve your Site Architecture:

You may have a site but not a site that is organized and structured. Yes, you heard right because the organized structure makes your visitors engaged. And also good navigation structure is essential for SEO as it boosts your search ranks.

A user-friendly site will help online users find your website and quickly the information they want. It motivates people to spend more time on your website and that’s how your site will get more on-time users. Furthermore, your site structure makes sure that search engines can easily crawl easily your website.

Top practices to improve your site architecture:

  1. Use SEO-friendly URL.
  2. Remove duplicate content.
  3. Navigate your web pages.
  4. Make the use of keyword data to define the content flow
  5. Make sure that your website is mobile-friendly.
  6. Optimize site speed.
  • Make Eye-catchy Title Tags:

This is the most important element of your website. A title tag is an HTML that indicated the title of a web page. This is a blue text displayed on SERPs that people click to find your website. Your title tags must be attentive and keyword-centric to make sure that your web pages display a relevant search result.

There’s a character limit that you have to follow which is below 60 characters otherwise search engine will not give value to it. To overcome this, you can use various search results preview tools that are available on the market.

  • H1 Tags:

H1 tags are the most important SEO factors of a website. These are the kind of title tags that indicate to search engines and visitors what content is all about. This helps search spiders to read and identify which lines are ringed in H1 tags. If you want search engines to understand the content of your web pages, make sure you add these:

  1. Make sure you include the keywords in H1 tags.
  2. Don’t use the lengthy title.
  3. One H1 for one page.
  4. Make sure that your H1 tags are meeting user expectations and page content.
  5. Structurize page content with headings.
  • Better CTA (Calls-to-Action):

And the last but not least element of technical SEO for eCommerce is CTA. It helps visitors to make the final decision or specific action like sign up and contact us. There’s the reason behind better calls to action because it convinces people more than ads.

  1. You can convince your people by making these changes to your existing CTA:
  2. Add buttons like free consultation, sign up or fill the form.
  3. Try to create urgency.
  4. Make sure you have clickable CTAs.
  5. Ensure your CTA is positioned.

Winding Up:

These A-Z technical SEO checklist will help you fix technical issues on your site to rank better on search engine result page. We at M-connect media believes that these practically used SEO checklists from the experts will help you increase your website to position on the top of Google.

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