Why Guest Checkout is Crucial for Your eCommerce store?

March 24, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Having an eCommerce website and not having guest checkout can be a conversion killer. So, as a customer, you won’t like to create an account for every single website you visit. On another side, if you are a customer, you want that online retailers know who you are. This is why there’s a huge importance of Guest checkout for your eCommerce store.

Another reason why guest checkout is important to an eCommerce store is to keep the customer from leaving your eCommerce site before making any purchase. Guest checkouts have become the modern-day feature of eCommerce sites which decreasing abandoned cart rates and increasing conversion rates.

Let’s have a look at why guest checkout is a crucial word for your eCommerce store and why it is a good fit for your store. Also, how checkout guests can help you grow your eCommerce store or business. So, let’s get started!

What is Guest Checkout?

Guest checkout helps a customer to buy without logging into or creating an account. This means that brands do not retain any information that customers enter during the checkout process.

Benefits of Guest Checkout for Your eCommerce Store:

  • Reduce Purchase Time

This is one of the best benefits for customers. Often in big stores or stores with account login have a long process to purchase any products. In that case, having a guest login can save your customer time by giving them a faster first-time purchase process and it helps you to convert them faster.

  • Improved Conversion Rates

Again, having a long purchasing process can be a conversion killer. This means forcing customers to create store accounts can increase cart abandonment. At this time, having guest checkout can make customers mind to buy or complete the process.

  • Enhance confidence

The next and most important benefit you can avail from guest checkout is customer confidence. Many shoppers think twice before providing any personal details like credit card information and ID proof details. In this case, they are more likely to buy your products if they’re not forced to provide such details.

Ultimately, guest checkouts make the process easier for consumers and help them to buy what they’re looking to buy, faster.

Why Should You Enable Guest Checkout to Your E-commerce Store Website?

Guest checkout allows shoppers to make a purchase from your store without logging in to an account or saving any data in your database. The data such as password, username, shipping address, etc. the customer’s information is not stored for any further reuse.

The reason guest checkout is the best option is that it boosts conversion rates. While signing up for an account during the checkout process is a problem, and problems can change customer mind or even click them away. In that case, the idea is that guest checkout overcome this problem so more people order from you.

1. Mobile users like the faster checkout process

According to research, more than half of internet traffic shopping from a mobile device. Isn’t that good news for you? Because with a mobile viewing eCommerce site, you can enhance the chance of conversion rates. Well, this is what mobile users like to do when it comes to mobile shopping.

This is why you need to have a guest checkout process for your store. Because every mobile shopper likes to have the shortest checkout to make a purchase. This means they don’t like to create an account or logging in. thus, the more you give a faster checkout process the more they likely to buy your products.

2. Boost Conversion Rates compared to Logged in

This could be the good reason you should enable guest checkout in your eCommerce store rather than logged in or sign in. The conversion rate of guest checkout is a bit higher than sign-in because consumers want to complete purchases in a short time and the most important thing they don’t like a sign-in option is the insecurity of filing sensitive information or personal details. The thing with logged in is just that it has lesser conversion rates than guest checkout.  Hence, having an eCommerce store with guest checkout is better than logging in.

3. Check out as a guest help customers to make a purchase

This is something like you are not forcing customers to do what they don’t want to and that will help you set a good impression of your store in their mind. The same if you require users to sign in to complete the checkout process at your eCommerce store, you’re doing the same. You’re asking them for a piece of information that they hesitate to share.

In this case, if you provide a check out as a guest then they can get a better idea of what your company and product are all about. This will help them to experience the process of purchase and get an item before they make a purchase. If they like services and products, chances are high they’ll come again and make you an option for further purchases.

4. A Simple process is what shoppers like

Think like a customer! What do you like the most while doing online shopping? A lengthy process of signing up to purchase a product or time-savvy process to place an order. The answer will definitely the simple process right.

As a human tendency, we need things quickly with a simple method. And that same applies to the checkout process of eCommerce store websites. Means as a consumer, we want to finish purchase process quick without doing lengthy checkout process. As a result, guest checkout is a perfect fit in this case as you don’t need to register and need to finish multiple steps to your checkout process.

Ultimately, a simple process is what shoppers like because with lengthy checkout they feel exhausted and might leave your site or click away.

5. Decreased abandonment rates

The last but not the least reason why guest checkout is crucial for an eCommerce store is decreased abandonment rates. According to research, 14% of customers will abandon their carts if there is no guest checkout option.

This is proof of why you need to enable the guest checkout option to your eCommerce site. We have already mentioned the reason for higher abandonment rates with the sign-in or logged-in checkout option. By using the guest checkout option, you can remove those barriers and decrease cart abandonment rates.

Having an eCommerce store with a guest checkout option can help you increase conversion rates by keeping customers leaving your site and that’s how you no longer have to worry about making more purchases or placing orders.

Ending Up:

According to the above guide, now we can understand that how guest checkout is beneficial for an eCommerce store. And that’s why what you have to do as a store owner is the best shopping experience.

What your store will always need?

  • A Simple Purchasing Process
  • Easy checkout feature
  • Benefits for registered users
  • A plan to convert the visitor into customers

That’s what we believe in here at M-connect Media. We can ensure your customers have a better shopping experience by integrating our Magento user experience extensions. We have already helped many stores with our exceptional extensions integration.

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