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It is an ecommerce store for plumbing and heating products and services in Scotland with nine branches across the country.


Since client opted to have the latest nuts-n-bolts of ecommerce along with customized design, we have applied all navigational schemes simultaneously, traditional menus, breadcrumb, and on-site search feature.

For exclusive ecommerce experiences, we have streamlined shopping cart and checkout process by adding relevant features and marketing incentive features in menus at the top.

Features & Functionality:

We have developed this exclusive European ecommerce web portal in Magento 2 by applying the latest features and functionality offered by the platform. Customization was inevitable due to unique nature of business and demands of the client. In due course, we have tried best to bring sumptuous design on the table by covering followings:

  • Since the number of products were high and fell in various categories, designing navigation schemes was a challenge for our developers, so we have improved and optimized navigations of the website a lot
  • We have used the latest technologies like AJAX filtering for category, price, and other attributes for quick and easy product finding
  • We have designed filtering features to work with multiple attributes and attribute values simultaneously
  • The price bar slider was a unique demand from our clientele, and our Magento team have addressed it beautifully
  • We have applied the latest on-site search engine algorithm and improved search results for the best user experiences, quick search, and easy search
  • We have customized header for layered/tiered navigation links for various offers and marketing incentives too