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American Flower Farmers Co-op

It is a B2B portal developed for American Flower Farmers Co-op with an aim to provide a single point of contact for farmers growing flowers and buyers purchasing flowers of California varieties directly.


Since our focus was to provide a single point of contact for farmers and buyers, we have granted all best features of Magento platform intended to support B2B ecommerce processes.

Features & Functionality:

We have developed this private B2B ecommerce web portal using capacities of Magento. Our Magento developers have provided a seamless shopping cart, order, and user management experiences with some additional features described below:

  • We have created a single page checkout page and process with custom attributes for the sake of hurdle-free experiences
  • We have customized integration of shipping address with checkout process
  • Used AJAX technologies to load every element throughout shipping pages
  • We have customized shipping carrier setup and configuration
  • We have added features and functionality to improve website performance audit and optimization