The Art of Using Wikipedia for SEO and Content Marketing

May 27, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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There’s no doubt that you can use Wikipedia for content marketing, SEO, link building, and entity research. Well, it may not be the very first site we think about when it comes to SEO but it is a much more important tool than we think. It is the online source of choice for millions of people across the world and even it ranks in almost half of all the online searches. So, you should learn to use SEO and content marketing with Wikipedia as it will get you incredible results.

Wikipedia is bliss for everyone whether you want to use for reading purpose or to use in business activities like SEO and content marketing. Google has built a large proposition of its knowledge graph basing on Wikipedia. The online encyclopedia is a great source of SEO resource. You can use this with Google keyword planner, Google search, and Google Analytics.

it is useful for both on-site and off-site SEO for two reasons, Wikipedia uses language the way humans use it because it’s written by humans. It connects topics and keywords in ways that only humans can. Wikipedia is an online resource and people trust it, use it, and reference it for since long.

So, whether you are just starting out planning your website’s keyword strategy, seeking new content ideas, or looking for ways to build trust for your website. Here’s how to use Wikipedia for SEO and content marketing.

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that everyone can edit and its goal is to provide people with accurate and neutral info about a wide variety of topics. In addition, Wikipedia wants to provide info on significant topics that people care about. There are notability criteria the define what article can be approved on Wikipedia.

The notability criteria are must be fulfilled no matter what topics, persons, or businesses you are associate with as this can help you appear. There must be press citations and recognized achievements for a person or business to receive an entry.

When using Wikipedia for SEO, you need to understand the mindset of Wikipedians so that you can accomplish your own SEO goals without violating the core principles of Wikipedia. With the help of Wikipedia, marketers can identify potential content ideas in a fashion similar to broken link building.

The initial step is to look in Wikipedia for broken links or for statements that need citation. You want to create content to attract customers, so you conduct the following search on Google. This content might inspire you and you could also have found this broken link using Wikipedia’s monthly list of broken links. Hence, you could conduct a similar search on Google for Wikipedia articles that need citations.

  • SEO using Wikipedia

If you still think that the goals of Wikipedia are at cross-purposes to SEO and content marketing then you are wrong. Since SEO is promotional, you want to drive traffic to your site and Wikipedia’s focus on neutrality may seem contrary to the promotion that you would like for your own business.

But the fact is that with any content, people don’t like to be sold. So, as you would produce valuable content for your own webpage and blog, you can add value to Wikipedia by providing accurate info about the topics that you are an expert in.

Ultimately, you are seeking to create links back to your web pages. Wikipedia editors will most likely edit out any direct links from the article text. However, you can provide links in the references and external links section of every Wikipedia article. The community will decide whether these links add value to the article and will stay.

  • Wikipedia for Off-page SEO

There’s a misconception in the market that Wikipedia links are no followed which might be true but they are still valuable. However, those links can get back to you on their site. After all, you are a Wikipedia reference. You can do this without spamming, especially if you make helpful use of the platform. Simply create a Wikipedia page with reliable, high-quality information.

Wikipedia pages rank so well because people link to them, creating a feedback loop. Their pages are usually the most relevant page for broad keywords. You can take benefit of this and find people who’d link to you. Take many relevant Wikipedia pages and see who’s linking to them. You’ll get a list of people, sites, and blogs related to your business. They’ll likely to your page.

  • Wikipedia for On Page SEO

Yes, Wikipedia still ranks for many keywords relevant to a certain topic. So, it is possible to find out how much traffic an article gets. You can take the URL of a relevant article. Use Adword’s Keyword Planner and drop the URL to the landing page field. You will get a keyword list you can use to expand and enhance your existing one.

You can also use them to generating content ideas and this way, you can surpass content that was already good enough to be found and cited by Wikipedia. Generally, your content can rank even higher than your sources.

  • Content Marketing using Wikipedia

Content marketing is very easy with Wikipedia as it helps you build link, and entity research, along with marketing reach. To be clear, since last few years, all external links from Wikipedia include the nofollow attribute, directing search engines not to count the links in page ranking algorithms.

At last, Wikipedia helps with topic discovery, link building research, search engine optimization entity identification, and, hence, entity creation.

In the SEO context, entities are the people, place, things, organizations, and concepts contained in a knowledge graph. With the help of Wikipedia, you can make the best use of content writing and perform many activities that add value to your business.

Ending Up:

These are the few ideas that should be taken care of when you go for having a Wikipedia for SEO and content marketing. But, remember that becoming a Wikipedia marketer is far different from managing social media marketing campaign. We hope you understand the concept of the article and aim to use Wikipedia for your SEO and content marketing practices.

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