Keep Your Customers Engaged With These Tips
Darshit Parmar

About Darshit Parmar

Darshit Parmar is expertise with Project Management and SEO Analyst, and shares his 10 years of experience with Ecommerce Business Owners in making their brands and business a place in their own field. Darshit is certified with Google Analytic Individual and Oracle 9i. Throughout his career, Darshit has gained the experience in Magento eCommerce UI Design keeping the principles of SEO in mind. The knowledge he shares in his blogs has really helped many eCommerce Business owners in marketing their brands and businesses. He always says to his team that "There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them."

Every merchant puts their efforts to generate revenue for their business. This would be possible only when these retailers recognize the importance of the customers that drives sales to their business. Technological advances has greatly affected the economy that drives the sales for the business. Making strategies to acquire the customers is difficult and this is where our eCommerce developers will target your goals making the purchase often.

As we can see the rise of the eCommerce sectors, therefore the customers purchasing the products have also increased and continuously to rise. Hence, if you can make them to purchase, then this will automatically engage your customers with your brand. However, this is the biggest challenge you will be experiencing where customers have already got several options available in the market. So, what will keep the customers intact with your brand?

To narrow your search, I have prepared a list of few important eCommerce strategy which you should be aware of.

Reward to Loyal Customers

Customer Acquisition cost has already reached sky where you need to invest to get high returns. As now every business cannot afford the cost, a very useful strategic approach is to “Reward” your loyal customer. Showing your gratitude towards the customers makes them feel important and stick with your brand for long.

This could be giving incentive, bonus or free shipping that assures how much you value them.

Reward to Loyal Customers

Offer Deals and Discounts

Offering exciting deals and discounts proves to be a powerful weapon in leading high conversion rates. So, you can ask customers to grab the deals before it ends. Even the third party websites have become active in displaying the coupons or discount vouchers during purchase. These offers are from different brands to gain their customer trust.

Offer Deals and Discounts

Make Your Store Live On Mobile

Mobile eCommerce is the biggest achievement in the technology today. Millions of users browse websites everyday to make purchases. Mobile eCommerce has experienced a hike in the buying process with 54% of today’s generation spends their time accessing the mobiles for primary or other reasons. For this, you need to make sure your website is mobile friendly and that user can perform every action smoothly.

Make Your Store Live On Mobile

 Easy Purchase for Shoppers

Customer behavior changes unexpectedly. Therefore, you have to be careful in regards of how your website functions. Customer don’t think for more than 3-4 seconds to leave a website. Make sure their purchase journey goes smooth and memorable. Customer should be provided with user-friendly design, proper information and secure payment gateway.

Easy Purchase for Shoppers

Remember, your Call to Action should be placed in the correct position that functions well and identified without any delay.

Here, I have listed down few points which can help you in providing smooth, clear and easy purchase to your journey. Let me know how you have utilized it.

For anything you seek a professional advice, consult our eCommerce experts.


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  1. Well Said that as an eCommerce shop owner, we need to engage our customers through one or the other way. Thanks Darshit for sharing the tips. I have started applying the tips one by one and can see the results getting better!

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