How to Leverage Google Shopping Feed for Ecommerce Business?

March 26, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Google always surprises its users with its new services and algorithms. In December 2002, Google introduces services and algorithms called Google shopping ads for newbie entrepreneurs. Shopping ads on Google have thrilled both shoppers and advertisers alike. And the best thing is that Google has declared in March 2020 that all commission fees will be removed from its ads platform.

And, it also declared that the product listings will be made free for Ecommerce stores later. Well, shopping ads are some of the most clicked ads on Google. It consistently delivers elevated results in terms of ROI. Ultimately, it is the best way for you can easy to set up, and delivers a broader reach.

In this post, we’ll provide a better way to leverage the Google shopping feed for the eCommerce business. We’ll also explain how to take the best benefit of it.

What is Google Shopping Feed?

Google Shopping Feed is nothing but the type of search engine marketing platform that helps eCommerce businesses display advertisements for their brands to users who search for products.

It is a product-based ads that lists product searches across Google and Google shopping. Google shopping can help you rank higher if your brand’s product listing is optimized and well-targeted. This is the basic role played by Google Shopping Feed.

Why Should Your eCommerce Be On Google Shopping Feed?

If you an eCommerce store owner, you must consider including Google Shopping in your marketing plans. Google Shopping has a 30% higher conversion rate than text ads. This is the reason Google Shopping can be a powerful weapon for an eCommerce platform. Let’s eye on some of the key reasons and find how it can be profitable for your eCommerce business.

  • Enhance your ROI (Return on investment):

Google shopping is the best way with you can enhance your CTR (Click-through rate) and reduce cost per click. This means that you are improving your ROI. A positive and higher ROI means you can experience growth and financial returns on your business. That’s how you can generate more sales by investing less.

  • Boost Qualified Traffic:

The next reason you should be on Google shopping Feed is to increase and boost qualified traffic. You know that buyers who click on your ad should be informed of all the necessary detail to make a purchase. However, providing them with all the information empowers the purchase intention and that’s how you can convert visitors into customers. Thus, you will get a more targeted audience and it will help you boost qualified traffic.

  • Higher Reach:

Google is a global platform that has a larger number of users. With Google shopping ads, you can help your business by reaching more potential customers. Google shopping ads help you increase the awareness of your all related products with higher reach.

  • Win over Competitors:

Your ads will appear when people search for you or your products with likely to buy. This is why it is essential to keep them focused on your products. With appealing images and helpful information, you can do that and attract the right audience and compete with your competitors. This is the reason you should take care of photos, product descriptions, and prices according to the quality of materials. So the users can decide to buy from you only.

  • Better Insight:

Google Shopping ads will help you create data and reports. This means you can see the performance of your ads with in-detailing insight. For example, if you want to see how many clicks you get for your products, you just have to filter the product view. You can also create a report to see where you lacking comparing to your competitors.

How to Optimize the Performance of Google Shopping Feed?

1. Product Title:

This is the most important part of your product feed. Your product title is as important as your morning coffee. It is essential because it communicates to your buyers what your product is. Your title also encourages Google what your product is, so it knows when to display your product to consumers.

When drafting your product title, make sure that you use the actual name of the product, along with targeted keywords and other necessary information such as color, model number, model price, size, etc. meanwhile, you have to include all the details that shoppers want to see. You have a certain limit with the product title. Google provides more value to words that appear first in your title so create accordingly.

2. Product Description:

Drafting the right information in your product feed will help Google understand when a product needs to be shown. The field is mainly visible to shoppers on the shopping feed. The description isn’t visible on the Google search result page, but Google weighs to make sense of it. There’s huge importance especially if you go with free listings because they’ll show up on the shopping tab and that’s why description is key. The description should have one or two keywords along with all the features and benefits. All you need to do is keep it short and sweet.

3. Product Image:

Product image is the greatest asset you ever consider for your product feed. Instead of anything, your product image will help you get more clicks and interest. Google prefers product images with plain white backgrounds, but make sure that it meets the requirement of potential buyers. Your customer should learn more about your product from the images. Also, make sure that you upload a high-quality image.

4. Product Category:

This is used to show relevancy to your keywords and that’s why you need to categorize your products in a specific manner. You have to categorize in detail to get the attention of Google because it decides how your product ranks on the search results.  Choose the right fit for your product to help Google in understanding what your product is so it knows when to display it to shoppers.

5. Product Type:

Since you have optimized the product category to get matched with keywords searched on Google. How will you impact to describe your product if it’s not relevant to the search? This is the time when product type comes in.

Product type is also matters in the google shopping feed. You need to provide product type to understand google what your product and what you are selling.

6. Product Price:

As an appealing image attract people to get a click on your product, its price also has the power over whether they click or not. This is true especially if you are selling the exact product that other retailers are selling. It is also true if you are selling products in an area where customers are price concentric. In such a case, having an expensive price can cost you a customer. If your product is the best and has more features than competitors, a higher price would be worth it as it attracts the right clicks.

7. Negative Keywords Strategy:

According to your campaigns, try to divide keywords into high, medium, and low priority ones. As you know that there will be several priorities for each keyword when it comes to separate searches. Hence, to make sure that division is succeeded you need to have a negative keyword strategy. This list has to be with each campaign.

Summing Up:

Product listing ads have become an essential part of the eCommerce optimization and marketing plan of eCommerce businesses and brands. Google shopping feed adds another touch by raising awareness of the brand and generating qualified leads.

We have explained above how entrepreneurs can leverage google shopping feed for their eCommerce business to grow. M-connect Media is helping eCommerce stores with eCommerce integration services to provide customers easy access to their order history and other services on demand.

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