How to Optimize Your ecommerce Site For Voice Search

April 12, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Google says that 20% of mobile queries are voice searches and no wonder these numbers are increasing over time. It makes it clear that the voice searches in the future are going to be more instinctive, natural, and vocal.

Voice search has been in action for years, and voice tech is getting more advanced and natural. You might have heard the popular voice assistance names like Google Home, Amazon Alexa but there are many others too like Window 10 Cortana, Apple Siri.

The number of voice assistance users has increased during the pandemic and it would be not wrong to say that this will be the future and there will be a significant increase in voice search in the eCommerce industry in the next years.

Voice Search – An Alternative to Traditional Search (Text search)

But oblivious! The way user searches using their voice can be quite different than the way they search traditionally the internet. Let’s say that you’re looking to buy Magento 2 extensions. If you’re typing into a search engine, you’re likely to use a text or phrase like Magento 2 extensions. While a voice search, will be much easier, Hey Google, tell me where I can buy Magento 2 extensions. Pretty easy!

However, nowadays people are most likely to search for simple answers or basic information through voice search. So, you might consider voice search to be a top of marketing activity. This means that you can use it to make new customers aware of your eCommerce store. To get the most from voice search traffic, ensure that you have a plan to follow up with visitors after they find you.

Voice search can be a perfect fit for your online business as people are moving towards using digital assistants more and more in their daily life. There’s a need for eCommerce businesses to adapt and provide a user-friendly experience to their smart customers. That’s why eCommerce website design services are evolving towards the best SEO practices to enable online stores to rank top in voice search results.

Why is Voice Search Growing so Quickly?

  • Speaking is better than typing means faster searches = faster answers.
  • Voice is perfect for mobile searches.
  • Voice search is more flexible.

You must have been wondering how you can leverage voice search for your eCommerce and how you can optimize your eCommerce store for the voice search. Meanwhile, the question is what you should do it and that’s why to shed light on that, we’ve put together some points and expert tips on voice search and eCommerce. Read on to know how to prepare your online eCommerce store for voice searches and also to get the best out of it.

Tips to optimize your eCommerce Store Website for Voice Search:

  • Questions are the common voice searches:

Often, people use voice search to find their answer rather than usual phrases. So if the user wants to visit a grocery store near his home or office, he/she will search Hey Google, where is a grocery store near me? So you need to consider such facts while optimizing your site for voice searches. You can take the help of an eCommerce Website Development Company and structure your store in a way that they can answer the queries of your target audience instead of just considering keywords or phrases.

You also need to make sure the use trigger words for voice searching and include them too in your content. For your knowledge and betterment, trigger words are how, what, why, which, top, free, now, and when. Ultimately, the words that cause a listener to feel strong emotions.

Meanwhile, make the use of long-tail keywords what if they have low search volume because such keywords are less competitive. Also, you can use the Google analytics tool to determine the impact of voice search on your eCommerce store and getting keyword ideas.

It is quite difficult to find out the exact traffic of how many users were landing on your store using the voice search. You can get an idea by implementing these techniques, one is if the keyword searches show many conversational keywords, then it is a sign that the searches were may be made through voice.

And if you’re not able to find the exact keyword data, then you should measure the length of the queries. However, the longer length indicates that they are maybe of low voice searches.

  • Optimize the Featured Snippet:

Do you know that half of voice search results come directly from featured snippets? What is the featured snippet? Featured snippets are selected search results that are featured on Google’s organic results below the ads in a box. They aim at responding to the user’s question right away and that’s why snippets are the most important factor that can drive your eCommerce business.

You can structure your content to answer the common search queries on any targeted keyword. You should also look at the high-speed pages in the analytic results for identifying which pages are having the potential for a featured snippet. Apart from answers, you need to incorporate relevant keywords in the URL and H1 tag.

Ultimately, featured snippets are often considered in voice search so targeting them is in your best interest as they will help you generate tremendous organic traffic.

  • Improve the structure of your eCommerce website:

It must require your website to be structured without any error because when the data on your eCommerce website is properly structured it gives information to the search for indexing your site. This can help you in ranking well on the top of the search engine as Google is now using structure data the most.

For example, you must have encountered sites with the stars shown below the site in Google. This is a result of schema markup implementation on the website. You can use other different methods to implement different schemas.

  • Enlist your Products on Google Shopping:

Google is the most widely used voice search among other search engines. To rank better in Google assistant’s search results, it is the best idea to get your products listed on Google Shopping. This will increase your chance to be discovered by potential customers. There are many extensions available for different eCommerce platforms that can sync the products of your online store to Google Shopping. You can explore a range of Magento extensions and choose accordingly as that will save your time and eliminate additional resources for managing products on different channels.

  • Don’t Forget About Local Search:

No matter whether you are catering to local markets or international, use voice search to get in front of shoppers looking for products or stores in their city or nearby area.  It is also important that your site is competitive for local SEO search.

The first method to competing at the local level is by taking ownership of Google my business account and finishing your profile. You can complete the profile by filling in Google my business account with name, address, contact number and working hours, and relevant web images.

Such details will not only strengthen your local SEO performance but also give you the chance to be discovered on other platforms as well.

Wrapping Up!

So there it is! Now, we hope that you have an idea to decide on whether you should prepare your eCommerce store for voice search or not. We have listed all the expert-baked tips to help you achieve real results in such a competitive landscape with voice search.

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