Best Exit Intent Popup Examples to Boost Conversion Rate

May 5, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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You might be through a popup button like “Leaving already” or “Before you go message in eCommerce websites? Well, those are nothing but the exit-intent popup button that represent visitors as they try to leave a website. Their purpose is to persuade people to stick around.

The question is that does exit-intent popup is effective and prevents visitors from leaving, and can they enhance your eCommerce conversion rates. Popups, in general, often get a bad wrap as many people think that exit popup is annoying or distracting but its not!

So, what is special about exit-intent popup? Let’s find now

What is An Exit-Intent Popup?      

The exit-intent popup shows up only when visitors are about to leave your store or website with the aim of retaining visitors that are going to quiet the site.

What if some people may still find exit-intent popups to be annoying, but these people were already existing your site. And if they weren’t interested in your business, they can simply click away from the popup and exit.

Regularly, the popup carries a discount code to persuade people to finish their purchase. Such Exit intent ads popups also are utilized to collect emails, offer a discount, segment to a newsletter list, or push to a demo.

Well, exit-intent popups have been for a long and they have become more sophisticated. Exit-intent popups can be attention-grabbing and can help you stick your customers to the website if they are willing to leave. They can entice customers and can create a sense of urgency like a CTA. And all of these things can help you enhance sales and conversion rates and reduce your bounce rates.

Ultimately, when you get people on your website, you need to do what you can to keep them engaged and make them want to take action. Exit-intent popups can be a means to that end.

In this blog post, we will learn effective ways of using exit-intent popups. Also, you’ll learn how to optimize your popup effectiveness. And you’ll discover a list of benefits of the exit-intent popup.

Let’s get started…

Benefit of an Exit-intent Popup in an eCommerce Store:

An exit-popup has many benefits, so let’s have a quick recap on some wonderful benefits. To name a few:

  • Boost leads:

This could be the reason why you need an optimized exit-intent popup for your website. Well, there’s no other visual thing that grabs attention as much the visitors as pop-ups. The productiveness of popup doubles when it is demonstrated to the user when they are only eager to take an exit. It is not similar if the user is browsing some other stuff and is suddenly interrupted by a popup. With exit popups, you can diminish the cart abandonment possibility and hence, enhance your leads.

  • Reduce Bounce Rate:

When a user lands on your website and does not find anything that perfect for their needs, most likely they will bounce off. And during the short interval when they try to leave, an exit popup could motivate them to stay and further check your website out with enticing messages in form of a pop-up.

Best Practices to use Exit-intent Popup

Let’s eye on some of the best practices for an exit-intent popup to obtain positive results.

  • Visual appeal is key:

There’s no doubt that visual appeal will make your customers happy and if you want to make a difference with your exit-intent popup, ensure it is highly appealing, engaging, and designed in such a way that users are not offended by the interruption.

Make use of an attractive color combo, keep an eye on what font you are using, produce tempting content, and much more than anything else, design your outstanding CTA. Yet, do not use common CTAs that we see every day everywhere like sign up or subscribe.

  • Use it to Collect Feedback:

Exit-intent pop-ups are also adopted to get the feedback of the visitors. What you can do is ask them if they have any suggestions to give or have any complaints to make or anything that they think is missing.

If you are currently running a Magento-based website, you may find it pretty simple to design an exit-pop-up since there are several helpful Magento extensions.

You can ask a Magento Development Company to provide Magento 2 popup which helps you create appealing popups quickly and simply. You can attract customers to the specific content you want and motivate their decisions with CTA elements.

Best Exit-intent Popup Examples to Boost Conversion Rate

When you’re deciding on an exit-intent offer, it is necessary to get in on a visitor’s head. Think of the reasons why they first got to a page, how they reached there, and what they’re expecting. Here are some best ideas of exit-intent popup examples:

1. Display Deals:

Most of the time exit-intent popup is being used to display store deals, discount and offer. Well, your visitors might not interest in reading all the pages but at the end, with the help of an exit-intent popup, you can force them to stay and shop more from the website by showing some insightful deals.

Having your visitors on your site for a long can help you enhance conversion rates and no wonder it will help you to boost your store time drastically. That’s how you can improve traffic rate by enhancing the number of visitors to your site.

2. Launch a Quiz:

This is another example of an exit-intent popup. Yes, Neil Patel is a master of SEO and conversion optimization and this is a great example of why. He provides a headline that hooks his readers and then gives a rationale for why you should take his quiz.

By taking the quiz, Neil can identify leads and better convert what would have been abandoned traffic. A quiz is the best method of enhancing time on site and reducing bounce rate.

3. Sign Up:

The sign-up exit-intent popup is used by leading eCommerce retailers like Amazon and Walmart. When you first visit Amazon, you’ll see a popup box appear promoting you to create or sign in to your account.

And like Amazon, Walmart uses a similar popup on its website. The popup only appears for a few seconds on your first visit, but it is enough to draw your attention toward one of their company’s highlighting features such as free next-day delivery or discount on certain products.

4. Ask for Permission:

This kind of popup you will find in many eCommerce stores and other businesses. Well, McDonald’s a leading restaurant chain has implementing allow button. Yes, they want to get you into one of their restaurants, so their popup asks if they can use your location. Once you allow, they will display the nearest location to your customer using addon like Nearby Store Locator.

Final Words:

Whenever you come across websites showing the exit-intent popup, you know one thing, they are preventing their about-to-leave customers. As soon as you realize that your customers are on your way out without purchasing anything, try to stop them either with some offers or some deals.

Need help in designing an exit-intent popup for your eCommerce store? M-Connect Media can help you design with the help of Certified and experienced Magento Developers. We have already designed and developed many eCommerce stores so far. Get in touch with our Magento support service to discuss more.

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