eCommerce Email Campaigns that You Should send to your Customers

April 16, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Email marketing campaigns should always be strategic and calculated rather than random and unintentional. And when it comes to business, you know that Email is a powerful weapon and a best friend for marketers.

Whether you are starting with email marketing or you’re already marketing emails every week, it is already clear that emails are one of the best channels to sell. But the way you market your email should be way smarter and goal-oriented to build a relationship and better revenue.

According to Marketing Sherpa, Do you know that 61% of customers enjoy getting promotional emails weekly? Well, these numbers can be improved as what you can do is eye on choosing the right format to meet your email marketing goal along with customer needs.

Thus, to help you out, these are the top-most types of email campaigns you should be implemented and send to your customers.

1. Welcome Email:

This is one of the first and the best type of email and used to welcome your new subscriber or customer of your store. Suppose you made a new friend or perhaps a new coworker, it is only polite to introduce yourself. This is what the welcome emails are for it and is not the most common email campaign, but it’s one of the effective.

By sending welcome emails, you have the chance to build a relationship with a new subscriber and you can also acknowledge them on your brand promise when they’re available to hearing from you.

The reason why welcome emails are best is that they have better open and click-through rates when they offer a personal touch and introduce the firm without slathering on the sales pitch. That’s why don’t introduce a new product or service before you’ve built a relationship as what matters first is a good impression.

What you should include in welcome emails the most?

  • Introduction and fulfillment.
  • Invitation links to your social media.
  • Ask a question (how they found you).

Or else add these points while crafting your welcome email

  • Impress your customers.
  • Showcase your brand.
  • Thank you is a sweetheart.
  • Give them a little surprise.

The benefits of welcome emails are many as when you send the first welcome email to prospects, it means you are about to form a relationship. By doing this well, you will be left a positive experience or image on customer’s minds and leave them more receptive to future emails.

Another benefit of sending a welcome email is to boost metrics as it has higher open rates compared to random marketing emails.

2. The Promotional nurturing Email:

The second and most common types of email marketing campaigns and probably the one most familiar to you. Without a doubt, if you check your inbox then there will be a series or dozens of promotional emails you have already received from a brand and these are either strategically or systematically.

They are always in a lot and some of may are repeated that never change but that’s not the point. Means think these campaigns through and that’s why rather than sending bulk emails promoting your products or brand, why don’t you put some thought into a campaign that is progressive or unified in some way.

How you can add spice to your traditional email promotion?

  • Provoke emotion
  • Add humor
  • Add curiosity
  • Give a “FREE”
  • Try to use slogans
  • Make use of design and images

3. New product Announcement & Feedback Emails:

This is when you want to introduce a new product to your customer and acknowledge them about the same. With the help of announcement emails, you can see more conversions success selling to current customers. The best way to boost sales is by sending an email to the people already buying from you.

Another type of mail is product feedback to improve the product or service. Not only feedback is essential for product development, but it also helps your users know that their opinion matters to you, which can boost engagement. You can craft this email by avoiding overly detailed questionnaires and by gently appreciating your customer.

4. Holiday-related Emails:

This is best for an eCommerce store because, on a special occasion or holidays like Christmas or Good Friday, you can send a good wish to your customers and make them feel fantastic by giving an offer and special discount.

This is how you can drive more conversions and also stay connected with your customers. Many brands are using these kinds of emails and attracting customers either by offering a new deal or wishing amazingly on every holiday or special occasion.

5. Thank you Emails:

Thanks emails are always darling! Sending thank you to someone not only shows how good you are but they’re also an excellent way to garner goodwill. And that same applies to email marketing or the digital world too.

How? So, with thanks emails, you can send thank you messages for pretty much anything. For example, if you are happy with the response you have received for a product you were launched then after the success you can greet them with a thank you email.

6. Abandoned Cart Email:

You might be thinking is there any so, then sending abandoned cart emails is a great way to enhance your company’s profit. This is like motivation or encouragement because these emails aim to remind customers about what they’ve missed. To get an effective result, you should send this email within 24 hours of the moment your customer abandoned their cart otherwise they could easily forget about their order.

What you should add in abandoned emails?

  • List of goods
  • The total price of the items
  • Total price
  • Add a discount

Another thing you can do is make use of animated images and eye-catchy blocks with a money guarantee and two prominent CTA buttons. So, make sure about these things and send them to any of your customers who have abandoned their cart.

Wrapping Up!

These are the top-most and common types of email campaigns and their respective benefits. There’s one thing you need to point out before you start implementing these campaigns, that email marketing campaigns need to be tailored based on a recipient’s action otherwise you risk being extremely annoying.

Sending these types of emails to play a huge role in keeping your customer engaged and also generate new ones. This is a common thread within the types of email marketing campaigns, so keep it in mind.

Need help writing the emails out or with email marketing campaigns for your prospects? M-connect Media can help you to convert those prospects into customers by suggesting on that.

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