Latest Online eCommerce Shopping Trends during Corona Pandemic

April 29, 2020 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Many things changed since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many countries have put restrictions and lockdowns to contain the spread of the virus. It not only affected the lives of millions of people but also affected many businesses irrespective of their size. This has directly affected the economy of many countries. But the overall effect of the same is yet to see once the situation gets under control.

However, many eCommerce sectors have seen growth. In the initial few weeks of the pandemic, essentials like food, grocery, healthcare, and other categories necessary for human survival had seen a major hike in orders. But the growth of these sectors is steady now. Countries like Finland has seen a 60% rise in online shopping trend. Also, due to people are staying indoors, it has led to a major shift in their needs. And shopping trends are changing now, which has put eCommerce businesses into pressure.

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Along with maintaining the social distance and work remotely from home, people also have to entertain their kids and their selves to be sane, learn new things at home, exercise at home, cook new recipes at home, etc.

In addition to that, many spend their free time gaming online. So, the gaming eCommerce is booming along with home office equipment. And along with gaming and home office, many other eCommerce products and categories have seen a jump in their sales. Below is the list of categories and products that are most beneficial for eCommerce store owners.

  • Webcams: The webcam retailers are going out of stock and in the US. Because people are taking video calls from home to study or work simultaneously with their classmates and colleagues for live-streaming classes and meetings. This has increased the number of orders for webcams.
  • Self-Care and Grooming Items: Due to the lockdown in effect, the hair salons are closed down, which leaves people to take care of theirs and their family’s grooming needs. Therefore, in many countries, the orders have spiked for self-care and grooming items.
  • Pet Supplies: Due to the lockdowns, the pet adoption rate has increased in many countries. Because pets provide companionship and comfort to their owners, which is why their adoption rate is rising. Also, the sales of pet supply items like bedding, foods, treats, and others have spiked.
  • Grocery and Baking Items: Grocery and other baking items are slowing steadily compared to the last month still orders are on the rise. Because people are fond of cooking new recipes and lockdown is the perfect period to do that. Due to this hobby of their orders for grocery and baking items are rising.
  • Gaming: With schools, colleges, and offices being closed, children and their parents have so much free time. And to pass that free time, they actively indulge their selves in playing video games. Therefore, sales for gaming hardware items like controllers and consoles have risen.
  • Backyard Betterment: Many people have diverted their funds to better their backyards, which they usually were to spend on their vacations. But as their vacation plans are now canceled, people are coming up with ways to spend their time and money in making their backyard look great.
  • Entertainment Service: When boredom strikes people staying indoors, they go on to streaming platforms to entertain their selves. Also, the kids of the house need some kind of entertainment. So, sales of toys, games, streaming platform subscriptions and other kinds of entertainment service have significantly spiked.
  • Fitness and Exercise Items: To maintain the measures like social distance to curb the pandemic, gyms and other fitness centers have been closed. So, people are finding alternative options to stay fit. And to stay fit, the purchases for different fitness items like exercise bands are rising.

These were the few eCommerce sectors for which the orders are rising in many countries of the world. Let’s now look at the three countries worst affected by COVID-19 and what are the shopping trends and top categories people shop from.

eCommerce trends and opportunity for the USA

According to Sellics, Video games, patio, lawn & garden, arts, crafts & sewing, musical instruments, toys & games are the top 5 categories where the eCommerce sector has seen growth. Many other eCommerce store owners have the opportunity to cash in some sales by indulging in these categories.

Below are 10 top subcategories in which estimated sales growth is higher.

eCommerce trends and opportunity for Germany

In Germany, video games, patio, lawn & garden, toys & games, grocery, sports & outdoor categories have seen a large number of orders. Other than this, orders in many subcategories have spiked. Below are the top 10 subcategories in which the estimated sales growth is high for Germany.

eCommerce trends and opportunity for Italy

For Italy, the top 5 categories are sport & outdoors, DIY & tools, musical instruments, office products, and beauty. There is a lot of growth and opportunity in these categories for eCommerce store owners. Also, below are the top 10 subcategories in which a number of orders are rising.

Tips to Maintain & Manage Sales During the Coronavirus Pandemic:

People are now being homebound and they are most likely to spend most of their time indoors. Therefore, they want to bring outside world experience into their home as much as possible.

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And as an eCommerce business owner if you help them keep up their outside activities while they are homebound, then your sales orders may spike. Still, below are few tips for you to maintain and manage sales during coronavirus.

  1. Monitor the market and your website too. Watch and analyze what is happening and how trends are changing.
  2. Try to leverage changing trends to monetize your eCommerce store.
  3. Plan out campaigns around products your potential customers are more likely to buy.
  4. Focus on ramping up your inventory, delivery of the product, and providing a positive shopping experience.
  5. Spend some time, money, and resource to come up with ideas for new lead generation.
  6. Target your prospects and customers by advising the key benefits of your products and services that will help them ease their concerns of a pandemic.
  7. Adjust your products sales pitch that addresses the most urgent needs of your clients
  8. Be creative in your sales presentation by leveraging digital platforms for your advantage.
  9. With this crisis, other crises that are prevailing into the minds of the people are fear and panic. Don’t get panicked and don’t stop selling your products. Spread optimism, and positivity as much as possible.

Wrap Up

The revelation of this pandemic was an unfortunate event. Lots of small, medium, and large businesses are affected. Still, you can turn it into your favor. If your industry does not involve selling goods from the above-listed categories and subcategories, even then you can spend this time planning the activities you would do after all this is over.

If you are Magento 1.x store owner then its best time for you to perform Magento 2 Migration by utilizing this lockdown time. As Magento 1 life will be ended by June 2020. That means you will no longer receive any security or feature updates from Magento Inc no matter you have Community or Enterprise Editon. But if you continue using Magento 1 even after the end of life, there are some disadvantages that you may face.

Meanwhile, you can also plan out events, sales pitches, the structure of your store, offers, and promotional activities for the rest of the year. By analyzing your eCommerce store and try to improve the areas where it is the weakest. Because after everything is over you won’t get as much time you are getting now. Take advantage of the time and enhance the capabilities of your eCommerce store to better serve your customers. And if you still need any help, then you can ask help by consulting an eCommerce expert.

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