Magento Developer Gets Rid of Code Quality Issue for the Extension

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Mconnect Code Duplication Analysis Tool

Are you a Magento developer and developing an extension for Magento 2? Are you planning to submit it to Magento Marketplace? If yes, then this blog post helps you to eliminate rejection case based on code quality issue.

Magento developer or company who have spent hours and resources behind the quality extension development. When they find their submission rejected by Magento Marketplace, just because of Code duplication issues, it turns into a miserable condition for them.

Thus, they start searching the way to check the code duplication issues before submission of Magento extension.

Many extensions consisting of some code, which was directly copied from the Magento core code base of the respective versions.

It causes a direct violation of ‘Magento Developer Agreement’ documents under the Sections 3.1 & 9.1b signed between Magento developer and Magento platform while downloading the source code of different versions of Magento.

Therefore, Magento Marketplace has placed strict restrictions on such practices taking place knowingly or unknowingly by the Magento extension developers.

To implement the restrictions, it has started checking the code duplication own ways and started issuing emails, to the Magento developers who were submitting Magento extensions, with the following message.

Code quality issues: CPD: This extension contains duplicated code.

Additional Comments:

UI/Component/Listing/Columns.php duplicates Magento 2’s (module-catalog) version of the same file — use ClassPreferences to avoid duplicating Magento’s code.

Magento Developers at M-Connect Media has Pushed the Boundary

Many Magento developers are often raising issues on various forums and community blogs to find the answer or a tool for the code duplication analysis. The same question encountered by the M-Connect Magento development team on a Magento forum.

Our Magento developers have tried to satisfy questioners by providing individual answers on StackExchange. It has given birth to an idea to develop a comprehensive free tool for the Magento extension developer community. The team believes that the device may aid in getting rid of code quality issues for Magento extensions.

After enough brainstorming sessions and spending hours on coding, the team at M-Connect Media has uploaded an open source code on GitHub to download and install the tool.

The tool can use before submission in the official Magento extension marketplace.

You can find it at GitHub repository link

Afterward, the team also has decided to publish the tool online at

Moreover, you can find detailed instructions and a step-by-step guide to using the tool online as well as install on your server.

If you would like to know more regarding the tool, then contact us for details. Have a Happy Coding!

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