Which Rich Snippets Would Benefit an eCommerce Website?

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Essential Rich Snippets Extension for eCommerce Website

In the eCommerce industry, it is all about brand and marketing i.e. people remember and recognize you the way you represent yourself or your store as a brand. Even the Google and other search engines recognize you that way.

However, it is important that with offering your services and products to your audience, you should also focus on marketing your products.

It is well said that, “the things which look good, also performs good”.

There are many ways and places to represent and market your products and brand. One of which we will discuss in this blog post.

You must have heard of Rich Snippets phrase. The Rich Snippets is added by store owners in their website through adding into HTML, while it is being developed. The rich snippets are the structured markup data which tells the search engines about the details and information a webpage contains.

The search engines use this markup data to show richer results in their searches so as to make finding any information easy, for the customers.

There are various rich snippets which can be added and activated for your online store. These are:

  • Breadcrumb
  • Organization
  • Search box
  • Product availability
  • Sitename
  • Local Business
  • Twitter card and
  • Pinterest rich pins

Now, let us see what effects the rich snippets has on a web store in Google Search Results:

  1. Rich snippets for reviews and breadcrumb

Front end view:Rich snippets for reviews and breadcrumb

Back end configuration:

Back End Rich Snipper For Reviews

  1. Rich snippets for Organization

Front end view: Rich snippets for Organization

Back end configuration: 

Back End Rich Snipper for Organization

  1. Rich snippets for Search box

Front end view:  Rich snippets for Search box

Back end configuration: Backend Rich Snipper for Search Box

  1. Product availability and other attribute rich snippets

Front end view:  Product Availability Rich Snipper

Back end configuration: Backend Product Availability Rich Snipper

  1. Twitter card front view

Front end view:  Twitter card front view

Back end configuration: Backend Twitter Card

  1. Pinterest Rich Pins

Front end view: Pinterest Rich Snipper

Back end configuration:

Backend Pinterest Rich Snipper

If you want to make a difference as an eCommerce brand, then use the Magento® 2 rich snippets extension for your website or web store and give it more Search engine visibility.

You can also read our Extension Guideline at https://www.mconnectmedia.com/pdf/rich-snippets-extension-m2-user-guideline.pdf

If you find any step or the process tough enough to apply this feature in your web store, then do contact our eCommerce experts for Magento ® .

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  1. I have already applied some of the rich snippets for my online store. I have not used the Twitter card and Pinterest pins snippets. So, I would start using it. Thanks for giving the information!

  2. I am new to this online shopping business. After bringing my business online, I have tried searching my store name on Google using the store name and other relevant keywords. And I was upset to see that with keywords my store name was appearing on later search pages. I think with the use of this plugin, I would be able to give more visibility to my store on the search engines. Thanks for sharing these details!

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