Magento 2 Common Issues You Need to Know To Run Your Store Safely

November 2, 2021 Written By Darshit Parmar

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Magento 2 Common Issues You Need to Know To Run Your Store Safely

Developing Magento 2 stores can be challenging, and it is possible that some of the bugs can be tricky to handle. Nevertheless, if you understand and are aware of it, you can easily run a safe eCommerce store. In this article, we’ll discuss 2 Magento common issues that you might encounter during the development of your store.

Hire Magento Developer who can help you solve a problem efficiently and quickly. There is no doubt that Magento is the leading eCommerce platform that supports thousands of stores and assists, online store owners, in providing their customers with seamless experiences.

With an unlimited number of eCommerce websites, we can say that there’s a great deal of competition in the market. That’s why you need to build a website that delivers quality. It is also essential to test your website after launch to fix bugs and several challenges. As a result of our knowledge and expertise, we have outlined a list of the most significant bugs we encountered during Magento testing. Let’s take a look.

Is Magento 2 a good platform?

There’s no doubt that Magento is one of the finest platforms any store owner could consider among all the eCommerce platforms. In the last few years, this open-source eCommerce platform has created buzz and built a reputation as one of the best eCommerce solutions for small, medium, and large-sized businesses.

Magento is not everyone’s choice because of its lack of ease of use and high expenses, but Magento still brings light into the darkness for online stores around the world. Another reason why Magento is a hot favorite is because of its endless options in customizations.

Now the question is, Magento 2 is a good platform? So, yes, it is because the platform provides the best features and functionalities to online store owners. All you need to make sure of is that keep your platform secure from online thefts.

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It is no longer a secret that Magento 2 website takes time in setup and preparation. So please take someone’s help and make sure everything is good. However, there are problems that everybody faces while working with an eCommerce platform. Some of them might be familiar, while others are not easy to troubleshoot. Just because you are working with the most refined platform like Magento 2 doesn’t mean you need to overlook things.

Magento 2 Common Issues You Need to Know to Keep Your Store Safe

To date, you have learned why Magento 2 is a good platform for your eCommerce website and how it can keep it safe. To keep your store safe, we will discuss Magento’s 2 common issues.

  • FTP is not safe in Magento 2

If you are still under the impression that FTP is secure in Magento 2, you should check this. Your Magento 2 store will be less safe with FTP because it doesn’t provide encryption, which can pose a risk.

Even though FTP is the easiest and the first file transfer protocol to use, it is estimated that all the essential data and passwords pass unencrypted over the Internet. Because of this, what you can do is install Magento 2 extensions to ensure your store is safe and secure.

  • The page is loading slowly

It is not wrong to say that Magento 2 is known for its outstanding performance, but slow loading has always been a concern to the eCommerce industry and developers. While you have a poor loading performance, chances are your customers will click away and choose someone over you.

Having a slow-loading website means you will have a high cart abandon rate, increased bounce rate, missing page elements, and loss in revenue. Yes, if users have a slow-loading website, they think you are none of their use, and chances are they abandon their carts and make someone’s choice.

You can contact eCommerce Magento Development Company to get rid of the issue and keep the store safe. For the expected solutions you can use to reduce loading speed, you can perform the following steps.

The first thing you can do is varnish cache and shorten the process of serving requests of your website’s server. Doing this will help you reduce your site’s response time and result in instant loading.

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Another thing you can do is upgrade to Magento 2 for better performance and speed up your eCommerce website, yet brings more significant results. When you upgrade to the latest version of your Magento 2, you will have better performance and reduced bug fixes.

  • Produce 301 redirects

We already know that 301 directly redirects the IP to the new address. And that’s why this function also allows rewriting the URL. Hence, this makes your eCommerce store more web-structured and SEO-friendly.

With Magento developers, you can quickly generate 301 redirects for your eCommerce website. You can ask them anything to do for you and make your store properly web structured. In addition, they are accommodating for tying together URLs into cleaner, newer versions of web pages. During a rebuild of your website, any old URLs that won’t remain the same should be redirected.

  • Setting up a blog

There are no functionalities in Magento 2 to set up a blog, and you know how important it is to set up a blog. While any website needs to have a blog as it enhances the traffic of your website, you can do by adding an extension and integrating easily without any problems.

  •  Choosing bad extensions

One of the most important things an admin need is to select the right extensions for Magento 2. A wrong extension can cause configuration and compatibility issues, increase costs, and create real frustration. We develop the best Magento 2 extensions with the help of a Certified Magento Developer.

In addition to providing high-quality e-commerce solutions, M-Connect Media also develops Magento themes compatible with all types of Magento. Magento 2 has its extensions, including Advanced Ajax Layered Navigation for Magento 2Shipping and Payment Method per Customer Group for Magento 2, and Product Icon Logo Gallery Extension for Magento 2 and others.

Ending Up!

Magento 2 users can run into several problems, and this list covers the most common and important ones and how to fix them. Knowing these problems and their solutions can keep your Magento 2 store safe and running smoothly.

Are you having problems with your Magento 2 website? Contact M-Connect Media and sit on your couch peacefully. You can Hire Magento Developer from us and get your solution immediately.

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