What's better: Magento or Custom Ecommerce Development?

December 28, 2022 Written By M-Connect Media

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Magento vs Custom Ecommerce Development

Magento is ranked as the top ten global eCommerce platforms for 2021. Magento is one of the top eCommerce systems and the most customizable and scalable POS for Magento shops.

Consider Magento a top priority if you want to create a long-lasting, dependable eCommerce site for your company or yourself in a short amount of time with security assessments. It is absolutely free and really professional.

You simply need a basic understanding of eCommerce website functioning to develop a “monumental” website for yourself using this open source.

Magento has a few fundamental functionalities, including:

  • A huge number of photographs, reviews that can be submitted as optional comments, a favourites list, and inventories comprise product management.
  • Product selection and purchase are simplified in category management.
  • Inventory control: keep track of what you have on hand, as well as imports and exports.
  • Address, shopping cart, favourite catalogue, transaction history, and account status are all part of the client account.
  • Enhance the features, including the customer contact form, rigorous follow-up, and email service.
    Payment methods include credit cards, PayPal, Authorize.net, Google Checkout, and support for third-party payment processors such as CyberSource, ePay, and eWAY.
  • Coupons and special offers are examples of marketing and advertising tactics.
  • Integrating with Google Analytics allows you to do analysis and create various results.
  • The future of retail is Omnichannel, many companies choose Magento eCommerce for their websites and Magento POS for their physical stores. As a consequence, they can now sell their items and administer their business through a centralised system.

But What Distinguishes Magento From other Systems are:

Abundant Personalization in open source
In addition to delivering adaptable, scalable eCommerce solutions, Magento allows you to personalise. Furthermore, it allows you to broaden your platform in order to deliver distinct and distinguishing brand experiences. This platform can be tailored to meet the demands of company owners and is capable of efficiently adjusting to change.

Option to select hosting services
With Magento, online retailers are no longer limited to a single hosting provider and may select the hosted platform of their choosing. All online shops now have a great deal of choice in terms of choosing which Magento hosting companies to work with and having their own files.

Mobile adaptability
Magento upholds high standards for mobile site design. To improve mobile shopping, both Magento’s commercial version and its free community edition employ the HTML5 framework. As a result, your eCommerce shop will be regularly optimized.

Customers that connect anytime, anywhere using their smartphones and mobile devices will have a gratifying brand experience thanks to the Magento mobile app.

POS Report for the store manager’s 
Because of the simple multi-platform connectivity, you may rapidly integrate third-party modules and add-ons into your Magento store.

Increase the speed of the website
Magento once again takes first place in terms of page loading speed!

Indeed, Magento has made it a goal to develop the world’s fastest eCommerce stores. It is well-known for its ability to create a web page that loads rapidly.

You are also aware that slow-loading pages may swiftly “sink.” The loss generated by a slow-loading page typically seen immediately away, which might have unanticipated consequences.

Magento’s platform performance may amaze you due to its customizability and the trust it inspires. If you utilize a PWA storefront, your website will operate even quicker, which will satisfy your visitors.

SEO Friendly

Magento SEO is a content management system that optimized for search engines. SEO features also include search-friendly URLs, sitemaps, layered navigation, product names, keywords, Meta tags, and Meta descriptions.

Magento eCommerce is up to date on the most recent SEO ranking factors. For SEO, excellent options for Meta implementation and URL format are offered. Magento includes Analytics for tracking website traffic. This is one of Magento’s most prominent features.

We are confident in saying that Magento is the appropriate eCommerce solution for any business of any size since we have used it on hundreds of large and small projects over the last 12 years.

If you choose Magento as your eCommerce platform, we will also help you build up a centralised retail system immediately on it. With the aid of our Magento eCommerce and POS system solution, you can sell and manage all of your retail activities from a single place.

When you book a free consultation with one of our professionals, we will design the ideal solution for your organization.


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