Actionable Magento 2 Security Checklist recommended by Experts

March 19, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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When it comes to the eCommerce platform, none of the eCommerce stores is fully secured. Hackers identify painpoint somehow and commit a cybercrime. Setting up a Magento 2 store might be easier. However, it is difficult to save your online business to be attacked by hackers and cyber-attacks. In this post, we’ll discuss Magento 2 security features and expert tips to fix the issues and guard your eCommerce store.

A store website is a place where hackers used to steal the data like financial information and make use of it. These types of information can harm both store owners and customers. It’s not just customers who lost their personal and payment information, merchants may suffer a lot. For example, a customer clicks on any location on your website and is directed to another site that contains viruses, thieves, and immediately breaks into their bank accounts.

The problem is very serious as hackers can ruin your whole store. According to a Sansec research report, 2000 Magento stores have been attacked with the Magecart attack.

To overcome the issue of your website, we suggest these comprehensive checklists of Magento 2 security to guard and avoid being a potential spot for hackers. This list will help you secure your eCommerce store. We have made the list as easy to follow as possible so, let’s tour it together!

Top 10 Practices for Magento 2 Security in 2021:

1. Build a Solid Backup System

This is the first and foremost way you can save your store to be attacked and data being corrupted. Security is nothing without a good backup. Your information can get corrupted, your store can become the hunt of malware, and something can break down.

All you have to do is take the advantage of your host’s backup system. With that in mind, a good hosting provider will back up your static data every day and keep more than 2 backups on hand if something went wrong.  That’s how even in the case of urgency you can restore and operate your website without major setbacks and interruptions.

2. Make the use of encrypted connection (SSL/HTTPS)

The second and most important ingredient of the best Magento 2 security practices is creating a safe environment for customers to make their transactions as safe as possible.  SSL (secure sockets layer) certificates can help you do that as they connect your eCommerce store with security keys and build an encrypted connection.

After being installed on a web server, the keys activate the HTTPS protocol that secures sensitive information and data to make sure that the data is transmitted securely.

3. Employ Strong Passwords

As a part of the Magento store’s security, you should keep a strong password. Make use of the standard password technique which involves a combination of upper and lower case alphabets, statistics, and special characters. Furthermore, you can secure your passwords by not using them repeatedly, while keeping them unique and complex.  Employing a strong password helps you to:

  • Keep your personal data safe
  • Secure your emails, files, and other information
  • Prevent someone to enter your account

Are you still using that fancy “I Love You” password? This is the time to replace with “pSo0mcS@cOmw34#n”.

4. Patch your Magento to the Upgraded version

This is the best method to overcome the security risks of your website. As you know Magento is regularly updated with security patches and extensions. It is essential to stay acknowledged of the updated versions when the release is out, test it, and get installed. The new version of Magento is released to clear bugs, add new functions, and other necessary upgrades. Therefore, patching your Magento to the upgraded version can help you save time dealing with problem arise during the old version and also helps secure your store.

5. Use two-factor Authorization

Nowadays, a secured Magento password is not enough to defeat hackers from attacking your website. You need a strong authentication like two-factor authorization for your Magento store site so that you can save your store from security risks.

This is a process that makes sure that only trusted devices can access your Magento backend. The extension increases your security by limiting the time when logging into Magento. With this, hackers can’t break your security even if they know your password. Thus, the two-factor authorization extension will work as an anti-thief tool for your Magento admin.

6. Make the use of Private and Secure Emails

Like strong passwords, private and secure emails for your Magento store is also essential. An email address has contained much private information and can be connected with a lot of associated website accounts. This is why you need to use an email that is not known publicly. Email hacks can create a lot of trouble, and your whole Magento store and that’s why make sure that you configure your email security to guard your eCommerce store.

7. Get a Magento security review from experts

You cannot identify how cybercriminals will attack your store but with Magento experts, you can ensure that your website or store is free from upcoming loopholes and security shortcomings. This will help in the future strengthening of your Magento security measures. Hence, it is always a good idea to have the site reviewed timely.

8. Switch to a custom path for the admin panel

The best way to stop a lot of malware from attacking your Magento store is you change the default admin URL. This means you can avoid this by using a personalized term that will block hackers from entering onto the admin panel even if they know the password. You can easily change your Magento store admin way by enabling a custom admin URL.

9. Magento Security Audit

The audit is essential to maintain the website. A security audit helps you identify loopholes and broken security structures before a hacker does. In today’s time, scanning such as an audit might not be practical for a business owner. Still, you can choose for a professional Magento 2 Code Audit. Professional will do in-detail security audit, while you do business.

10. Get a support from Magento community

Magneto has an active team of developers, merchants, and supporters. The Magento community members release security patches on various versions of Magento when available, and you can also search and ask queries regarding any security issues of Magento and its features. There’s also a forum for Magento users to engage and share ideas. You can ask anything related to Magento in this forum. This is for the users who are facing security problems and the forum is made by Magento society.

In the End…

These comprehensive checklists of Magento 2 security features will keep your data safe and sound. We’ve covered every complexity which you face regularly. Here’s a list of few safety tips you should look to maintain the security of your Magento store:

  • Make the use of HTTPS/SST instead of FTP
  • Use strong passwords
  • Restrict admin access to only Approved IP Addressees
  • Install extensions
  • Test your backup routinely

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