shopify and thirdweb launched online commerce development kit

What’s the future of online business in the Web3 era? Shopify joined forces with Thirdweb to explore this question and figure out how to adjust to this new way of doing things.

Thirdweb, a cutting-edge platform for making NFT and Web3 apps, is partnering with Shopify to bring Commerce Development kit. Moreover, It’s an all-in-one toolkit that helps Web3 and Shopify developers create Web3 commerce apps.

According to the US Census Bureau News, e-commerce sales make up 13% of all retail sales. Web3 is ready to change the game in e-commerce by giving sellers fresh ways to talk to customers, run marketing, and thank loyal shoppers.

Commercekit gives developers what they need to make easy Web3 shopping experiences.”

With Commercekit, you can create apps that help sellers connect with buyers in cool new ways. This also includes things like giving out NFTs to make customer groups for future ads, thanking loyal customers with NFTs, selling NFTs as a brand-new kind of product, and more.

The tools available right now for making Web3 shopping experiences aren’t very good. Commercekit is here to make things better by making it easier to add Web3 products to Shopify stores.

However, It does this by bringing together thirdweb’s simple smart contract setup with Shopify’s online store abilities, which makes things easier for developers.

What’s the Shopify-Thirdweb Collaboration?

Shopify, a top Ecommerce platform, and Thirdweb, a Web3 infrastructure protocol, are teaming up to offer a toolkit for developers. Moreover, This toolkit, called “CommerceKit,” makes it easy for developers to create e-commerce apps that use Web3 technology.

CommerceKit is a handy tool that makes it simple for developers and also store owners to add Web3 features to their online stores and websites.

This means store owners can make their e-commerce apps better. Moreover, They can use this technology to add NFT-based digital collectibles like special token-locked products or loyalty programs that work on the blockchain.

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Jake Loo, CTO and Co-founder at thirdweb says, They have been working closely with Web3 developers and brands interested in making blockchain apps for the past 18 months.

They realized that there was a big need to bring Web3 and commerce together. Moreover, They believe that Shopify is also the perfect partner to work with to make this happen.

They are really excited to bring their top-notch Web3 tools together with Shopify’s e-commerce solutions. They are sure that this will kickstart the Web3 commerce revolution.

Alex Danco, Director of Product at Shopify, says, For a business to thrive, it’s really important for merchants to understand their customers and discover new groups of buyers.

They’re thrilled to join forces with thirdweb, the fastest team in Web3. However, Web3 wallet addresses an important part of tools for shopping and loyalty.

Thirdweb has grown to have over 50,000 developers using its tools every month in just 12 months. About 10,000 active developers are making more than 500,000 blockchain transactions every month. They’ve implemented over 200,000 smart contracts across eight different blockchains.

This partnership shows once more that Web3 is almost ready to become popular. Many store owners will soon be able to try out NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Moreover, This could be a big step toward some major changes in the e-commerce world.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is thirdweb in Web3?

Thirdweb is a platform offers a set of tools to let creators, artists, and entrepreneurs design, launch, and manage Web3 projects. It also allows users to add features like NFTs, markets, and social tokens to Web3 apps without having to write a single line of code.

  • Is shopify a Web3?

Shopify, the Co: Create platform, has launched its Web3 app.

  • What is Web3 commerce?

In e-commerce, Web 3.0 intends to improve the online shopping experience by offering customized, efficient, and secure platform for purchasing and selling products and services.

  • How much does thirdweb cost?

Thirdweb is absolutely free to use; all you have to do is pay for gas to deploy your own contracts.


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