How to Create Personalized Shopping Experiences Using Shopify's Functions

August 22, 2023 Written By M-Connect Media

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how to build your ecommerce experience personalized using shopify functions

Quick Summary:

Hey there! Have you heard of something cool called Shopify Functions? It’s like a new way that helps make Shopify stores even better by changing how they work behind the scenes.

A while back, in 2016, Shopify introduced something called Scripts. It let big companies make small changes to how their stores work, especially at checkout. Only big companies with subscriptions could use it, and you needed to know Ruby code.

Shopify has something cool and new called “Shopify Functions.” It’s like a special tool that lets people who sell things online do more cool stuff with stores. They can make stores work better by adding their special code or have a special subscription.

Let’s find out more about Shopify Functions! In this article, we’ll learn about Shopify Functions, how it works, and how you can use it to make your online store even better in 2023.

An Introduction To Shopify Functions

Shopify knows that it’s really important for online shops to make their customers feel special and offer them cool deals that make their store different from others. That’s why Shopify made something called “Shopify Functions.”

This special thing lets people who sell products online, and those who make things for the online shops, add new and exciting things to Shopify stores to make them even better!

Shopify Functions lets store owners make their online shops do even more cool stuff than what’s already there. This is because it allows people who create things for the shop to make special codes that add extra features to how the shop works.

With Shopify Functions, there are many ways to make a store better, like making unique rules for the store, creating new ways of doing things, or even connecting with other helpful services. It’s like giving your online shop superpowers!

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What Does Shopify Functions do?

The most significant updates Shopify has made recently are Shopify Functions. Shopify Functions makes it easier for customers to design Shopify Plus storefronts than ever before, putting them in control. This justifies upgrading to Shopify 2.0.

Shopify Functions is a special tool that lets developers use their own special code to make Shopify’s behind-the-scenes stuff better. With Functions, developers can add small changes without worrying about things like hosting or keeping the code safe.

Usually, an online store has three important parts: the part you see (that’s the frontend), the part that makes everything work (that’s the backend), and where all the info is kept (that’s the database).

Before, you could change how the front of your store looked and use data from the database with Liquid and Hydrogen and APIs. But the backend was like a locked door. That’s why it was tricky for developers to make changes to Shopify’s features.

Why Did Shopify Build Shopify Functions?

As the leader in the industry, Shopify knows how important it is for sellers to make great offers and provide special shopping experiences to stand out from the rest. Here are Some Reasons why Shopify made Shopify Functions:

  • Easier to Use: With Functions, you don’t have to be concerned about changing code to update your promotions. Instead, Functions are added like regular apps and set up right in the Admin, along with the regular Shopify features.
  • Exclusive Shopify Plus Features: Shopify Plus businesses have a special chance to make their own Functions and share through a special app in shop. This is great if there’s a specific way you want to price, ship, or handle payments that isn’t in the regular Shopify App Store.
  • Functions More Accessible: Functions are now easier to get. Another good thing about Functions is that you can get them like apps, and you can buy them from the Shopify App Store.
  • Simple Reporting: With Shopify Functions, reporting becomes simple. Any discount you create using Functions will show up in Shopify Analytics sales data. This means you’ll have one place to look at all your discounts and analyze them.

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How Do You Apply Shopify Functions?

Shopify Functions, just like other apps, are added and set up in the Admin area along with Shopify’s regular features.

Let’s think about discounts as an example. You can use Discount Combinations to mix basic discounts from Shopify (like on products, orders, or shipping) with custom discounts made using Functions.

And what’s even cooler, any discount you create using Functions will show up in Shopify Analytics, like the sales by discount report. This helps you see how your discounts are working for your store!

Shopify Functions: What Allows You To Do?

What else can Shopify Functions help you with? Here is a quick rundown of some more useful Shopify Functions:

  • Discounts: Volume Discount” discount with Shopify Functions. This means that if customers buy more of a product, they can get a special discount.
  • Delivery Personalization: Just like Payment Customization, this feature lets shops change how shipping options appear to buyers after they check out.
  • Validation of Cart and Checkout: Use cart and checkout checks to make sure a customer’s order fits the rules before they can finish buying. This function shows an error message if they try.
  • Customized Bundles: You can also make special bundles or sets of items to sell. These bundles put similar things together to make shopping easier for customers.
  • Rules for Order Routing and Location: For checkout, you can make rules that decide which locations are best for each item. This helps shops choose where to send things.
  • Payment Modifications: With a Payment Customization function, you can change how payment options look during checkout. This helps Shopify shops show different payment choices to buyers depending on how much they’re buying.
  • Constraints Fulfillment: Make special plans for how things get sent out and delivered using fulfillment limits. This helps decide which store or warehouse sends items when a customer buys a few things together.

Why Should You Use Shopify Functions? Benefits

Shopify Functions are made to simplify the entire e-commerce website. Here are benefits of Using Shopify Functions for developers and merchants.

1. Easy Customizations

The best thing about it is that you can use apps to make Shopify work the way you want. Even if you’re a Shopify store owner, you can add apps to help your business without needing fancy coding skills or hiring experts. You can make your Shopify store better without having to change the code yourself.

2. Provide More Versatility

With Shopify Functions, developers can do a lot of different stuff, which means businesses can make their online stores work exactly the way they want. If the people who buy things from the store have special needs, the website can be changed to help them. Developers can make new things happen on websites instead of using what Shopify Plus has.

3. Cost Effective for Business

Shopify Functions are like a money-saving trick. Instead of paying for a whole server all the time, businesses only pay for the time the special function is being used. This can really help small businesses or ones that don’t have a lot of money to spend.

4. Greater Automation

Shopify Functions are like magic helpers that do things automatically. They can do lots of tasks for a business without anyone having to do them one by one. It’s a fast and easy way to get lots of eCommerce work done without a lot of effort.

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Shopify Functions helps make Shopify’s backend work in new ways and create special shopping experiences. It’s easy to use with the Shopify admin, so you don’t need to know coding. They make store flexible, secure, and automated, which can save money.

With Shopify Functions, you can make your own special discounts, change how shipping and payments work, decide how orders are handled, set rules for the checkout process, and even create packages of products.

Shopify Functions bring a new time where Shopify lets you control more things behind the scenes of store’s checkout process. In the future, this will make online store experience even personalized and strong for businesses to use in the best way.

FAQs about Shopify Functions:

  • How do I create a function in Shopify?

Shopify Functions are like special recipes made by Shopify using the Shopify CLI. But to use them, they need to be connected to a Shopify app. If you want to share the app in the Shopify App Store, you need a special design for the app. It might sound like a lot of work for two pieces of Shopify code.

  • What is the function of Shopify?

Shopify is like a super tool that brings together both online and offline shopping in one place. It helps you with things like keeping track of what you have to sell, telling people about your stuff, getting paid, and sending things to customers. It’s like having everything you need in one handy tool.

  • How do I customize my product on Shopify?

Go to the Products section and pick “Add New Product.” Click on “Add customization” to include something special to Shopify product, and then click “Start.” Pick the product you want to change and hit “Add customization.” In the “Title*” box, you can give customization a name, but it’s just for you to remember.

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