rust based slint develops, and shopify cleans up

The build team released Slint version 1.0 on Monday, which means the new Rust-based toolkit is now ready for use in real-world applications.

Slint is a tool that can be used to make user interfaces for different operating systems and CPU types. It works with Linux, macOS, Windows, WebAssembly, Blackberry QNX, and even bare metal systems.

The tool is created using Rust, but developers can interact with JavaScript, Rust, or C++ libraries to build the user interface. This flexibility allows them to choose the programming language that suits their needs.

This is a big accomplishment and the result of three years of hard work by 50 people. Version 1.0 includes small improvements to the way the program works and fixes for issues found in the previous version. Slint has moved from being in the development stage and is now ready to be used in real projects.

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Shopify purges garbage collection

The Ruby infrastructure team at Shopify is working on making Ruby’s garbage collector faster in Shopify’s main system, as mentioned in the company’s engineering blog.

Jean Boussier, a Ruby developer, talked about the successful improvements that made so far. He also acknowledged that there were some challenges along the way and that more work still needs to be done.

When the Ruby garbage collector runs, everything else stops. This means that when it decides to work, it usually happens while processing a request. Moreover, This garbage collection process can cause delays for customers, making them wait longer for a response.

Boussier showed a picture that explains how time is used for garbage collection in certain requests. This only happens in 1 out of 100 requests. On average, each request takes 3 milliseconds to do garbage collection.

Some requests take even longer, lasting a few seconds for garbage collection. The picture explains why this happens and tells us how the team made changes to make things faster.

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API- Google’s AI Access Waitlist Available Claude

According to the AI Exchange, Anthropic, a company supported by Google, has a new AI model called Claude. They are also offering access to Claude through an API, which is a way for developers to use it in their own projects. If you want to try it out, you can sign up on the waiting list.

Anthropic has made a special feature for Slack, a communication app. With this feature, users can easily use Claude right within Slack. Claude is also used to make Notion AI, a popular development platform, even better.

The Wall Street Journal has an exclusive report saying that Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, wants to make their popular Chrome search engine even better. Moreover, They plan to add conversational AI features to it.

This means that the search engine will be able to have conversations with people, just like talking to a friend. It’s an exciting update that will make searching the internet even more fun and helpful!

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SvelteHack Offers a $3000 Award for Coolest Svelte Use

Attention all developers! If you’re working on a Svelte project, here’s some exciting news for you. SvelteHack is also hosting a competition where you can win $3,000 for showing off the coolest use of Svelte. Isn’t that awesome?

SvelteHack started in February and will end on Monday, April 17. Apart from the grand prize, there are also competitions for the best library, the best integration with other tools, and awards for second, third, fourth, and fifth place in all categories. So, there are plenty of chances to win!


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