Shopify Checkout UI Extensions Updated

We have made changes to the checkout UI extensions to help make it simpler to design customizations for Shopify checkout. However, Some of the upgrades include:

  • Extensions Limitation

The number of Checkout UI extensions allowed per app has been increased to 50.

  • Checkout Extensions APIs

Now, you have access to new features that expand the possibilities for checkout extensions. These also include selling plans, inline error messages for validations, metaobjects through the Storefront API, and payment and shipping options through new APIs. These additions give you more options to customize and improve your checkout process.

  • UI Extensions for the Order Status Page

You can create checkout UI extensions on the order status page using the new getting started tutorials. This allows you to customize and target specific pages in the customer journey. With the new testing experience in the checkout editor, merchants can also preview how their post-checkout extensions will look.

  • A One-page Checkout in Editor

Get a sneak peek of the new one-page checkout within the checkout editor. You can also see how your current extensions and branding look and even try out new extensions and modifications. Furthermore, It’s a great way to preview and test different features of the checkout process.

  • Build B2B Solutions with Shopify APIs

Attend an informative webinar to discover the possibilities of Shopify’s B2B APIs. Stay informed about the latest B2B API releases and hear directly from the Shopify developer team as they answer common questions from merchants and partners. Moreover, It’s a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and make the most out of Shopify’s B2B features.

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Build B2B Solutions Using Shopify APIs

Join an interesting webinar where you can learn about the possibilities of Shopify’s B2B APIs. Gain valuable insights into the best practices for creating customized solutions. Stay informed about the latest B2B API releases and listen to the Shopify team as they answer commonly asked questions from merchants and partners. However, It’s a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and stay up to date with the latest developments in B2B APIs.

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