Unlocking the Mystery of Chatbots in eCommerce World

December 3, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Unlocking the Mystery of Chatbots in eCommerce World

According to study, 80% of firms are expected to implement some type of chatbots system by 2022. That is the general number, but when it comes to eCommerce, it is anticipated that sales will nearly quadruple to $4.5 trillion by 2021. Chatbots are a new trend that can assist your company in growing. A chatbot in eCommerce is popular for customer assistance, process automation, and scalability.

We’re all curious as to why it’s become so popular in the realm of eCommerce. A chatbot is nothing more than a mash-up of cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. As a consequence, chatbots powered by AI grow more sophisticated.

If we talk about chatbots in eCommerce, we can say that it’s turning the way customers shop and fostering better shopping experiences. The rise of chatbots in eCommerce is tremendous, and we cannot deny that the market size will be larger than ever. Ultimately, we can consider a jack of all trades.

What is a Chatbot?

According to the name, a chatbot is nothing more than a messaging platform for virtual agents that may be used to converse autonomously. When we say it’s an automated chat platform, we mean you can use it to converse and automatically get an answer. This isn’t the only advantage; you can also use it to automate other operations that require human intervention.


We can see from the above tweet that it doesn’t matter how popular chatbots are; if they fail to meet the demands of clients, your business will suffer. When you include chatbots into your eCommerce site, you may have a better approach to avoid such issues. But, you can work on this problem by having an eCommerce consulting team on board as they are more intelligent than these chatbots.

Humans can be hard to understand, but chatbots do!

How chatbots can a biggest asset to eCommerce?

  • Greet potential customers and ask if they have a concern regarding anything
  • Keep customers engaged and enhance on-time
  • Remind customers if they’ve abandoned cart in past
  • Provide content and products to potential customers according to their interest
  • Provide active customer support
  • Alert about deals and promotions

H&M has begun to use chatbots for their consumers in order to streamline the purchasing experience. H&M launched a chatbot that asks customers questions about their style and provides picture possibilities for them to pick from. Users may also construct clothes based on customization and select the fabric they like.

What are the benefits of chatbots for eCommerce?

Now we know what chatbots are and how they may be a valuable tool to any organization. It’s time to look at the advantages of chatbots for eCommerce and why you should use them on your website.

1. Available on mobile as well as web

In today’s competitive business environment, everyone is moving online, and firms are servicing clients through online services. Because all of our consumers use mobile devices, we can observe how popular mobile applications are.

MCommerce has become an essential component of the eCommerce industry in recent years, which is why you must locate something that is mobile-friendly. So, having chatbots is the ideal alternative since we can integrate them anywhere, whether mobile or online.

Hence, the first and most important advantage of chatbots is that they are available on both mobile and the web. As a result, there is little question that all processes will grow more efficient over time.

2. Active support

Chatbots are virtual individuals who are constantly available for customers, or an automated platform that resolves client complaints. Chatbots are constantly on the job and ready to assist users, which is why they may be of the most assistance to anybody seeking for a solution at any time.

Because today’s consumers are busy and have less time, they demand a speedy response to their problems. Chatbots can accomplish this since they are always active and provide seamless help, regardless of the time of day or night.

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Finally, we can state that chatbots are active supporters who are always willing to assist others. As a result, connecting with an eCommerce website is a better choice.

3. Personalize customer experience

The third and most crucial advantage of chatbots is that they provide a tailored client experience. Customers expect individualized service in better support and experience, not just because they don’t have time.

Assume you own a clothing business that caters to a diverse customer base ranging from Generation Z to millennials. If you provide a wide range of options for what clients desire, but you lack the assistance they want, such as the ability to return or exchange products they’ve purchased. In such situation, you may tailor your client experience by offering a stronger return policy or allowing them a few days to change their mind about replacing the things.

These are the minor assistances or unique experiences that you might provide to your clients to make them pleased. This is possible with chatbots since you can give better and faster service whenever your clients need it and help them create confidence in your business.

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4. Pre and post purchase support

Several businesses nowadays do not promote post-purchase assistance because they believe it is unnecessary. But it is incorrect, and if you are one of them, please stop. Absolutely, if you cannot give post-purchase help in addition to pre-purchase support, you will most likely not have more repeat customers.

There is little question that brands that assist clients through assistance are among the best in the world. If you own an eCommerce business that sells goods or services, make sure you meet all of your clients’ needs, whether they are pre-purchase or post-purchase.

Giving help shows that you care about your clients, which means they will become lifetime customers because they now trust your company. That is why you must assist each and every component in order to have a great customer.

Use chatbots to keep up with the competition

As we all know, the eCommerce sector is the most popular and competitive of all; with billions of shops selling to other merchants selling the same things as you, remaining one step ahead is critical. Chatbots, on the other hand, are the finest thing you can employ and include as an important part of the eCommerce sector.

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