Ecommerce Personalization Tactics to Boost Customer Loyalty

January 4, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Personalized shopping experience holds precedence in the eCommerce world. Personalization means providing a customized shopping atmosphere to users based on their behavior and interests. The motive behind personalizing the shopping of customers is to boost sales by delivering a unique user experience.

Personalized shopping experience not only plays a vital role in acquiring new customers but also in retaining them and making them loyal customers to your eCommerce brand.

When we talk of personalization, most people think about personalizing the on-site experience of users. But personalization is not limited to that only. You should also be focused on providing an omnichannel experience by delivering a seamless user experience across devices. From your emails to dynamic content to ad campaigns and other means to connect with your existing customers all must be tailored according to each individual’s choices and needs.

Benefits of Personalization to Boost Customer Loyalty

As per Business Insider Intelligence, 40% of the consumers said that they buy more than what they have planned for because of a personalized shopping experience. The following are a few benefits of personalization that helps to retain customers and boost loyalty.

  • Personalization helps to ease the work of product discovery for customers.
  • The tailored recommendations help to better target customers with personalized offers.
  • Helps to enhance the user experience & offer attractive promotions by laying dynamic & personalized content.
  • Increases the average order value and overall revenue due to the personalized recommendations.
  • A better website, personalized experience, personalized customer support, email campaigns, dynamic content, etc. makes users spend more time on your website boosting customer loyalty.
  • A loyal customer is the biggest advocate of your brand and can influence others to bring in more sales for you.

Ecommerce Personalization Tactics to Boost Customer Loyalty

To start with personalizing the customer shopping experience, first, you have to segment your customer database based on their interests. It will allow you to promote better to the needs of specific customers. To help you with that, here’re a few eCommerce personalization tactics to boost customer loyalty.

1. Product Recommendations:

Product recommendation is not a new concept to implement and it can help uplift the sales significantly for merchants. However, personalizing those recommendations is the key to further elevate the customer shopping experience. Moreover, the product suggestion must resonate with what customers want to purchase and must align with your goals.

When customers find what they are looking for, they’ll start to develop preferences in their shopping habits. Know the past shopping habits of your customers to recommend products based on that which will inspire them with those appealing recommendations. Doing so will surely help enhance customer’s shopping experience along with customer retention to boost loyalty & conversion rate.

2. Personalization Based on Device:

Personalization of shopping experience based on the device used is of significant importance for the success of your brand. Devices used for online purchases play a vital role in personalizing the customer experience.

Today, mobile devices hold precedence in the eCommerce world. Mobile devices yield one in six-dollar ROI which makes mobile optimization an integral part of your personalization efforts.

Ensure that your website is optimized for mobile experience from browsing to navigating till checkout. Also, make sure that your marketing efforts are optimized for mobile devices. From emails to call-to-action (CTA) all must be easily accessible for mobile users. Taking care of all this not only will boost the customer experience but also their preference for shopping.

3. Using Dynamic Content in Personalization:

Using dynamic content, marketers can personalize every step of the customer’s buying journey. The content must be based on the customer’s preferences, behavior, and real-time context. Timely and relevant content can help entice customers to click and purchase more than usual.

Make use of dynamic content to help to return customers to continue their shopping. You can personalize their shopping by including tailored CTA and attributes of their last search. You can also effectively use the dynamic content to highlight the specific brands in your website’s navigation bar.

By showing the brands customers are familiar with, you can harness the potential of familiarity for your eCommerce store to boost customer loyalty. And the cherry on top will be the product suggestion based on the customer’s most sought after or purchased items.

4. Triggered Emails:

With stunningly crafted emails, eCommerce store owners are able to deliver real-time personalized offers and content. The right email at the right time when the customers are most likely to convert helps a lot. Customers receiving a triggered email that nudges them to take the next action once they have opted for a predefined action.

We can’t forget the cart abandonment emails when we talk of triggered emails. However, there’s another type of email well-suited for the occasion when you want to boost customer loyalty – A Replenishment Email.

A replenishment email is an email to remind your frequent buyers when the reorder time is near. A simple email to let them know it’s time to reorder is a great way to make them re-engage with you. You can automate such emails if you know the average time between orders. This helps foster customer loyalty & increases the chances of repeat buying.

5. Past Purchase & Browsing Data:

You must always personalize the shopping experience of your existing customers. After all, they have already purchased from you so you must know about their shopping interests and behavior which will be helpful in personalizing the communication.

Also, such information will help recommend personalized products on the homepage itself when customers visit back. All in all, personalizing the shopping experience based on past purchases and browsing data has the potential to boost sales and customer loyalty.

Final Thoughts

Customers today expect a personalized experience from brands more and more. Personalizing the shopping experience could boost 20% in sales. This gives you all the more reason for eCommerce personalization. Your customers will love and appreciate it. And with the help of these few tactics, you can take personalization to another level to boost customer loyalty and customer lifetime value.

Consult our eCommerce experts if you still need help with eCommerce personalization tactics.

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