Top Selling Days to Boost your Website Orders - Holiday Sales Japan 2021

April 15, 2020 Written By Hemant Parmar

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If you are an online eCommerce store owner, the ultimate goal of running a business is to boost sales and conversion rate of your store. While focusing on the needs of the consumers is primary, also paying attention to the ways you can increase sales and conversion are necessary. The online store owners like you should be more attentive on leveraging the sales and conversion by offering astonishing deals and offers on various occasions.

All the businesses are unique in their own ways, thus requires unique efforts to grab the attention of customers to power-up your sales and conversion. And to do that you may need to plan your marketing strategies in advance. Preparing different kinds of strategies from the start of the year gives you an edge over your competitors. Additionally, it provides you an excellent opportunity and time for research and execution of those strategies effectively.

Holiday shopping is also one such way you can use for coming up with different effective strategies. And to help you with that we are here to let you know the most effective holidays in Japan for eCommerce shopping. There are certain advantages of making a holiday calendar that guarantees your success.

Advantages of making an eCommerce marketing calendar for shopping holidays,

  • You will know from the beginning of the year about the awesome shopping holidays.
  • You can ready your store with sensational promotional events that make your store occupied constantly.
  • You should set up the devices and tools for unshakable marketing strategies.

There are numerous festivals and holidays that come every year and most of them are wonderful for eCommerce businesses to boost sales and conversion. Taking advantage of these holidays for eCommerce shopping is very essential for achieving your goals.

eCommerce Market of Japan

Japan is one of the largest and most fastest growing eCommerce markets with more than $89,234 million market size around the world. Its B2C eCommerce market is ranked fourth all over the globe and second in Asia Pacific region after china with approx. turnover of $114 billion. This is due to its highly developed economy, single language culture and high urban population. With the advanced infrastructure and small size of country benefits service-oriented businesses to provide easy delivery and convenience.

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The eCommerce industry is largely dominated by Rakuten and Kakaku online stores. Still, there are some international eCommerce retailers like Yahoo and Amazon that contributes greatly for popularising eCommerce shopping in the consumers of Japan. Around 90% of the Japan’s population love shopping online for foreign brands. The eCommerce holidays have accumulated more than $79 billion in holiday sales. There are certain eCommerce holidays in the year 2021 such as Coming of Age Day, National Foundation Day, Sapporo Snow Festival, Hinamatsuri, Vernal Equinox Day, Showa Day, Constitutional Memorial Day – Golden Week, Greenery Day, Star Festival – Tanabata, Respect for the Aged Day, etc.

Take a look at some of the major sales holidays in the Japan.

01 January – New Year’s Day
14 January – Coming of Age Day

03 February – Setsubun
11 February – National Foundation Day
14 February – Valentine’s Day
23 February – Emperor’s Birthday

03 March – Hina Matsuri
14 March – White Day
20 March – Vernal Equinox Day

01 April – April Fool’s Day
29 April – Showa Day

01 May – Labor Day
03 May – Constitution Memorial
04 May – Greenery Day
05 May – Children’s Day
10 May – Mother’s Day

21 June – Summer Solstice / Father’s Day

07 July – Star Festival
23 July – Marine Day
24 July – Sports Day

10-11 August – Mountain Day
13-15 August – Bon Festival

21 September – Respect for the Aged
22 September – Autumnal Equinox

01 October – Mid-autumn Festival
12 October – Health & Sports Day
31 October – Halloween

01 November – Culture Day
15 November – Shichi-Go-San
23 November – Labor Thanksgiving Day
27 November – Black Friday
30 November – Cyber Monday

25 December – Christmas Day

Don’t forget to download this holiday ecommerce marketing calendar for Japan 2021.

Download Calender

Let’s look at some of the holidays of 2021 for shopping with their dates. These holidays can be your online shopping sale dates to gain some sales and conversion.

  1. Coming of Age Day (Seijin no Hi) – Second Monday of January Month

Coming of age day is for those who turn 20 years old and become adults so that they can vote and do other adult stuff. This holiday is celebrated on the second Monday of January each year. This is the best time to attract newly turned adults to buy product most relevant to them. Offering heavy discount on business book, suits, fashion apparels, other goods will be most beneficial for your eCommerce store.

  1. National Foundation Day – 11th February

National Foundation is a national holiday celebrated for mythological foundation Japan. This is the time when seasonal transition from winter to spring happens. However, most don’t consider this as a transition because the it is still very cold time of the year. Most businesses can capitalize from offering sale on different kinds of products. Also, food industry is active due to Setsubun, so it gives more chances of offering best deals of and discounts to boost your eCommerce sales and conversion.

  1. Sapporo Snow Festival – February Month

Sapporo Snow Festival is celebrated in Sapporo, Japan annually. This is a week-long festival and is sure to have increased sales for all the items. Offering irresistible deals and promo offers that everyone will love to grab. This is one big opportunity for every eCommerce owner to grab the piece of the pie and cash in some profits. Offering deals like Buy 2 Get 50% off on 3rd or at free works best for your store.

  1. Hinamatsuri – 3rd March

Hinamatsuri is a family festival also known as Girl’s Day or Doll’s Day. It is celebrated each year on 3rd March with platforms covered in red carpet material to display a set of ornamental dolls. If you are in selling cultural items, then this is the best time for you to run sale. Also, offering discount on decorative items, food items and traditional Japanese deserts will be uplifting for your store.

  1. Vernal Equinox Day – 20th March

Vernal Equinox Day is public holiday in celebrated in Japan on March 20th or 21st. The Data is decided on the February of previous year. This is celebrated to commemorate the ancestors by visiting their forefathers’ graveyards and change of season to welcome the spring. So, coming up offers and discounts on products that are most used in spring season will likely increase the sales and conversion.

  1. Japanese Golden Week 

This is the one of the public holidays celebrated along with golden week but this year the golden week only last from 2nd may to 6th may that include Showa Day (29th April) Constitutional Memorial Day(3rd May) and Greenery Day (4th May). At this time of the year, people usually on long vacations, so if you are travel advisor or firm that provides travel or hotel reservation facility, then you are the big gainer here. Travel industry is booming right now in Japan and coming up with various travel packages and offers that are irresistible will rise your revenue multifold.

  1. Star Festival-Tanabata – 7th July

The star festival also known as Tanabata is a Japanese festival, which is based on the Chinese folklore to celebrate the meeting of the deities Orihime and Hikoboshi. These deities are separated by Milky way and are only allowed to meet once a year on the seventh day of the seventh month. People write wishes and gift items and products to their loved ones around this time. So, there is one big chance for every eCommerce owner to cash in some profit and handful of money by running offers and deals.

  1. Respect for the Aged Day – 21st Sept

Respect for the Aged Day is a national holiday to pay respect to their elders. In 1966, this Day was established so that the people can pay respect and show their affection for the elder people of the family. It is a celebration to thank them for their contribution and long lives. The younger people of the family present gifts to the elders and throw parties for them as well, which give eCommerce owners a big opportunity to have increase in sales and conversion this time of the year. Presenting tailored offers that younger would love to have and gift their elders. Deals with discount up to 50% would surely work best for you.

  1. Health and Sports Day – 12th Oct

Health and Sports Day is a national holiday and very special for Japanese nation. Most people have fond for this day, was created to commemorate the anniversary of the Tokyo Olympic Games. It is celebrated every year on second Monday of the October month. Most of the schools and businesses organize sport competitions, physical activities and games. So, eCommerce brands of this genre can run special discount and offers to increase the sales and also awareness about the health.

  1. Culture Day – 3rd Nov

Culture Day is national holiday observed each year on 3rd Nov to promote the Japanese culture, art work and academic endeavour. The day includes various festivities related to Japanese culture like art exhibitions, parades, and award ceremonies for artists and scholars. So, this is one big opportunity for all the eCommerce owners to run sale and offer special discounts that honour the Japanese culture.

  1. Labor Thanksgiving Day – 23rd Nov

Labor Thanksgiving Day is Japanese festival for thanking labors and production workers of the nation. It is a national holiday and celebrated each year on 23rd Nov. Though it falls around same time of the American Thanksgiving Day, Japanese Labor Thanksgiving Day is very different and unique. So, running sales around this time of the is most beneficial for your store. Having offers and special deals that most people can’t resist will give rise to the sales and conversions to achieve the goals of your eCommerce store.


So, all of the above are some unconventional eCommerce shopping holidays of 2021 that will be celebrated in Japan to attract the potential consumers with tailored offers and deals. Offers like free shipping, discount up to 50% or up to some extent, win gift point and redeem them later, etc. work pretty much well and influence customers to make purchase decision immediately. People are always on the internet searching for offers and discount on their favourite products and running promotional campaigns during these festivals and holidays are sure to boost the sales and conversion of your eCommerce store. If you still have doubts, then you can consult an eCommerce Expert who can help plan out the whole holiday campaigns and guide to boost and double your holiday sales.

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