15 Do’s & Don’ts Social Media Etiquette for Business Owners

July 29, 2021 Written By Darshit Parmar

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15 Do’s & Don’ts Social Media Etiquette for Business Owners

Keeping up with social media etiquette and trends is always challenging especially for business owners as it is an ever-evolving trend. Even more challenging is to fully grasp all of the nuances that fall under the category of social media etiquettes in order to run a platform effectively.

In exploring the different platforms, you will see that social media etiquette is not rocket science that is hard to comprehend and put into practice. We have created a list of social media etiquettes and social media norms to help you master the platforms, whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter.

An individual or business owner can easily grasp these social media etiquette principles that can be used daily. Following are 25 do’s and don’ts of social media etiquette for your business.

1. Do: Update your profile and social media pages

Especially when it comes to social media, you should update and complete every detail that your visitors are looking for and want to connect with you. You can update your bio, contact information, profile picture, and email address.

2. Do: Create and separate personal and professional profile

Building a brand on social media requires you to separate your personal and professional profiles. The reason is that you cannot display your party photo to your target audience because they are not following you for that purpose. To prevent spamming your profile, keep your personal family and friends away. In the end, you need to focus on professionalism and understand that you haven’t created a business page for you to discuss personal things with your friends and family.

3. Do: Share what’s insightful

We used to say that a mirror is a reflection of what we are and what we do. It is true in social media, you are posting what you are and what you want to represent and that needs to be witty and insightful. In addition, use images that demonstrate your thinking and provide knowledge to your target audience.

4. Do: Post regularly

Another important factor is how often you post, or how many times per week you post. There are many people who are addicted to social media and post 3-4 times a day or 9-10 times a week. The problem is that posting so frequently can break the algorithm of any platform, which will lead to no results. The expert suggests you should post 2-3 times per week. However, it also depends on your profile and the type of audience you are aiming for.

5. Do: Choose your platform

It’s like attending multiple weddings just to eat good food. Do not be the kind of person who attends every wedding! If you want to maximize ROI on social media, you need to prioritize any platform where you can achieve results. Therefore, don’t try to please everyone and stick to a single platform, whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

6. Do: Engage with audience

It’s important for your social media profile or account not to seem one-sided. It is not enough to just impart knowledge and tips. You must interact with your people and ask their opinions as well. We mean by this that you should create an opportunity to interact with your target audience and show them that you care about them.

  • Reply to a comment you receive on Instagram or Twitter
  • Ask your audience for recommendations
  • Please like the comment, mention, or tag and share on your profile if you can

7. Don’t: Keep your value alive

You are not beggars who need to beg for things you need. In social media, it’s all about value giving and value receiving, and a person who knows this is a competent social media expert. Do not ask for people to like, follow, and comment on your post, it’s like asking for a value. It’s better to earn value than to ask for it, which is why it’s critical you share insightful and worthy content.

8. Don’t: Stop spamming

Resharing is always a good idea, until it becomes irritating to the person whose post you are sharing often. Please do not annoy someone or their account by sharing their posts and stories repeatedly. People who post someone’s content repeatedly and share in several groups never interact with the group members. Don’t do this because it can ruin your social presence on online audiences.

9. Do: Wear positive and negative hats

Roses are pretty, but they also have thorns. Social media is a place where you will get both positive and negative feedback. Although some may agree with you, others may disagree, but you need to remain calm and composed while responding to them because in the end light shows through the darkness. One day, those who criticize you will cherish you.

10. Don’t: tempered or show aggression

You don’t have to be shut in every situation. We mean that if someone comments on your post incorrectly, do not be tempered and show your aggression at the moment. Chances are if you do that, your potential clients will not be happy with the services you offer. Consider the matter and be attentive to the purpose to provide a professional or gentle response.

11. Do: Double check Grammar and Spelling

A grammatical or spelling error in your social media profile or description is the worst. Grammar errors in your social media post or account is one of the worst etiquette mistakes you will ever make and that will hurt your brand’s reputation. To avoid making mistakes, always double check and if possible write on Word first before posting.

12. Don’t: use “CAPITAL” letters

When writing business posts or social media posts, capital letters can be annoying. This indicates that you’re frustrated or no longer in the mood to write. Additionally, it looks weird, which can hurt your business.

13. Don’t: use more than needed hashtags

In order to get positive results or outcomes, one should follow this common etiquette. Depending upon the social media platform, hashtag usage may be limited, while in some cases it may not. Having no limits doesn’t mean you should stuff your post with hashtags like a spam post. Be as relevant and platform-specific as you can when using it.

14. Don’t: use auto-DM

It can be a conversion killer since you’re sending messages to your new followers without knowing why. Do not send direct messages to anyone without any purpose, since there is no topic to discuss and it appears that you are wasting your time. Avoid direct messages and send messages whenever necessary.

15. Do: enjoy and celebrate

Even though you have a business page, you don’t have to stick to just knowledge. Do some new things and share some exciting things to keep the conversation going. Celebrate every moment of your journey and be proud of it.

Putting it all together

Therefore, we wish you good luck and feel excited that you are ready to begin your journey towards becoming a socially thriving business. We’ve discussed dos and don’ts of social media etiquette to help you keep a powerful social media presence that drives leads and potential customers to your business.

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