7 Reasons to Automate Digital Marketing (SEO) for eCommerce Store

March 20, 2020 Written By Hemant Parmar

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You can utilize digital marketing in your business to inform people about it while increasing your sales. As you take advantage of multiple channels, such as email and social media, you can interact with your customers and build stronger relationships with them. You can do this through digital marketing, which helps you gain more leads and turn them into returning customers.

However, trying to handle all aspects of digital marketing by hand could be a challenge especially when you have an eCommerce store. Instead, you should use automated software to handle your digital marketing needs. Some people may not want to make the transition, but the benefits make it worth it. Here are seven reasons that you should automate your digital marketing.

1.  24/7 Responses

Even if you managed to have teams of people handling each of your channels, you would struggle to provide 24/7 responses. Trying to find enough people to cover that would prove difficult while costing you tons of money to cover it all. You should make sure to use automated marketing and to include SMS marketing automation alongside it.

For example, someone could sign-up to receive deals through text messages. However, what if you want to tell them that the deal will end in a few hours? It might end at midnight, but you don’t have people working at 8 P.M. to send the messages. With automated marketing, you can have the system send messages at appropriate times.

This can cover many channels so that customers can get responses as soon as possible.

  • Sending welcome emails as soon as customers sign up for your newsletter.
  • Allowing automated chatbots to answer questions.
  • Posting messages on social media at times that you feel would gain the most traffic.

This allows you to send messages at the best times even when you don’t have employees available. This, in turn, makes your digital marketing and responses more effective and efficient for your customers.

2.  Save Time

Automated digital marketing saves time for your business. While automated software handles many aspects of your digital marketing, you can worry about other things and focus on your business.

automate digital marketing automation

This image indicates that 30% of marketers recognize that saving time is the biggest benefit of marketing automation. With so many people recognizing this, you may wonder how it can save time. Automated digital marketing manages this in multiple ways.

  • Allowing employees to work on other tasks.
  • Sending messages and emails quicker than people can.
  • Segmenting your audience with high accuracy.

When you have automated marketing, your employees can easily work on other tasks instead of sending emails or text messages. On top of this, automated software can send those messages quicker than any person could. Also, if you want to segment your audience to send relevant messages, you can set up your automated software to take care of it.

You can find other ways to optimize your time through automated marketing. Look into the different features of your software and see how you can use them to save time.

3.  Increase Profits and Lower Costs

While you save time and provide 24/7 service to customers, you can increase your profits and lower your business’ costs. As you give faster replies to customers and provide them with constant service, they will trust your business. From here, they will form a stronger relationship with it and want to support it through purchases.

In short, as you make things more efficient, convenient, and easier for customers through automated marketing, you can turn them into returning customers. This efficiency saves you money and lowers your costs since you can send messages faster and you don’t need to pay employees to handle them for you.

Some may think that they won’t save money through automated marketing, but those features add up over time and allow you to increase your profits. You continue to make things better and easier for your business by paying for the software and using it.


automate digital marketing automation

Almost 7-out-of-10 marketers use marketing automation. They do it because it makes and saves them money. If you want to increase profits and lower costs, you need to get digital marketing software.

4.  Simplify Your Digital Marketing

You can simplify your digital marketing when you use automated software. Here are some of the ways that it can simplify marketing for your business.

  • Easily adjust channels in one location.
  • Allow customers to access information from multiple channels.
  • Bring multiple tools and features together.

Your automated marketing software will allow you to make changes to your digital marketing plan all in one location. This makes things simpler whenever you need to make changes to your channels. You can also unify your channels so that customers can get information from different channels.

You can also access your different marketing tools in one location and your software will bring those tools together. When you use automated digital marketing software, you make things simpler for your business since you can access so many things in one location. This makes it easier and more straightforward for you.

5.  Improve Lead Nurturing

Not only do you need to find leads for your business, but you need to nurture those leads. Leads are potential customers and lead nurturing involves interacting with those leads to turn them into customers. If you want effective lead nurturing, then you need to use automated marketing software.

automate digital marketing automation

While you may collect leads, half of those leads aren’t ready to purchase your products yet. You need to give your leads time to interact with your business, see what you provide, and make an informed decision on a purchase. As this image also shows, half of your leads need to interact with your business at least five times before they will make a purchase.

By using automated marketing software, you can let it handle the interactions for you. This way, you can ensure that your leads receive messages that will encourage them to interact with your business. If they tend to click on emails that include deals, your software can send them more deals. It all depends on what they interact with and what interests them.

You can also use it to incorporate multiple channels. They could receive text messages, pop-ups on your website, and social media messages. This all depends on how you set it up, but you can use your automated software to constantly nurture your leads into customers.

6.  Integrate Multiple Channels

To help in the lead nurturing process, you can integrate multiple channels. Businesses like to keep their channels unified and allow customers to interact with their business through different channels. Omnichannel marketing allows you to do this since it focuses on the customers and gives them a unified experience between channels.

automate digital marketing automation

When you look at this Image, you can see that your business will nearly double its customer retention rate when using three or more channels. This means that you should include multiple channels in your business and encourage customers to use them. You can try different ideas to do this.

  • Include links to sign up for your SMS marketing in your social media posts.
  • Have clickable icons at the bottom of your emails so people can follow your social media accounts.
  • Include links to your website in SMS campaigns.

You can always cross-promote your channels and encourage your leads and customers to use them. As you do so, you can increase your retention rate and build a better digital marketing strategy.

7.  Automatically Collect Data

When you set up automated software, it can collect data for you. This means that it will keep track of different metrics and allow you to view them. You can make the software track all kinds of metrics, though you should make sure to track these ones.

  • Return on investment (ROI).
  • Open rates.
  • Conversion rates.

There are plenty of other metrics that you can track through your automated software. However, these ones will let you know how much money you make, which sources your customers interact with, and which ones lead to purchases. Not only can you track all of this through automated marketing software, but it will keep all the data in one place.

You can easily access your metrics and other data so that you can make changes to your business. Try out different ideas to see how they affect your data and then make informed decisions from there. This way, you can have your software worry about collecting the data so that you can focus on analyzing it.

8.  Final Comments

Businesses don’t want to spend money to get themselves automated marketing software. However, the longer you go without using it, the longer you miss out on these benefits. If you want to save money, optimize your digital marketing, and have it work for you while you do other things, you need to get automated software for your business.

You will enjoy these benefits when you automate your digital marketing while noticing other benefits. Doing so will make things easier for your company and allow your business to grow and improve. Go ahead and make the transition to automated digital marketing so that you can create a better marketing strategy for your eCommerce store.

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