Holiday Sales Marketing & Sales Improvements Guide 2016

The holiday season comes with tons of opportunities to the sales for online merchants.

The online merchants are looking for the ways to stand out from the crowd to beat the competition. The eBook depicts statistics of 2016 year. Based on it, it offers predictions and valuable suggestions to improve the performance of your Magento storefront.

Holiday Sales Guide by M-Connect Media

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What You Will Learn With This Books

In the USA and across the world, online shopping tendencies are on rising and the advent of mobile technologies fueling the flames further up! The eBook is painting the current online shopping trends, spending, and usages of various devices for eCommerce by presenting solid statistics.

For Magento store owners, eBook is also illustrating the ground reality of present eCommerce status in the USA and around the world. Based on the analysis, Magento eCommerce experts at M-Connect Media has offered some crucial suggestions for Magento 2 merchants to win the battle of upcoming holiday sales in 2017 holiday season.

In sum, eBook consists of following lucrative content to churn for Magento 2 ecommerce merchants:

  • Ecommerce Online Stores are Boon to Shoppers
  • Highlights of Last Year Sales Statistics
  • Online Visits: Desktops Vs. Mobiles Vs. Tablets
  • Mobile Operating System: iOS Vs. Android
  • Brick-And-Mortar Vs. Ecommerce
  • Social Media Influence On Black Friday Sales
  • Black Friday 2016 Online Shopping Predictions
  • Preparing Ecommerce Stores For Black Friday
  • Marketing & Sales Improvements
  • What after Black Friday?
Darshit Parmar

Darshit Parmar

Magento eCommerce Consultant

Darshit Parmar is expertise with Project Management and SEO Analyst, and shares his 10 years of experience with Ecommerce Business Owners in making their brands and business a place in their own field. Darshit is certified with Google Analytic Individual and Oracle 9i. Throughout his career, Darshit has gained the experience in Magento eCommerce UI Design keeping the principles of SEO in mind. The knowledge he shares in his blogs has really helped many eCommerce Business owners in marketing their brands and businesses. He always says to his team that "There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them."

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