How to Improve User Experience in Magento 2: UX/UI Design Strategies

May 22, 2023 Written By M-Connect Media

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improve user experience in magento 2

User Experience and User Interface are the powerful weapons that Magento websites can employ to achieve revenue and reputation goals in e-commerce competition. This is the time to start investing in Magento 2 website’s UX/UI and outnumber competitors.

There is fierce rivalry in the industry, and everyone is pledging to deliver the greatest UX and UI. Because Magento UX and UI design take primacy in the future of eCommerce. Magento is the most popular platform, with over 200,000 webshop owners using it.

However, building UI/UX aspects for your Magento website to improve client experience is a vital step in increasing sales and conversion. A seamless online design has the potential to increase retail conversion by 400%.

If you don’t know how to strengthen this important component and are seeking some practical recommendations to help you, you’ve come to the correct spot. Furthermore, Let’s look at these for improving user experiences on your Magento website.

Do you want to avoid relying on a Magento Website development specialist to improve the UX/UI design of websites or applications but aren’t sure where to start? This article includes useful and specific Magento UX/UI Design Strategies to Improve User Experience in Magento 2 websites.

Why User Experience is Important in Magento 2 Websites?

The impression a person receives when interacting with a given system is referred to as UX or user experience.

When exploring Magento stores, for example, users may be delighted or unsatisfied with the web’s performance. That sensation is also known as a user experience.

Generally speaking, the ultimate purpose of any modern firm is profit. As a result, increasing UX is critical, and it is past time for retailers to begin investing in UX on their sites.

So, what type of impact does UX have on Magento stores?

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  • Increased Sales

In fact, a sense of contentment tends to keep clients on a website longer, increasing conversion rates and user engagement. Customers are more likely to purchase more, which leads to a rise in business sales.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Great encounters might help a person remain loyal to a brand. If you provide visitors with a pleasant experience, a clean layout design, or speed, they will return multiple times and even recommend your business to friends. As a result, the website’s organic traffic will skyrocket.

On the contrary, a poor UX will drive clients away and into the arms of competitors until you eliminated causes of disappointment, misunderstanding, or frustration.

Magento 2 Responsive Themes Adapt Design and Structural Elements for Mobile and tablet Interfaces automatically. 


How to Improve Magento Store User Experience?

The strategy of user experience often known as customer experience (CX), entails determining the pathways to meeting a client’s demands. The UX process detects these customers and generates appealing journeys that lead them to conversion objectives.

These objectives may include:

  • Purchasing a Product
  • Filling out a form
  • Obtaining a document or app
  • Finding a physical location

Magento has spent millions of dollars incorporating UX practices into its platform and allowing shop owners to customize the consumer experience to meet business requirements.

10 Strategies to Enhance the User Experience in Magento Stores

The user experience is always prioritized. Your website or app leaves an impression on a user, and whether that impression is positive or negative depends on several things. There are several strategies to help Magento 2 stores fix and improve user experience.

Here are some of the most frequent and helpful Strategies:

1. Choose the Ideal Magento Template

One of the easiest methods to get business online is to use a prebuilt template. Matching major website pages, including the home page, category, product page, and so on, will guarantee that website has the proper structure and functionality for clients straight out of the box.

2. Use the Mobile Version of Your Website.

Magento shop owners must prioritize accessibility, discoverability, and efficiency to optimize mobile interactive experiences. A mobile-first design allows consumers from many platforms to access the Magento store due to its responsiveness.

3. Determine Conversion Objectives

A normal website should have several conversion objectives. Ensure that these objectives are prioritized in terms of significance to the business. This procedure may include customizing website pages in terms of appearance, content, and functionality.

4. Enhance Page Load Speed

Magento shop owners must minimize the file size of all media assets, use caching, product categories, etc. However, fixing them one at a time can be difficult and time-consuming. In this instance, it appears that upgrading the Magento website to Magento PWA is the most efficient approach.

5. Resolve 404 Errors

Error-prone sites can irritate users while they browse the site, leading to mistrust and a lower conversion rate. As a result, Magento merchants must maintain webpages clean and correct any 404 problems as quickly as feasible.

6. Detailed Product Description

An insightful product description provides users with the knowledge and a basic comprehension of the product before making a purchasing choice. Instead of keeping blank or the same, merchants can add their own unique descriptions for each product.

7. Improve the Search Box and Filtering

The search box is a classic yet practical feature that assists clients in rapidly finding any items. Provide an additional filtering tool to the search boxes so consumers may peruse the product catalog even faster.

8. Collaborate with UX Experts to Determine Customer

Your marketing and business development team may help educate your UX designer about the goods, services, customers, and customer pain areas. When in doubt, seek expert web design assistance!

9. Build Easy Navigation

The foundation of a successful user experience in Magento websites is simple and seamless navigation. As a result, when visitors explore to locate products they are looking for or wish to buy, the navigation of Magento stores should be smooth and error-free.

10. Integrate Social Media Links

Shop visitors want to follow businesses and brands on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Businesses may also assist consumers to connect to accounts and share their favorite content on other social platforms by including social media links on websites.

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Wrapping Up

The effective UX design is making the platform function for users and users of other platforms. A well-designed user experience relies on directing a user to the information they want at the end while removing everything that may obstruct or distract them.

Understanding what your user wants to do with the app and what you need to show them along the way can assist you in developing better UX/UI designs. The design team can also develop a branded, engaging, user-friendly customer experience for the business by employing UX and UI strategies.

At M-connect Media, We are competent in improving the UX/UI designs of websites or web apps while also increasing the likelihood that consumers will be able to access and use your content and features by making the interfaces more visible.

Furthermore, If you need assistance with the design of your Magento or eCommerce website? For more information, contact Mconnect’s Ecommerce Experts. We have skilled Magento UX designers who can turn an inefficient store into a very effective one.


1. What is a Website’s User Experience?

The user experience explains how consumers feel as they navigate a website, use a mobile app, or engage with a company’s digital products or services. Many factors contribute to designing excellent user experiences, including user interface, usability, and user research.

2. Which is New Method to Improve Magento User Experience?

Many technological advances, such as Responsive Website Design, Progressive Web applications, Accelerated Mobile Pages, and so on, have been launched in recent years to assist Magento websites in using the valuable ideas above. The most effective option is to create a Magento Progressive Web App (PWA).

3. What factors influence user experience?

There are several aspects that influence the user experience. The most important ones, though, are usability, usefulness, credibility, attractiveness, accessibility, and worth. In terms of web design, best practices for user experience include making a website easy to use and appealing to customers.


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