Best Practices to Create a Stunning Homepage Design For Magento 2 Store

March 31, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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The homepage is the cover of a book and every page of the website tells visitors where they are and direct what’s next while they’re visiting the site. Do you know that it takes less than a second for users to make an impression of your site? Majorly, a homepage is an important page which visitors land on and they might be your future customers. Thus, the homepage has to be stunning and informative to make users with the path to purchase.

Why? So we know that homepage is the first place visitors visit and determine whether they would stay on the store or not. And that’s why the design of the homepage is crucial in achieving the sales and conversion goals of the store.

In this article, we are going to share tips on how to design a homepage for your Magento 2. We’ll also help you design an effective homepage for your store using core functionality and customization.

User experience matters a lot when it comes to designing a homepage or whole website. You need to understand what they think and their different perceptions. Some people love the homepage that is simple while others need a unique. You cannot judge them without knowing their different perceptions. So let’s take a look into the most important and common ones.

Guidelines to Design Homepage for Your Magento 2

  • The top-left corner gets the attention first

Obliviously, when users land on your website, their eye starts from the upper-left corner and moves accordingly. According to research, these areas get the most attention. Ultimately, the top-left corner of a website is the most noticeable area.

  • Short paragraphs work better than long ones

Yes, we know that our attention spans are very shorter than ever and that’s something you need to eye on. No one wants to read a long para that’s boring or a wall of text. What you can do is keep it short and get to the point.

  • Visual content and headliners are the most loved

The next and best thing which most loved by visitors and customers is visual content and headliners. These are two main points that bring additional user attention to a Magento homepage. The only thing you need to make sure about is the size of the images because over-sized images will impact wrong. At the same time avoid small and blurry images.

How to design your Magento 2 store homepage to achieve the best click-through rates and lower bounce and exit rates? Let’s discuss the most common homepage elements and find out.

A list of Homepage Design Elements

  • Headline:

A headline is the first element of the website designing process. A headline has to answer a question what kind of problems Does the Company solve? If it’s designed correctly, it will engage more people who are looking for related answers and they will stay on your site. But make sure that the message should be short and sweet. You may consider one or two-line sentences for the best practice.

The message will help your target audience and new visitors too. A headline doesn’t have to describe what the company does in general, but it can feature certain brands or new arrivals if you want to sell them as soon as possible. Hence, the headline is the key element of homepage design in your Magento 2 store.

  • Sub-headline:

After the headline, it can be implemented when it is needed to further describe what the company does. It also has to be attentive if you don’t want your visitors to click away or get bored. Sub-headline is what type of Goods Company sells and encourage people to buy from it.

  • Call To Action (CTA):

CTA stands to call to action button. There are many CTA buttons such as Shop now, Shop men, Shop women, Buy now, Get a discount, and View product.  You have to decide what works best for your audience. Don’t try to skimp on graphics because too many graphics can slow down the page. Just try to find the best for your target audience and visitors.

We have made a guide on CTA which will help you decide what should be your CTA according to your goal. Make sure you choose CTA that helps your convert visitors into potential leads.

  • Display categories of products:

This is a part of below-the-fold parts that encourages people interested in your offering to make a final decision to purchase. What you can do is display categories of products you want users to click. If you have multiple products or goods, display diversity by selecting different groups of products.  According to research, when users come across a new online store, most of the people scroll down a homepage and then go up again to define what is sold. The number is larger when it comes to mobile users and that’s why make sure you display categories of products.

Try to place more than two or three blocks with brands/categories on a homepage. Other products you can show via discounts, promotions, and new arrivals. Just make sure that you place high-quality images to illustrate different products. You know that products have a huge impact on clients to make a purchase.

  • Display new arrivals or Discount:

This is after the product block. You can show anything related to your store if you are an owner of a clothing store that has a new summer collection to add or if you are an owner of the shoe brand who wants to show discounts on the homepage to entice customers. The choice is up to you because you can show anything and decide what products you want to offer and how to propose them.

  • Blog Section:

This is where your visitors land to know about you and your services. You can place the blog section near the footer. The best way to implement a blog section is by representing the latest blogs and articles, usually the recent post. Also, make sure that the image you are using in the blog is impressive and unique because there are users who also read posts on basis of the attractive image. You need to make sure that the blog you are posting is the latest one otherwise there’s a chance your visitors will click away and leave your store.

  • Footer:

The last but most important element of the homepage is the footer. A footer is for such links as Contact us, About us, and Cookie Policy. This is a chance to show the whole range of products, which makes getting to know a website easier. Often, the whole sitemap takes too much space. What you can do in this case is adding a partial category tree to a footer.

Wrapping Up!

With the above elements, you can design the homepage of your Magento 2 and help visitors to be engaged and pay great attention to your homepage. We learn that an efficient homepage has to be clear, easy to navigate and represent some product types from your catalog. This is why store owners have to eye on creating a homepage that is both functional and engaging.

We hope that our post will help you design a stunning homepage that visitors will fall in love with at first sight.

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