Why Business Needs Press Kit? Here's How you Can Make it Popular!

June 22, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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In this competitive and advertising era, you need to ensure how your product will reach the right audience or people. And to do that, you need a source or platform where you can market your product or services.

There’s no doubt that getting media coverage is the best way to build brand voice, enhance credibility, and even drive sales. But, to actually get your business on the news, you need to impress media or media people first. And the best way is to be featured in any major publication or local news affiliate, giving you free press, and that’s it.

Yes, the kind of exposure and traffic you will get is immersive and splendid because good press coverage brings you to borrow the trust of those publications. This blog post will discuss what a press kit is, the types of a press kit, and what your press kit should have when you opt for a business. Here we go!

What is a Press Kit?

As the name suggests, a press kit is also known as a media kit and is a collection of images, fact sheets, logos, videos and other assets along with factual details about your business. It is nothing but a page on your website that contains resources and information for reporters and publishers.

The press kit aims to guide reporters about a product or brand and access images and advertising materials they can use in a story. Meanwhile, by providing press kit on your website, you say that we also love to feature in magazines, media, or publications how to reach us.

We have discussed above that the press kit is for reporters or major publications, but, it is also for those who want to talk about or market your business and is the tool to do it effectively. And the resources can be anything whether it can be a podcast, someone with a personal blog, or even just someone from online community to share your story.

The Press kit provides everything a reporter might need as background detail to write a story about your business. And it is an important part of your public relations outreach and a useful aid to get you and your business featured on media. But what you need to know is what makes the perfect press kit to get your small business the name you need to popular in the market.

Press Kit Examples

Types of Press kits

Here, we will discuss the types of press kits you can choose for your small or a big business and enjoy benefits. The following are the types of press kits:

  1. Digital Press Kit
  2. Electronic Press Kit
  • Digital Press Kit

Digital press kits are used for promotional purposes and are a common and easy format to create and market content, especially for eCommerce businesses. For example, you can use a digital press kit to launch products, mergers and acquisitions, company news, and special events.

Generally, a press kit referred to a collection of documents, images, and materials sent to press outlets for promotion. But technology has changed how press kits are used and how you can enjoy benefits. For example, there’s no wonder if a reporter comes to you to find information about your company.

You have to create an easily accessible online press kit page on your website, and that’s it as reporters will find it. It is always a good idea to include a press, newsroom or media kit on your website to acknowledge reporters and publishers.

  • Electronic Press Kit

When it comes to the electronic press kit, you can add anything your business requires and what you have to work with. Here, we will discuss a few essentials that you can keep while creating press kits for your business or store.

  • A story that defines YOU 

For any business, there’s a story and mission that need to be told to impress people or the world. This is your why. So share your story and how you came to be, and tell a little deep about yourself and why you are doing what you are doing.

  • Facts that make you FAB

Second, you need to convince people to believe in you and that you can do so by showing some interesting facts about you and your business. For example, you can tell them how big your sale is along with location and product manufacturing unit.

  • Branding that makes you Renowned 

The third is branding, and that’s the most important asset you should consider while creating your electronic press kit for a business. You can create logos or graphics using your company logo by providing high-quality options in your digital media kit. You can also make use of a transparent logo to use for nearly any purpose, including print. You can contact eCommerce Development Company to design amazing graphics and fabulous logos as they work with eCommerce experts.

  • Awards that shows you are PERFECT 

This is one of the best ways you can use to validate your business. Share any awards or recognition your business has received and show that why you are perfect.

How to Make a Press Kit for your Business?

So far, we have discussed what a press kit must have; now, let’s look at how you can create for your business. Here are the ways you can create a press kit for your online store or eCommerce store.

  • Choose Format to add in your website

When it comes to a website, there are types of format, and that’s why you have to decide on which format you will keep. So, before picking out testimonials or About Us content, choose how you will present your press kit. Acknowledging this can helps you build a press kit that makes a good impression on people you want.

Format decides how your brand will be featured and look. For example, if you make it easy to access your press materials, you’ll likely get more press coverage.

Types of the format you can choose are:

  1. Downloadable PDF press materials
  2. A File in Cloud Storage
  3. Electronic Media Kit
  • Write Company overview from A-Z

It would help if you defined your brand and its product in a short description. Then, you can talk about your company’s mission and its current goals. Then, you can add these to make the company overview complete and pleased.

  1. When have you started?
  2. Where is your company located?
  3. What is the size of the company?
  4. What is your Hidden story?
  5. What is your contact number and way to reach you?

Make sure to keep all your company information up-to-date. Because it is an important part of your press kit, a reporter will look.

  • Add to your website

This is the last and foremost thing you need to create a downloadable or interactive press kit. You know or not, reporters or publishers used to look at the press, media, or newsroom page when searching for information. Adding a digital press kit to your eCommerce store also helps with SEO and drives more leads to your website.

Ending Up

Flabbergasted, you will because a press kit is an important asset of the business that helps a brand or product to become popular in the meantime. The above mentioned are the essentials when you are considering a press kit for your eCommerce store. Now you have to decide the platforms you want to be on.

Need help in getting featured in media? M-connect Media can help you here. We have in-house eCommerce experts who can help you assist in getting press coverage for your business. Dial us for more information.


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