How your Product Description Should Be?

December 1, 2015 Written By Hemant Parmar

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How your product description should be

So, how enticing your product description should be?

Ever wondered visitors turning down after landing on your products. Even if you have the fantastic website design, quality products, and services, visitors are still not moving ahead with shopping.

Let us start with what your visitors feel after going through your product. Visitors look at the product description to know about it. Only the terrific description will gain your customer trust. Still, visitors not turning to the customer? What’s wrong? Do you think it’s interactive? Truth is, customers are going to buy products only if they get convinced what description convey about it.

Having an eCommerce Store with poor product description is not worth your effort. Writing a good copy for your product requires sufficient time, effort and understanding. The three magical words to make product description a win are engaging, influencing and selling.

The customer can only trust after reading the description, therefore, include all important information that prepares them to buy your product.

Quick Tips to Write product description that Actually Sells

Focus on Target Persona

Should you write casual, formal or funky? Should it be technical or layman language?

Persona means an imaginary customer for whom the product is created. While writing, remember your customer for whom a product is developed, you want to sell a product to them. It’s very important to know Who they are? What they like and dislike? What do they want? When should they use the product? Where will they use? Why is product useful?

After identifying targeting persona will help in choosing the right tone to communicate with them. Write a product description incorporating your language that’s interactive and resonates deeply.

Differentiate Features and Benefits

It requires lots of hard work to setup an eCommerce Store. You may have taken years to develop an online store. So are you excited about showing what your product is and what it offers?

Well, bitter truth is, customers are aware of the features and they really don’t want to know only about it. They already know what product is and what it does. What they look forward is, how your product can suit their needs. How it can benefit them or solve their problems.

Before starting writing description, list out product features and specs. Use them intelligently to write benefits in your product description. Include all major features while writing benefits in identifying what a customer will achieve after using it, what problems or glitches will be solved after using it.

What should be your Voice Tone? 

Knowing your audience and defining the tone is best for writing product description. Your voice tone is what defines your brand identity and your personality. Identifying your target persona helps in writing interactive content that will be appealing to your customers.

For Example: If you sell fashionable clothes targeting young customers, then using ‘cool’ tone will emphasize more. Similarly, if a product is for babies or children and the target audience is parents, then use soft and warm tone ensuring complete comfort to the baby while using your products.

Your voice tone is what describe who you are and what you think about your customer

Taking SEO into Consideration

Even writing a brilliant product description, your website visibility on major search engine like Google is important to gain consumer attention. This happens only after blending a right set of keywords in the product description that would not only improve Google rankings but convert visitors to make payments.

Filling few keywords in product description like title and body. Avoid using repetitive keywords that make your description overcrowded and ranks lower in Google. Also blending your keyword synonyms will help in selling products online.

Create a Scannable Description Structure

Check your website design is engaging for your customer. The study shows customer reads only 16% of the website page. So, is your web page content really appealing to the customer?

Enticing your customer is must to buy your products that are possible only when they read your product copy. Keep it clear, informative and scalable that should be interactive to the customers. Few ways to do this is by using attractive product title, keeping enough white space, using bulleted points, videos to increase customer desire and decent font size and color.

Easy-to-scan and Easy-to-read tactics should be applicable to improve content readability.

Adding Social Proof

If the consumer is unsure about product purchase, then they look for existing customer suggestions or reviews. Social proof works best to convince the consumer to buy products. Commonly, the buyer doesn’t want to be first to buy a product. They prefer products already been used and reviewed by the other buyers. This gives a positive outlook of the product where customer builds the trust relationship with the retailer.

Social sharing and customer reviews assure customers in buying the products. You may include customer testimonials that describe positive reviews or how the product is useful for them. 

For Example, Stores involve their customer image with the testimonial to encourage other customers to buy products.

Story Telling

Well, story telling is nothing to do with a fairy tale. It is telling an interesting fact associated with the product or its discovery. The story is considered as the best way of helping the consumer in the decision-making process. A strong influencing story arouses customer to give a try to the product. They justify their decision with the logic.

At Last:

Writing a good product description is worth helpful in improving conversion rates, however, you cannot depend on it completely. Take some more time to write an engaging product description with the motive of attracting customers to buy your products. Focus on its benefits and avoid using jargon. Don’t forget, a result oriented product description is customer focused and demands lots of efforts. Once you achieve an appealing product description, your product sales will grow automatically.

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  1. Thank you for sharing! Good stuff.

    I would add that images play an important role in conjunction with the product description. If you’re able to add quality images and supply them with descriptions – for example. sign all of the parts of your product – this could make a really good addition to your description text.

  2. Thank you for the tips to write an effective product description. I have been an online customer before a store owner. And I know that the customers don’t just look at the product images before they buy. They want to know the features, details, working and every other thing to take the decision of purchase.

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