E-Commerce Checkout Process Case Study : Macy's Website

July 27, 2015 Written By Yogesh Trivedi

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E-Commerce Checkout Process Case Study : Macy’s Website

You have worked very hard to get visitors to your site. Besides you have spent lots of time and money to market your website and what happens when visitors left from your eCommerce store without buying anything. You will feel sad and at any how, you will find from where they left your site.

There are many places from where your buyers leave your site but if they left your site from any stage of checkout process, it’s a big loss. So, to implement best eCommerce checkout strategies to your website becomes most important.

Here in this example we have given of Macy’s checkout process which is their big plus for more Conversion. Checkout process is the place where money comes into your store. So, even small rise in this step will give you more orders and more revenue!!

Let’s Check How its Important from this Below Example

If visitors reach to payment page of a particular site is 40% of the traffics. What if it increases to even 10% ? The result is 10 more orders and additional money. So, revenue growth is most important and you need to know how to increase it.

You grab more visitors through various digital marketing activities such as social media, email marketing, paid marketing, SEO or affiliate ads. Now the real thing you need to consider “how to convert visitors into buyers?” Let’s find out how Macy’s does that.

How Macy’s Does It

When any activity of marketing Macy’s does, you will find quick to buy ability. So, it’s as easy as you are buying offline. Find out the actual work flow.

Click through marketing channels > Add to cart > Login-Enter Password > Click Proceed > Buy

How is Macy’s Add to Cart look?

Checkout Step -1


  1. First thing you will notice is clear big picture of the product which is most important for online stores. It is because a person who is going to buy will not touch the product physically so your product image should be big enough and clear.
  2. They have displayed sale with urgency such as limited time which makes buying decision process quicker.
  3. If you buy this product, you will get more discount on 2nd This feature increase the order value.
  4. Gift option maximize orders. Macy’s will have more customers who are looking to gift this product to someone.
  5. And other common features such as related products on right side, reviews, social share buttons, FAQs, Continue shopping option.

What’s Next after Adding Products to the Cart?

You may have seen three different scenarios.

1) You will stay on the same page

2) You will transfer to the cart page.

3) Continue shopping option

Wondering which one is better? Do Macy’s way. It is better. Reasons are

  • They have already purchased this product so they will feel how come I am still on same page.
  • When customers are in hurry, they need quick process so transferring to cart page is better
  • Once they transfer to cart page, they will see what they have seen the products recently, cross sale and best products so more chance to add those products.

What’s next? Towards Checkout

Checkout Step -2


What are the best things which should be here? Your order id with details, add remove of your ordered products, total savings, shipping details, coupon code, and if your store has free shipping – chances are high to hit next button. These are the things Macy’s has. Now comes to add shipping address and make the payment. But wait!! You need to login.

Checkout Step -3 Checkout as Guest – Best example


Well, as we discussed earlier in our post this option is very important  because customers don’t want to fill-up or share all their personal information. Moreover, when they are in hurry, what they need is quick to purchase store. So, guest checkout is fruitful for your online store.

Checkout Step – 4

Add Shipping Address, shipping method, gift wrap option + your order details and last but not least shop with confidence. Trust factor is required when you are asking someone to add your credit card or personal information.


Checkout Step – 5 Make Payment

While you’re on the payment page, what would you expect? Payment method, order details as well as any benefits of this purchase right? Macy’s has reward card option as well as they are offering create account option which is best time to ask.


So, all in one what they have which makes them one of the top eCommerce portal?

Your takeaways from this post

  • Clear Structure
  • Big Product image with zoom option
  • Gift Wrap option
  • Cross-sell and up-sell
  • Guest checkout option
  • Apply coupon code
  • eGift option
  • Reward point system
  • Special offer on 2nd purchase
  • How much you have saved from special discount
  • Multiple Shipping Options
  • How long it will take to deliver the product
  • Expedited shipping option
  • Store Pick-up option

This is all to improve checkout flow. One thing that we believe is missing in Macy’s store is One-Step checkout. Compare your online store’s features and find out whats good in your store and whats you need to add or remove. You can also contact our eCommerce consultants to check them for you.

Did we miss any? Let us know what are they by commenting below.

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