How Bad Product Photography Hurts Good eCommerce Businesses?

March 30, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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The numbers don’t lie because one of the studies shows that 75% of online shoppers rely on product images when deciding on a potential purchase. No matter what platform you’re selling on, photos are the first thing shopper notices.

What does it mean?

Photography impacts a lot when it comes to eCommerce stores or businesses. Having an appealing image on the website of your product is essential as an E-commerce store. Since customers cannot feel the product, you have to entice them with stunning images to get them to reach the checkout. A clear, high-quality, uncluttered photo is what your customer needs to decide on a purchase.

In this guide, we’ll share the reasons why bad photography really hurts good businesses and also why good photography is key.

The Impact of Bad Quality Photography for E-commerce

The first impression is the last impression! You might be heard of it, so this is what the same applies to an eCommerce store. Shoppers do like to see the visual attraction, which means visitors likely to make a purchase based on photos that you have in your eCommerce site gallery.

A visual attraction is what your eCommerce store needs whether you are a small retailer or a big distributor. Your product photos are often the only visual frame of reference customers have when shopping online. Having appealing, classic, and accurate photos on your website are one of the best ways to improve your conversion rates and attract more repeat buyers.

Online shopping becomes a common way for shoppers. More people are buying online and that’s why to stay in the competition, you need to show your product in a way that customers like to be seen as appealing and accurate.

Otherwise, you risk losing opportunities:

Profit – you lose potential revenue because your product images did nothing to attract your customers.

Loss of loyalty – good and appealing photos are a sign of professionalism and credibility. When you have quality pictures on your E-commerce site, they get the attention of customers and that’s how they likely to make a purchase. Poor quality images reflect that you are not interested in selling because you don’t even put your efforts to convince people with good representation.

If your customer can’t see your product properly, they’ll click away and move on to the next seller. You should keep your product images as clean as possible, so they can make a final decision on the purchase or not.

Because of bad photography, all the claims you make about your products and services may appear fabricated. Even if you are a trusted seller, product images affect how your customers see you.

In today’s time, businesses exit on visual-first shopping or visual attraction. Price, product details, or other things doesn’t matter if your product images are not that convinced to buyers. Because when the images you have on your website fail to impress your customers, you’re likely to lose a potential sale. Customers need a surety that the product they’re buying is what they will get.

Tips to Improve Your E-commerce Product Photography

1. Capture with Background White

The first and foremost thing you can do to improve your eCommerce product photography is by keeping the background of the image white. If you see renowned marketplace like Google shopping, then they also insist on white background for all products listed on their marketplaces. The reason is simple, it is pure, clear, and free from distractions.

Also, with white background, you can send a clear, convincing, and appropriate message to visitors. Ultimately, this is the finest option you can choose to make your product feed appealing and attractive. All you need to do is capture the photo with white background and that’s it. Make sure that the product you are clicking is sending the right message to your customers.

Some products look best in natural light while some with white background. So always make sure that you click accordingly.

2. Display Big Photos

This in sense of the size of the image. For that, you need to upload big photos on your eCommerce site because that what your customers want to see. You know that it’s hard to see pictures that are too small and also oversized. The reason you should keep big size is to attract customers by enabling them to zoom in and zoom out.

Yes, this is the most reason why people likely to buy your product. Because if they can see a picture closely then they can identify what the product is all about and that’s how you can convince them to make a purchase.  Renowned brand Amazon has also stated that the zoom feature has been proven to boost sales.

3. Display with Product Description

When it comes to eCommerce, description is as important as photography. Selling online means it’s all in the information. When you don’t get perfect pictures with variety, you need to back it up with detail on the product.  It is never a wrong decision to add some information about the product.

All you need to keep in mind is to make it sweet and simple. You do not need to even research because what you can do is study your customer’s reviews, questions, comments. Now you have to use them in your image by answering them with convincing answers.

As a result, customers can use the product information to make a final decision on whether or not they want to purchase your product. By giving them convincing answers, you can expect an increased number of buyers.

4. Set Proper Lighting

In the world of selfies, people love to click with different lights and filters. The same is true when taking product images, lighting can change the view of the photo and that’s how you can attract buyers. A good photo with proper lighting can convert into sales while a bad one can be dismissed and avoided by shoppers.

Why Good Photography Matters to Your eCommerce Business?

  • Appealing Images communicate more than words.
  • High-quality images enhance conversions.
  • Images can help you build brand and trust.
  • Images make your website engaging and build your business
  • Images can be used on social media platforms.
  • Images have a higher chance of engagement on social media.

Summing Up:

There you have it! These are the pro tips to improve your eCommerce product photography and why it matters to your eCommerce business. If you’ve not used these tricks in your existing product gallery then this is the time to change with awesome product images and watch your traffic conversions increase. For more details or assistance, get in touch with us. We are here to help you.

If you’d like to learn more about setting up your eCommerce store, contact our eCommerce consulting services team and get it right away.

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