How Much Does Magento Support Service Cost?

April 7, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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Let’s say you’ve built your Magento store, and you have survived possible on a hard building process and a few minimal sleep but you did it. We often say hard work pays off right, which means all your energy and money are finally worth it with your sharp new site, and no wonder your customers are loving it. Do you think that this bliss will last forever? Then wake up because you need monthly support that can help you secure your store from all the future jargon.

You might be thinking what does it mean? So, monthly supports are the oxygen of Magento store that keeps your store alive. Whether it be security patches updating, account management, various customizations, third-party integration, and emergency services. The support you will receive can come in the form of hourly or fixed price billing, both have a different approach to handling support agreements.

Now, we know that you are still pondering what the cost and services associated with Magento support are, right? In this post, we’ll help you with how much it costs to maintain an eCommerce website with active Magento Support.

Choosing a Magento Support Agency

The cost of Magento support is the second factor as first, you need to choose an agency who can help you deliver support wherever you need it. So before you even start a support agreement, you have to choose your agency. The process of hiring an agency can be time-consuming, but it’s important to remember that this team of professionals will be your finest choice for all items regarding your Magento store. That comes with a lot of considerations and choices, so let’s look at the questions you should ask a respective agency partner for your store support.

  • What is your hourly rate for advanced hours?
  • Do your support hours include upgrades in the Magento version?
  • What is your minimum hours commitment for service agreements?
  • Is it necessary to extinguish support hours of the month, or do they roll to next month?
  • How much time is spent on Account Management each month?
  • What happens if we use more than our allocated pre-booked hours?
  • Does your average rate differ from your advanced rate?
  • Do you offer a custom support package?
  • What is your minimum billing increment?

These are the questions you should ask your agency before taking any support for your Magento store. The answer to these questions will give you a better idea of what you can expect to spend on support.  The thing you need to make sure that your agency must answer because that’s how you can expect the right choice for your requirements.

What is the Cost of Magento Support Cost?

The cost of support depends on your requirement and the service you acquire from an agency. When it comes to supporting, every agency has its own packages or cost, and based on requirements you have to choose from. The average monthly rate for a certified Magento partner is $179. As part of that, most if not all agencies require a minimum monthly commitment of 10 hours. With these numbers in mind, we can calculate that a typical minimum Magento support agreement will be priced between $1700 -$1800 a month.

This is an ideal or common cost that you need to keep in mind. Remember again, it doesn’t take into consideration surplus, which is a common incident with hourly billion monthly. Hence, you should decide first whether you go with pre-booked time or dedicated hours. So make sure that you choose according to your choice and requirements.

Our Support Services are just starting with just 10 hours and &179 a month with Magento & Magento 2 support, error fetching, Magento design, development, integration, and many more.

What Does Magento Support Involve?

Since the average cost is decided, now you have to eye on services you will get under the umbrella of support. Support means a lot of things whether it’s design, development, integration, or admin support. Meanwhile, from daily Magento store support to handling sudden emergencies, many things under the support and that’s why we will discuss all in detail.

Many agencies in the market provide such support and all are different when it comes to pricing. Some offer hourly pricing while some lean toward fixed pricing. What you can do is choose a fixed pricing model because that will benefits you. How? So most agencies will offer similar services of account management, security patches updates, and emergency support. We believe that the fixed price model benefits all there of these elements under monthly support agreements.

1. Magento Emergency Support

Based on the expert statement, we can surely say that Magento support services are important in unexpected situations, such as website hacking, error message, and a cyberattack, and these simply need to take immediate actions.

According to Forbes, on average, 30,000 new websites are hacked every day. Seems like attackers are active day and night aren’t it? Well, this is a reason an immediate, real-time response cannot only save money but also enhance your store’s credibility with the customer.

The common mistake that is attempted by the owner is server overload. Yes, your website has some restrictions regarding the number of visitors it can maintain at one time without trouble. However, if your business is doing well, or you are running an advertising campaign to entice more customers to your brand, you have to make sure that your website is prepared.

For 12 years in Magento services, we have investigated enough crashes and errors to claim that we have likely experienced your service before and know how to deal with it. We can help you within the shortest possible time for emergency tasks such as website crashes, website error messages, and serious delays in page loading, antihacking support, performance optimization, and solving compatibility issues.

2. Website Backup

The second and most important support you will receive in Magento support is website backup. Yes, no matter how reliable and secure your website is, you need to backup timely your files, database and change your admin to avoid unexpected failures. How does it help to save your store?

  • Human error
  • Server malfunctions
  • Solve problem during updates of extensions and CMS
  • Malware attacks

Often, problems arise when you update the Magento platform, the default system configuration of one version is different from the higher version. We know that you want to know how often and where should run backup right? So there’s already automatic daily/weekly backup of orders and customer data running and that’s why besides developers make before and during changes in the front-end and back-end. It depends on the stage of your website development because the team makes and stores backups on the server or your PC. We highly advise you to make a monthly backup without fail.

End of the Story!

Summing up the point of the article, we hold the view that Magento Support is not only necessary, but it’s also a vital process. You have to invest in your Magento website support to provide world-class service to customers.

In this post, we have mentioned the average cost of Magento support service above and we hope that now you are no longer in dark about how much does it cost.  If you are not willing to invest in Magento support service, your eCommerce revenue will slow.

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