How Online Retailers Can Keep Up With Delivery Delays

January 22, 2021 Written By Hemant Parmar

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There are multiple aspects to consider while delivering an order from the warehouse to the doorstep of customers. If you are a well-established eCommerce store and have trustworthy shipping and logistics partner, still there are a lot of things that can go out of control with product delivery. This will result in the delay of the product delivery.

Everyone wants to receive their online orders as fast as possible. Late delivery can create a bad reputation, affect the satisfaction level of customers and their loyalty to your brand. One survey stat that 84% of the consumers won’t return to the retailer after a poor delivery experience said GetConvey. Not only that but shipping and delivery speed can also impact over 98% of consumers’ loyalty to a brand.

But what brands can do if the order is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. What to do if an item packed so carefully is not delivered on time? Addressing such issues become critical for brands to sustain themselves in this fierce competition. So, here’re ways how online retailers can keep up with delivery delays.

Top Ideas How Online Retailers Can Keep Up With Delivery Delays

Our team conducted extensive research to come up with some top ideas about how online retailers can handle delivery delays to reinforce the trust of customers.

1. Reach Out to Customers Before They Do:

It’s essential for online retailers to reach out to their customers as soon as they realize the order is delayed. Delayed orders frustrate anyone and reaching out to your customers first will help them to not have jitters. A formal email or SMS is easy, convenient, and the best way to reach out to them. Show that you regret the delay and are apologetic for their inconvenience.

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You can go even further by giving them a call and explain the whole situation to them. Calling your customers is a more personalized and effective way to communicate with buyers. Also, it can save both your and your customer’s time to communicate through emails. Besides, your customers will appreciate the effort which may help instill their trust and loyalty to your brand.

2. Be Honest & Take Responsibility for Delay:

Being honest with your customers is the best policy you can have. Your customers will appreciate you for being honest with them. Understand that your customers are already annoyed with the order delay so any veiled excuses won’t make any difference on an upset buyer. Explain to them the whole situation and take full responsibility rather than blaming your shipping and logistics partner.

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You are the sole responsible entity no matter whose fault it is. You took the order from your customers so the onus is upon you to fulfill that order on time. Let your customer know that you feel regretful about the whole delay situation and would give your best to solve it out. Be open and honest is the way to maintain a healthy relationship with your customers.

3. Keep Customers Up-to-Date:

Keep your customers in the loop for every new update regarding their delayed orders. Updating them frequently will help keep their hopes still high and intact to get the product. You can send out push notifications, SMS, or email to update your customers once in a while depending on the severity of the delay issue.

Your customers will have a lot of question in mind so be ready to answer all such questions of theirs via email, call, chat, or any other means of communication.

4. Give out Options to Decide:

Due to many unforeseen circumstances, the delivery of an order is either not possible or is delayed for an undefined period. This could happen due to some natural disasters or the shipment fleet had an accident. Whatever the case, you must give out your customer’s options to decide the course to move ahead.

Allow them to cancel the order and send the package back, offer a full refund, or replace the item for free. By giving them the freedom to choose them, your company will come out as a more professional and ethical one in the eyes of your customers. Not only that, but it will also help retain customers for their future purchases.

5. Offer a Deal in Exchange:

Delay in delivering orders must not be something normal for your customers. So, what you can do is treat your customers with a deal they would love to cheer them up. To turn the whole thing upside down with a positive spin, you can offer some kind of rewards to customers for being late in-order delivery.

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The best way to delight your customers is by giving out cashback, discount coupons, gift cards, or free express delivery for the next purchases. By offering a deal in exchange for a delayed order, you show that you care about your customer and are willing to do anything to save the relationship. Going the extra mile to save your relationship with customers will impress them and allow you a second chance.

6. Avoid Delays If Possible:

While not every aspect of delivery is in your control, however, you must do all that in your control to make sure the order is delivered on time. Know your capabilities and only promise a delivery date based on that. Going overboard with offering express delivery options to customers when you are already buried under the mass of orders is not going to be helpful.

It will better to show longer delivery times and deliver the product before the scheduled time to cheer your customer than to upset them with late delivery. Collaborate with the people involved in your supply chain to get it under your control and organize everything to avoid such possible delayed delivery issues in the future.

Summing Up

In a Succinct, delivering products on-time is a challenge for small online business owners. The customers want fast order delivery and their expectation are growing day by day which is harder for online retailers to fulfill. Sometimes orders may get delayed longer than expected. However, there are ways to tackle such situations and turn them in our favor with the right approach. Communicate with customers honestly, take full responsibility for delay, give out options to choose from, or offer a deal in exchange to sustain the relationship with your customers.

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