Brazil Survey: Better Days to Come for Mobile Commerce

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Brazil Survey: Better Days to Come for Mobile Commerce

A few decades back, we used to visit the stores if we wish to buy goods, be it groceries, clothing, accessories or any other stuff. As we didn’t have other options, we need to travel few miles and then get the goods for home, business or personal uses. People thought that this was quite easier for them. But, they forgot that it affected their overall expenditure.

Then some years later, they got a good news which not only saved their money but also time and efforts. And it was the rise of the e-Commerce industry in the market. It made our lives a way simpler. You want anything, you can get it at your doorstep. No need to travel those extra miles, chase people to buy things, wait in the billing counter for your turn and then return back tired.

No doubt that e-Commerce industry has given some relief to the buyers and businesses. But it has also faced some challenges. If people need to buy something, they need to have a desktop or laptop to open the website and make an order. What about those people who don’t have that luxury?

This challenge made business owners think that their e-Commerce website development should be in such a way which can be accessed via smartphones. As everybody knows that Smartphones are the new revolution among the generation and this device cannot be neglected.

A survey performed in Brazil in the year 2014 and 2015 showed that mobile is taking shares away from the desktop, in the e-Commerce market (21% in 2014 and 32% in 2015). Yes, the percentage of the shares is low as compared to the desktop but it has made a path for itself in the e-Commerce, for the years to come.

Brazil is the world’s 9th largest retail eCommerce market. With 80 million digital shoppers, it retains in world’s top ten position in retail eCommerce. Mobile devices are playing a crucial part in the overall eCommerce experience. Being handy, mobile is the key device people are habituated for. Owing to the responsive eCommerce websites, mobile served a hassle free way to buy anything, anything right from an ordinary notebook to hi-tech gadgets. Besides the cut throat competition makes it even lighter for our pockets.

desktop vs Mobile Website traffic

According to the recent survey conducted by ABComm, it is very clear that mobile is dominating the retail eCommerce store in Brazil. The result shows that mobile traffic has been increased from 21% to 32% in the years 2014 and 2015, which is considered as a remarkable difference by the experts. Also, when it comes to conversion, mobile still enhanced in the market from 13% to 19% during the above years.

Mobile eCommerce In Trends

With the above data, marketers analyzed that eCommerce retail sales in Brazil are estimated to hit $22.5 this year and is expected to grow by 11% till 2017. More than half of the Brazilians have an internet connection, through which 60% people surf by mobile devices. It seems that the Brazilians keep using their mobile devices in future and the world will again witness an explosive growth in its eCommerce business.

Though the percentage for Mobile Commerce is small, but it has a bright future ahead!

Now, you can see the eCommerce trends are changing. Why not accept it today? Call our eCommerce Consultant that serve you better with the perfect eCommerce solution to grow your eCommerce store.

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  1. As per the percentage of mobile usage, I agree that the shopping trend is changing. You have explained the status of mobile commerce in the current scenario very well. Thanks!

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